“Drive Thru Voice” – Gabriel Iglesias

“Drive Thru Voice” – Gabriel Iglesias

Oh My God yeah So, sometimes I use my voices for evil man, I won’t lie If I don’t have my way like when I go to drive throughs and they screw up my order Oh, I’m evil I go back around and I start
ordering but I throw em off by doing this right? They’ll come on the speaker, Welcome to Fantastic Burger How can I help you? And I’ll do this Hello sir? Hahahaha HI! Can I please have a double cheeseburger, an order of fries, and a shake? That was a double cheeseburger, an order of fries, and a shake Oh my God Yes! Thank you, pull up to the window And I pull up. Oh they’re not expecting ME Aw, the look on their face is the best, right? Did you just order? They come back with a bag of food you
know? Um, would you like ketchup? That’s where I let him have it Oh my God yeah no as bueno

100 Replies to ““Drive Thru Voice” – Gabriel Iglesias

  1. Your the best maybe some day we will meet just to say hello when will it be the next visit to Miami Florida.

  2. I watched him for 10 years im 12 and i love him and laugh at his amazing stuff love you fluffy keep your stuff

  3. Gabriel is what you call gifted! If you love to laugh, buckle up because you're about to be blown away by real comedy. Its helped me get through real tough times.

  4. Gabriel Iglesias: LazyTown Edition

    Robbie Rotten: Did you just order?

    Would you like ketchup?

    Stephanie: Oh my God, yes (laughs)

  5. Imagin if fluffy was in a marvel movie and he was put to make a funny scene to laugh your socks off ill pay just to see it lol

  6. ok ok i dislike u are not cartoon voice that youtuber has so many voice like 100 cartoon than u u are bad evil flipin evil u have dislike forever….

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