CRAZY DORITOS – Mexican Dorilocos made Easy

CRAZY DORITOS – Mexican Dorilocos made Easy

A little behind the scenes for you, we’ve
just taken some photos, put some extra worms in there, a few dry chips on the
top just to make it look pretty but I’m loving this stuff. This is kind of what I
think Mexican food is all about, sort of playfulness in Mexican food, a fun sort
of levity to everything they do which is really great. Crazy Doritos or dorilocos, I love
Mexico. One of the things you’ll notice when you get to Mexico is just the fun
that people have with the food over there and I think it’s one of the
reasons they came up with something as mad as doriocos. Basically you’re
taking Doritos, you’ll see actually store vendors in the city over there and they’ll have
their Doritos hung up, don’t be afraid to go across and asked for Dorilocos, it’s
heaps of fun and just see what they come up with there are so many different
variations. So today I’m going to do my version of Dorilocos, you can see what
you think, come up with some other ideas, watch some videos on YouTube, see how
they create them on the streets and just have fun. What can you expect? Well I can
tell you not just a plain old bag of Doritos. First thing they’re going to do is
either nip the top off of the bag, most of them just nip the corners off, one on
each side like that. Then you just take a pair of scissors or a blade and just cut
across the top and this is what they’re going to use to serve the Dorilocos in and
this is where it starts getting crazy. Different vendors use different things.
They almost all start off with a sort of grated carrot and so you want heaps and
heaps of carrot and a version of what is a little bit like a Swede or a rutabaga
or even just grated cabbage will work. We want to season that with a little smoked
paprika or some chili powder, maybe a little bit of salt in there as well.
A little bit of hot sauce as well, the guy in Mexico City we used to go to had
this sort of Maggi seasoning which I thought was quite nice, a little bit some
Maggi in there, this is a sort of salty Brown seasoning.Yes Worcester sauce, now
I think in Mexico they call this something like sauce d ‘anglaise, I can’t
remember exactly, comment down below and let me know. A little bit of Worcester
sauce in there. Sweet corn, I’ve fried this up with a little bit of sweetener
in there, some chili powders and some butter but look at this, how gorgeous
does that look. So we’ve got plenty of corn in there, you really can’t do this
without peanuts, they tend to have the fried peanuts and they also have chili
on them but I’m just going with regular salted peanuts and I’ll add a few spoonfuls
in. I’m just going to take a lime or limon, squeeze the juice over the Dorilocos, top the whole thing off with grated
cheese. Some of the more quirky vendors on the streets will actually top these
up with gummy bears and gummi worms, all sorts of crazy things. So I’m going to go
with that, we’ve got some sour snakes, we’ve got some jelly snakes. I’m going to
put those over the top of my Dorilocos. Always served with a plastic fork, this
is almost like a family meal, it’s super heavy, I’m sure the bags that we had in
Mexico City weren’t as big as we have here in Australia. Get your fork and
you’ve just got to try and get in here basically, let me see if I can get a
Dorito, we’v got a gummy worm there as well. This is a lot of fun, here goes, man wow
that is hot and spicy, I didn’t even put the jalapenos in that I was going to put in.
This is really just a dish that you mess with, I know it looks crazy, actually
tastes delicious, that takes me right back to when I first had this in Mexico
City. Lots of fun, share some comments down below if you’ve had these before,
let me know what they put into your Dor.. loo.. Dorilocos, wherever you were and if
you haven’t had them, don’t be shy, give it a try it’s not that bad actually. Be
good and we’ll see you for some more Mexican fun in Steve’s kitchen very shortly, take
care. Now a lot of you I know probably won’t try this because it is Dorilocos but if you do you’re going to have some fun. Really spicy, the cheese sort of
balances it off, a little bit of cheese but overall really spicy. I put a little
extra hot sauce in there and I’ve added some, some jalapenos, which I didn’t do in
the video just now, so I think that’s just kind of lifted up that hot element.
It’s kind of difficult to get the chips from the bottom without breaking your
plastic fork, maybe you should get your hand in there and sort of dig them out I
don’t know but certainly when they serve this on the
streets of Mexico City ,even in Oaxaca, they only give you a plastic fork.
Now this rutabaga or Swede it’s really lovely, there’s a Mexican name for this
and I forget the exact name for it but you can check that, maybe I’ll put it on
the descriptions or on the screen. Now it’s not a breakfast meal, not really
even a meal but I am going to tuck in and completely finish this. Be good
everybody, take care, see you again soon. I’m not sure about the gummi bears or
the gummy snakes, I love gummi snakes but with all that chili, a little bit strange.
Oh hot gummy snakes. Yum Yum A little behind the scenes for you.

27 Replies to “CRAZY DORITOS – Mexican Dorilocos made Easy

  1. Woooow!! That loooks soo amazing!! That taste sooo sweet and crispy chips!! Great combination!! See u anytime!!

  2. You need to check out "Sandrammer's" channel. I know sending a chef to a molder's channel sounds strange but he has complete details to a nice seasoning powder that I think you would like.

  3. Very close to a Fritos pie. We take Fritos pour on beef chilli and cheese. ummmm!!!!!!
    You can do this with tortillas (dry fried, or soft cooked). Add sourcream as you like.
    Take care from Oklahoma,
    Mike and Vee

  4. Crazy with the gummys! Mind you, mum used to like jam on her cheese sandwich.. so anythings possible. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  5. I have had mine with shredded chicken with a mol'e sauce with Maseca cheese and a white cheese sauce

    my girlfriend had hers with something like beef chilli ,onion,cheese sauce. avocado and a few other things. but I think it mostly for tourists

  6. Well you had at least 2 off your 5 a day there Steve, and plenty off protein in those dead snakes. LOL. Looked different, but still delicious. 👍 Take care. ❤☺🐶

  7. Hola Steve! Using my experience as mexican, I can tell you that you did a great twist! Try it now with melted cheese!! I can sure you, you will love it a lot more! thanks for your videos!

  8. Hey Steve, thought you might like to check out the very cool C. Orelle's channel since you're a cook and foodie 🙂 p.s. I would never eat anything in that bag lol I'm cool with a fistful of taquitos 😁 anyway, here's Orelle (his vids are VERY short, so beware)

  9. I liked it until I saw you added cheese after lime. And then gummy bears.. Seriously? GUMMY BEARS? Oh man c'mon :S

  10. It's 2018 …. And the result is the closest bagged approximation to my favorite hot sauce that I know

  11. Looks pretty good!

    I actually go to the markets here in Tennessee and I think those gummies are often cueritos, or pickled pork rinds. Never been able to find them in wal-mart (maybe my first problem, not going to the latin american market) but they taste great.

    Good job!

  12. Worcestershire sauce is called 'salsa inglesa' or.. 'english sauce' or closest translation would be sauce from England probably because no one, not even people from englan are 100% on how to pronounce worcestershire… also that was a lot of maggie, lol

  13. We had pickled hogs skin rings with japanese boiled peanuts….
    Side of roasted corn with mayo and parmesean. It was loco….we finished it but would know what to ask for next time

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