Disney Village Paris Restaurants! Café Mickey, Buffalo Bill, Steakhouse Review

Disney Village Paris Restaurants! Café Mickey, Buffalo Bill, Steakhouse Review

So, imagine this; you are in the heart of
Disney Village and you’ve walked around the shops for long enough. You really
need to decide whether that 180 Euro ornament is actually worth it: Here are
the top five food and drink options at Disney Village Paris. Number one: If it’s
a nice afternoon then a quick drink with some tex-mex snacks will go down great.
Sitting outside Billy Bob’s Western Saloon. In the evening it’s a chance to
get your Stetson hat bobbing well into the evening It’s the best place for live
music in Disney village so stands out amongst the crowd well, a nice break from the Disney norm. (Rock music) Number two: Keeping with the cowboy theme is Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends This is a cowboys and Indians show where you are presented with legends such as Chief Sitting Bull
and Annie Oakley all with a Mickey Mouse twist. Beforehand you were encouraged to grab a drink and clap along to some country music with a Goofy toe-tapping
hoedown which is entertaining in itself. Inside you were divided into sections
and cheer for your particular teams in various Wild West games. Think Gryffindor with horses. The food itself is okay being a set menu of chili con carne
chicken on the bone and apple pie, they all set the flavor of the show well as
they are rushed out to you in between the performances. We were seated in
category 1 but if you are being money conscious then the venue is small enough
that category two would still be a good seat. Entertaining and different overall
it makes for a fun evening. (Country music) Number three:
Annette’s Diner is one of the few restaurants at Disneyland Paris where
you can’t pre-booked since it focuses on a more fast-food element without feeling
too McDonald’s, although they do offer a takeaway service. Its theming is 1950s
Americana with waiters rolling by on rollerskates, jukeboxes playing rock and
roll music and the best milkshakes you can get at Disney village the menu
itself is on the lower end of the Disney Village price scheme but still not too
cheap, offering quesadillas and Caesar salads, giant burgers that fall apart as you
pick them up and the cheesiest choice of Cheesecake you can find. A good energy
and vibe with some tasty fattening food Number four: Cafe Mickey is a massively
popular dining experience at Disney Village mostly because it’s the only
place where numerous Disney characters will come to your table and pose for
photos while you dine. Cafe Mickey offers breakfast and dinner with the characters
and it is highly recommended that you pre book. If you have children this place
is a must as the characters go out of their way to entertain, bringing a great
energy into the room as they each make an appearance. If you don’t have children
then this is a great way of getting your photos with Minnie, Mickey, Goofy and Eeyore, without feeling like a massive loser who queued for an hour just to do so. The
food itself is Italian themed but average at best and not too much to
shout about Options include dishes like minestrone soup pasta, ice cream and profiteroles but
having said that people don’t come here for the food they come for the
experience of meeting the characters and for that reason Cafe Mickey is highly
highly recommended. And number five: The Steak House is a not so obvious choice
since it focuses on good old-fashioned food over music, Cowboys, Mickey and
rollerskates. The decor is downtown Chicago featuring the Windy City’s
famous theaters and gentleman’s clubs It’s a more sophisticated atmosphere
starting with a juicy fish casserole followed by one of the best steaks we
had all trip and finishing with a sugary red velvet dessert. The food was
excellent, the vibe comforting and a great all-round dining experience. Be sure to
check out my other videos on this channel featuring other Disneyland Paris
videos as well as our recent Kenyan Safari, thanks for watching!

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