Cream Cheese Chicken with Bacon

Cream Cheese Chicken with Bacon

– Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz. Welcome back to Low Carb with Jennifer. Today I’m going to be making
one of my one skillet dinners. It’s a creamy, cheesy chicken recipe. Use some chicken breasts and
put it in a delicious sauce and it’s going to be super delicious. So let’s get started. (calm music) Okay, so I’ve already
got two chicken breasts that I split in half lengthwise
with a very sharp knife. So now I’m just going to season them with salt and pepper generously. Oh, ran out. I’m going to season both
sides with salt and pepper and get this a little
more spread out there. So this chicken recipe is kind of a riff on my crack chicken recipe but instead of using the
Instant Pot and chicken pieces, I’m going to use whole chicken breasts. So now we’re just going to
brown these chicken breasts on both sides. It’s not going to take very long
because they’re nice and thin. That’s why we cut them in half lengthwise. So it’s a quick 30 minute meal. Look at how beautiful that chicken looks. Mm. Okay, our chicken is all done. It looks perfectly brown and amazing. So now I’m going to deglaze
this pan with some chicken broth and that just means I’m
putting in some liquid to get all of this delicious brown stuff off the bottom of the pan and I turned the heat off on the pan because it was super hot. So now I’m going to
add in some seasonings. Going to add in some dried
dill, some dried onion powder, onion powder and garlic powder. I don’t know which one that one was. One of these is onion powder and one of these is garlic powder and then I’m going to
put in some dried parsley and some dried chives. So let’s get this all stirred
up into our chicken broth and keep scraping the bottom of the pan. Don’t want to have raw, dried spices so we’re just kind of
letting those hydrate in the chicken broth
before we finish this up. Okay, I’m going to turn this
pan on a little, on low. Just a little just to keep it warm and now I’m going to
add in the cream cheese and we’re going to let this melt. Mm, those spices smell so good. This is going to be a
thick, cheesy, creamy sauce. It’s going to be amazing. Now, you could make this with boneless, skinless chicken thighs but
since this sauce is so rich, I just wanted to use chicken breasts but chicken thighs would be good as well. Okay, our cream cheese is almost melted so I’m going to add in some
shredded cheddar cheese and melt that in and this is almost ready. We have one last ingredient to add and that is some crumbled bacon pieces but I’m going to taste this sauce first just to see how it tastes. Mm. Oh my gosh, that is so good. Okay, let’s add in some bacon and we’ll keep a little bit for the top. Oh my goodness. Wow, look at that. So now we turn off the heat. Going to add our chicken back in. Just going to kind of nestle it
into the pan, into our sauce. Wow, that looks so good. And a little bit more bacon for the top. Now, how good does that look? So for this creamy chicken recipe, you can find the recipe down
in the description below, the full recipe or if you
want to print the recipe, you can go to the link in the description and it will take you right to my website where you can print the recipe
if you’re old school like me and you like to have a piece
of paper in front of you when you cook instead of
having to hold a phone. Anyway, hope you love this recipe. Let me know how much you
love it in the comments and I will see you guys later. Bye. (calm music)

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  1. Hi Jennifer! First off I love your recipes and this one is no exception. I made this last night for dinner and my family loved it! Thank you for what you do 😉

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