Easy Indian Food Recipes : Ingredients for Pakora Indian Appetizer

Easy Indian Food Recipes : Ingredients for Pakora Indian Appetizer

Hi! This is Mona for Expert Village, and we’re
getting to make our pakoras. We’re going to make some cauliflower and onion pakoras today.
We have our gram flour. You know the cereal gram, it’s like powdered up, and this is what
it looks like. We’re going to add all of our ingredients to this. We’re going to add salt.
Seriously, as measurement like salt is according to taste. You won’t believe it, but I never
measure anything when I cook. It’s always, for the most part, 90%, it’s alright. I just
kind of see the amount and I don’t even use a teaspoon. I just take some like this, put
it on my palm, and add it. It just is the right amount. That’s how my mom did it. That’s
how my grandma did it. Alright, so we’re adding some cumin powder. We did add some salt. You’re
going to add some garam masala. So basically, the seasoning is in the batter. The vegetable
is just pure and the seasoning is in the batter. You’re going to add some green chilies. I’ll
add some red chili, but I prefer green chilies. They’re healthy for you. They’re good for
the eyes. I’ve added some graded ginger and I’ll even add a little bit of red chili just
for the tang and some ground cloves. In the batter you want all your seasoning to be powdered
because basically, it’s going to have a smooth consistency in which your vegetables are going
to be fried. Last, we add some asafoetida powder. This is what the batter looks like.
Now, we’re going to mix this all together. Just mix it up a little bit before adding
water, and then add the water. Keep adding slowly, slowly. You want the batter to be
a consistency that is not too liquidy where it’s going to run off but it’s not too hard
either. You want the taste of the vegetable in the batter also. Alright, our batter is
ready and we’re good to go to make the pakoras.

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