Hi guys! Today I’m sharing with you
the best vegan food in all of Mexico City. I tried a ton of places and in this video
I’ve rounded up the best of the best. First up is what I’ve come to think of as
the hub for vegan food in Mexico City. It’s located at Casa Quimera in Roma Norte,
which is my favourite neighbourhood in the whole city. And this is kind of like ground zero because
there are a ton of different vegan food options all located in one beautiful historic building. They have indoor and outdoor seating. At night they have heaters with candles,
it’s a beautiful place to go and sit. They also have free wifi and there’s a ton
of different options so if you’re in a group of people or you just want to sample different things,
it’s a great place to start. One of my favourites there is Vegan Planet. This is a delicious place to go for breakfast. I love their gluten-free pancakes and if you
go as soon as they open between 12 noon and 1pm, you will get a free juice and a free tea with your breakfast, which also comes with fresh fruit. They serve lunch and dinner as well
but my favourite is breakfast. My other favourite place at Casa Quimera
is called [La] Pitahaya [Vegana]. It serves vegan tacos on PINK tacos! I’ve never seen that before
and they are absolutely delicious. The Crudivegano was my favourite. My other favourite taco was the cauliflower,
which also comes with coconut cream, coleslaw and pineapple. Those two are my absolute favourite and I
did try them all so if you find yourself there, you should check them out. I also recommend their water of the day,
which when I was always there was jamaica sweetened with agave nectar. It’s delicious! At Casa Quimera you can also find a vegan ramen place and they have a gluten-free bakery for dessert. Forever Vegano has a great full menu of food
and drinks but it was my favourite place to just sit on their patio and people watch
while you’re enjoying your meal. I had lunch there, I never got there in time for breakfast
but it also looked delicious. Next up is a place I never thought
I would find in Mexico City. It’s actually my favourite restaurant
back at home in Canada. It’s called Fresh. I was walking through the streets of Mexico City
and I could not believe when I saw there was a Fresh Restaurant
right around the corner from where I was staying. I love this place and I had no idea that they
now have locations in Mexico City and Moscow and Toronto if you happen to be in Canada. They have a beautiful space with lots of room,
fresh juices, all kinds of delicious foods and desserts. My personal favourite is the Buddha Bowl
because I love the peanut sauce. My next favourite is the absolute best value
you will ever find for vegan food in Mexico City. It’s vegan street tacos! It’s a place called Por Siempre Vegana, it’s incredible! I went back to this place
and back to this place and back to this place. It’s amazing value for the money,
they’re the nicest people and super, super delicious vegan tacos. I had two favourites: the seitán al chimichurri
and the chorizo rojo were outstanding and I’m just salivating thinking of those right now. Definitely pay a little bit extra for the soy cheese,
it’s some of the best I’ve ever had and make sure you get it with pineapple
if you want a sweetness on top. After my first time there, I had to tell them
how amazing I thought it was and they gave me a piece of complimentary
vegan cheesecake, which was also delicious. You honestly will not get a better deal
for vegan food in Mexico City. Last up, I have to include a place where you
can go and get an amazing dessert after your meal. This place is called Ice Cream Nation
and it’s really unique. They make the ice cream using liquid nitrogen. It’s so cool to see how they do it. They offer regular dairy options
and also almond milk and coconut milk. I had the Banana Fit, which was made
with coconut milk and plantain. Marc had the Almond Milk and Nutella, which
I have to admit was better, I kept stealing his. What he doesn’t realize is I’m going to eat both. One thing to be aware of is that because
it’s made with liquid nitrogen and it’s very very popular,
it does take a little while to make. I think we waited about 40 minutes. However, their timing is extremely accurate. So we ordered, we went away, we came back
and it was ready within 5 minutes of when they said it would be. So this place is super unique and delicious
so if you need something sweet after your meal, head to Ice Cream Nation. I was really happy to find
so many incredible vegan options. These are the best
and if you find yourself in Mexico City, I hope that you will check them out. And please send me a picture because I’m
already missing all these places as I’m talking about them
and I need to go back and eat there! Ahhh! Mmm, wow, mmm, hahaha! If you haven’t already, please subscribe
to my channel for more travel videos and I’ll see you in my next one.

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  1. Have you tried any of these places? What other vegan restaurants should I try around the globe?

  2. SERIOUSLY? You're a vegan TOO? EVERY girl on Youtube, I swear! Vegan girls seem to occupy some sort of Youtube vlogger niche. Why is every girl on Youtube a vegan?

  3. You're vegan, too?! omg, this is going to help us tremendously! We like to film places that are vegan when we travel, too.
    Vegan cheesecake!
    Thanks for sharing!
    – Thania 🙂

  4. That looks delicious omg. I can't believe I'm Mexican and I've never been to Mexico City lmao. Now I'm very interested in checking out Fresh

  5. wow! my sister has been vegan for about a year now she will love this video. I got to say I've been to some vegan restaurants here in the states and its really hard to find good tasting ones. The taco stand looks delicious I was salivating lol

  6. Wow Eileen, everything looks so delicious! I can't wait to check these places out whenever I finally take a vacation to CDMX. I personally find pig meat products repulsive, and was wondering how I could visit Mexico without tasting all the different tacos, etc. Now, thanks to your great experiences, I know where to stay and eat! BTW I LOVE your blouse 👍

  7. nice videos. i will always watch these videos when im bored and i just xcant stop watching them. Anyway have you been to santa fe garden. if you haven't, you must visit this beatiful modern garden with a nice environment. also, there is a undeground mall that has a nice bird view.

  8. I grew up eating vegan, but did't know it…….beans, corn, chili peppers, etc. My favorite tacos were salt tacos….freshly made corn tortilla with a dash of salt and a squirt of lime

  9. Have you been to other places, too?
    You missed the best one (Los Loosers)
    And you also get great vegan ice-cream at Milkella (the cookies there are not completely vegan)

  10. Wow! Somehow would have not expected that Mexico has so many cool vegan options! This was a really great video Eileen! Great editing! 🙂

  11. AWESOME!! I should have told you about Fresh 😀 I went to a place called Taco Vegana when I was in Mexico City for like 2 days. I didn't go to any of these places but it looks SO YUMMY! I can't wait to go back.

  12. We eat tacos with the little finger raised…. seg 2:55 hahaha, next time use that trick and you can pass as a mexicana!

  13. ohhh nice… I love eating vegan food… im not vegan tho… i just love the food. =) Im headed to Mexico city soon… Ill have to check it out on my own, my bf wont like it lol

  14. It is great to know one can travel and can still find fabulous vegan food. Thanks for another great feature.

  15. nice vegan guide! i try to go meatless as much as possible when i'm at home…but when traveling, its so hard to say no to so much amazing cultural cuisines! thanks for sharing the info! cheers~ sara

  16. Living in New York City ,I thought I have had it all in terms of food …Thanks for reminding me that there is still way to go…..Love your videos …I am visiting MX this summer and these are the most comprehensive guides I could find in Youtube

  17. Thanks for this video! I'm moving to Mexico City in a month and looking for good food to eat as a vegetarian. Also love the rest of your videos about the city 🙂

  18. This is a great video! I'm planning a trip to Mexico. Can't wait to try all the food! Do you have recommendations on where to stay?

  19. Por siempre tacos are the best vegan tacos!!!! I live in Mexico City and those tacos are the BOMB!!!! I love eating there!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  20. The food in Mexico City look so good, I am from the North of Mexico (the veryyyyyy north) so here we are more influenced by American food 🙁 you don't find all that traditional mexican food in the streets :/

  21. cool video thanks for the tips. in mexico city now. did you manage to check out El Taco Vegan? its a little further from Roma norte. but it is so great and the tacos are cheap! 12 Peso a pop.

  22. I am not vegan but found this video so interesting and very entertaining. You are very enthusiastic and love how you edit your videos. I love Mexico btw looking forward in going soon!

  23. amazingggg vid! im a mexican and whenever i go to the city i love all these places 🙂 just a question… is the nutella vegan at icecream nation? i got confused hehe

  24. Hi Eileen, Vegamo (Revillagigedo #47, tel: 552-776-4661), located a couple of blocks away from the Palace of Fine Arts is fantastic. Truly delicious! Right in the heart of old downtown Mexico City. It’s all super tasty, the service is very friendly and sweet, it’s pet friendly and it has a great decor in their tiny little two story place. You have to go!

  25. Going to Mexico City in the summer of '18. Yay! So excited to try these out and thankful there's a vegan scene in Mexico 🇲🇽❤️

  26. How much was your trip to Mexico City and where did you stay. I'd like to go and try that food ,looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  27. You got yourself a new follower 😀 love you girlie haha because you’ve shown me many great vegan places

  28. One of the few review videos that I found super useful. Travelling to CDMX next week for Cinco de Mayo with my wife only to eat the best tacos and molé. Noticed that you are a big foodie yourself. You got yourself a follower. Peace from Canada!

  29. I am new subscriber, watched some of your travel vedios its awesome. You are doing great, so charming super cool narration. 1000000……k likes

  30. I was shocked to learn that Fresh was in Mexico City as well! It's too bad that it's the last thing my friend and I ate before getting super sick, so I haven't been able to go to Fresh since I've been home in Toronto either! (I'm not blaming them, it's more the association! Ah, the perils of traveling haha)

  31. only thing that looked appetizing was the tacos. vegan good is ridiculously flavourless. adding a bunch of sugar and salt defeats the purpose of going vegan. salute if you can do it but of all the vegan foods i've seen they look so unsatisfying.

  32. I have ti say that u are absolutely wonderful and being a Vegan, i went to Puerto Vallarta and did eat the vegy but this is wonderful eating……….Namaste

  33. This breakfast is so beautiful and U can eat all of this wonderful food. The fresh fruits are so anazing and U are very happy about Mexico……..Namaste

  34. It would have been nice if you explained how they made…like the sandwich. We would love to imitate it here for a meal. Do you have a video where you explain what us actually in the foods?

  35. Ser vegano en Mexico es súper fácil , suuuuuuper fácil , no solo por tantos restaurantes, tenemos mucha variedad en plantas , verduras , frutas , nueces toooodo el año !

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