[ENG]개미집 낙곱새 청양고추 오징어젓갈 먹방 mukbang spicy seafood hot Pot Korean eating show mgain83

[ENG]개미집 낙곱새 청양고추 오징어젓갈 먹방 mukbang spicy seafood hot Pot Korean eating show mgain83

Hello I’m Dorothy! Hiiii~~~~ YA! Today I will be eating THIS This is “Nak-Gop-Sae” from Gaemi Jip “Nak” stands for webfoot octopus, “Gop” is for Intestines, “Sae” is for shrimp here are some thin glass noodles too I ordered this for delivery and just boiled just how it came I wanted to add Korean Glass Noodles in here but, I stopped myself, There are already thin ones in here, so I just boiled it how it came Here is raw dried laver, this is cabbage kimchi, pickled perilla leaves bean sprouts they gave me, salted squid I brought and chives they gave me Thats how it is I want to eat a little spicier so I’ll add some Cheongyang peppers Bon Appetit! Here’s some rice But first… Looks yummy Its boiled just right Looks amazing (I will tie my hair up in just a little bit) Tada (Amazing mixed with rice!) mix it up with rice Peek-a-boo! (I feel good~ ) Delicious, right? YASSSS Its yummy Spoonful here~ mix it up with rice So yummy The intestines are very buttery and rich so good the shrimp and octopus add a good chewiness like so and add kimchi salted octopus yummm chives they gave me~ its perfect amount of brothiness boil boil~ and on here… perilla leaf like so honestly… eating this dish with the other side dishes is a bit salty but I usually don’t eat this salty on a daily basis eating one meal like this is fine large intestines are really amazing put it like so next, a little bit of chives and squid so good together yasss one more time since its so good~ (kimchi and squid~) yummmm putting the glass noodles … like herr…like here…haha can’t talk right now is really good like this…falling off to the side rice and noodles~ shrimp Bonus points for large intestine shrimp veggies? veggies? veggies? like so my mouth is like dracula now feel so good~ good~ yummy~ it looks salty even for me but just for today I will eat a bit salty, and will drink a lot of water afterwards (Reservation for 3 liters of water, coming up~) (I have been drinking water starting from 30 minutes after eating til now, to release the sodium from my body) (water is good too but exercise is the best!) Large intestine is sooo delicious, so buttery and fatty oh yesss! Wowww (getting stronger!) Tada! I really enjoyed it “Nak-gop-sae” is reallly delicious the sauce is good, the chewiness of the octopus and shrimp and fatty taste of the intestines is indescribably good no matter where I ate it, it was always good In Busan I think I ate this at another place other than “Gaemi Jip” it was good there too with the dried laver and other things went well it was a bit spicy but one meal is ok if I drink I lot of water next time I promise to eat less salty (I will have “juk” for lunch today hehe) I’m gonna go now~ BYEEE Oz~ Love ya!

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  1. I like watching her videos….but why does she put so much food in her mouth at once? The food isn't goung anywhere…SLOW DOWN PLS 🤷🏾

  2. 韓国料理は野菜いっぱいで健康的ですね❤️でもめちゃくちゃ辛そう(笑)

  3. 도로시님! 머리 묶으신거 넘 귀여우세요!!ㅠㅠ
    그리고 넘 맛있게 드시네요!ㅠㅠ 정말 맛있어보여요

  4. i'm gonna be honest…. im on diet so if i'm kinda hungry … i watch your video and full by it… thankyou so much 😁😁😁

  5. Hello, Dorothy. Could you give us the title of the soft music playing at the beginning of your video? It's so relaxing

  6. Looks delicious and yummy and healthy and good I love your videos always Dorothy and I love to watch you eat MukBang Dorothy you look so beautiful today Dorothy ❣️❣️❣️❤️💞

  7. Can you please tell us what lipstick you used in this video? It really last long and doesn't seem to come off after wiping it a lot of times. My lipsticks disappeared after I finish my meal .

  8. i like the way she eat…but i turn the volume off coz i dont like the sound of she chew that food…and i dont know why… 😄😄😄

  9. 도로시님 원칩 드셔주세요 제발요~ 매운거잘드시는 니깐요 ~~어느정도매운지 . . 궁금해요!

  10. How is it so red? what kind of spices/sauce is that? Really want to know cause it looks spicy and i love anykind of food that is spicy&hot

  11. Dorothy is so brave to wear a white shirt 😂💞! This looked so fiery/ saucy! 💞😎 BTW, you looked beautiful as always. Hugs🤗

  12. 먹방은 이분밖에 안본다… 음식을 가까이 보여주는게 너무 좋고 매운거 해산물 좋아하는 나한테는 메뉴 선정도 탁월함… 게다가 빨리빨리 드셔서 볼때 시원시원함…

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