Deutsche Dialoge: Im Café, Restaurant und in der Eisdiele – learning German: ordering drinks

Deutsche Dialoge: Im Café, Restaurant und in der Eisdiele – learning German: ordering drinks

Hello! What would you like to order? Hello! I would like a Cola without ice. The same for me too, please. OK, thank you! still water Some still water, please. sparkling water A glass of sparkling water, please. orange juice A glass of orange juice, please. apple juice I love apple juice. sparkling apple juice “Apfelschorle” is apple juice with sparkling water. Cola A glass of Cola, please. lemonade I would like some lemonade. iced tea I would like some iced tea. ice cube A Cola without ice, please. straw Excuse me, could I have a straw, please? Good evening! What can I bring you to drink? A glass of water, please. Still or sparkling water? Still, please. And for you? A glass of sparkling apple juice, please. Yes, 0.3L or 0.5L? 0.3L, please. And a straw please, if that’s ok. Of course. black tea A cup of black tea, please. green tea I would like a cup of green tea. fruit tea A cup of fruit tea for me, please. pot Tea is only in pots here. hot chocolate I love hot chocolate. coffee A big cup of coffee for me, please. milk A coffee with milk, please. cappuccino I like cappuccino more than coffee. cream A cappuccino with cream, please. sugar A coffee with sugar, please. Hello! Would you like to order some drinks? Hello! Yes, I would like a cup of tea. Yes, we have black, green and fruit tea. Then I would like a cup of green tea. Yes! And for you? I would like a cappuccino. With cream or with milk? With milk, please. Will there be anything else? That’s all, thank you. ice cream I love ice cream. cornet I like ice cream in a cornet. tub You like ice cream in a tub. strawberry ice cream Strawberry ice cream tastes of strawberries. chocolate ice cream Chocolate ice cream tastes of chocolate. lemon ice cream Lemon ice cream tastes of lemons. cream Ice cream tastes best with cream. ice lolly I like ice lollies. waffle Waffles are tasty. milkshake I like milkshakes. Good day! What can I bring for you? Good day! I would like a strawberry milkshake. I’d like ice cream with three scoops: lemon, strawberry and apple. In a cornet or a tub? In a cornet. An ice cream in a tub for me, please. With three scoops of chocolate ice cream and cream on top. Is that everything? Yes, thank you! I’ll be right back! cafe We are going to a cafe. restaurant Today we are eating at a restaurant. ice cream parlour I like going to the ice cream parlour. table We need a table for two people. chair We need another chair. high chair We need a high chair. glass Could I have another glass, please? bottle We are ordering a bottle of water. serviette I need a serviette. cup Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are drunk from cups. Hello! Do you still have a table for three people? Yes, here’s a free table. Do you also need a high chair? Yes, please. No problem. I bring you one. Would you like to order drinks now? Yes, we would like two large coffees and a small glass of sparkling apple juice. Yes, I bring it right away. Thank you for your order. bill Excuse me, could I have the bill, please? Yes, of course. 9 Euros, please. Make that 10! Thank you. Have a nice day! Thank you, same to you. Goodbye! Goodbye!

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  2. Can someone explain why noch is used so much and give a rough translation of what it means in the sentence? I was told that it sometimes means "still" or "yet" but I don't understand it's purpose in a sentence like this "Wir brauchen noch einen Stuhl" Thank you!!

  3. Habe neulich die Filme entdeckt. Super gemacht! Vielen Dank. Will beim Unterrichten der Anfänger anwenden.

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  5. I love these videos with beautiful colors, and it’s very comfortable wo learn language ~~~ Danke schön!

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