Domino’s Style Cheese Garlic Bread without oven / How to make Cheese Garlic Bread on Tawa

Domino’s Style Cheese Garlic Bread without oven / How to make Cheese Garlic Bread on Tawa

Welcome to Monikazz Kitchen. Today we will make Cheese Garlic Bread on Tawa (without Oven). For this we will require Whole wheat Bread (you can take Brown bread ) Taken Processed Cheese, You take what ever available like mozzarella cheese also. I have taken Processed cheese. Butter. Garlic Paste. Oregano, Chili Flakes. salt to taste is optional. If you are taking salted Butter then you can avoid. First we will cut sides of Bread. If the Butter is taken out from Freeze then
make it soft by heating little bit. Add garlic paste in it. Some Oregano. Mix well. Then add Chili Flakes. If you are making for Kids then avoid chili
flakes. Mix well. i have Not Added salt but if you require then add accordingly. Our Garlic Butter is ready. Now we will grate the Cheese. We have grated Cheese. Put on the Flame, Non Stick Pan or Tawa can be used. Put the Bread slice on the pan. flame should be medium. We have toasted one side like this. take out. On the roasted side put garlic butter. Put Grated Cheese on them. Cheese and butter both have salt so i have not taken salt. You can use salt as per the taste. Now put the bread slice again on Pan. Put Flame on slow. cover the lid till cheese melts. Now you can see the cheese is melted, put off the flame and take out. Our Cheesy garlic breadis ready to eat. you eat with tea or can give Children in tiffin or
can be served in Kitty parties. You can cut through and serve. It is very tasty and Crunchy. How you liked the video please do give your feedback in the Comment box. Subscribe my Channel Monikazz Kitchen. Thank You for Watching my Video.

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  1. Very very yummmmmmy… I am very foody…. I liked this garlic bread soooo much and this is my favourite snack in evening time… You are genius… Now i easily make this garlic bread anytime thank you for your recipe…keep inspiring us…. Thank you so much… 😋👌🍕🍞👌

    I liked your recipe so much that on the spot i subscribed your channel and i also tell my friends and relatives to subscribe to your channel…. 👌👌👌👌

  2. I tried this at home today and believe me it turned out to be damn delicious. My mom loved it alot. Thanks ☺️☺️

  3. It was tastey and very yummy i really like it mrs monika can you tell me this that where i will got oregeno and chilly flakes

  4. Mam ek problem hy…. Mai gas bilkul low rkh k bread pe topping dal k tawe pe Chadha deti hu but cheese Abhi melt hota hi nhi or… Bread phle hi crispy ho jata hai… Agr cheese melt hone ka wait krungi to bread hi jall jaega … Aap hi btao kya kru

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