Chicken Tariwala | Quick and Easy Chicken Curry Recipe | Indian food | Ravi’s Special

Chicken Tariwala | Quick and Easy Chicken Curry Recipe | Indian food | Ravi’s Special

Good Morning Friends!! I, Ravi Sisodiya brings to you a simple chicken recipe a very delicious one Chicken Tariwala to make this dish we are using Kachri Powder next we have 50-60 gm Clarified Butter Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp Onions – 4 peeled off Tomatoes – 2 Chicken – 1 Kg Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 tbsp Coriander Powder – 1.5 tbsp Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp Salt – 1 tbsp 2 tbsp Lime Juice mixed with 1 tbsp sugar Bay Leaf – 1 Cardamom – 1 Cinnamon stick – 1 Cloves – 5 and Black Pepper – 5 Let’s now make a simple recipe Chicken Tariwala First of all in a pressure cooker in this cooker put half a litre of water in this water we add Spices also Onions this is a very new recipe and it quite delicious I have used this recipe we will make 2-3 whistles meanwhile a different pan is taken lets use it let it heat up for 1 minute the pan is heated now now we add Clarified butter to it Our Clarified Butter is hot now add Ginger Garlic Paste we have mixed it well the smell is so good now in this dish we add chicken and fry for 7-8 mins approx 10 mins have elapsed and now we fry for more time for 5 mins the chicken will tender 40% and smell of chicken will vanish lets low the heat and keep it for 5 more minutes Meanwhile 3 whistles are done these tomatoes are now to be taken out use a kind of stick with holes so that water drains out similarly remove 4 onions too we have removed tomato and onions and the water left over we will use it as stock and use in chicken now separately we will allow tomato and onions to cool down make a paste and use that paste in chicken 15 mins have passed chicken is well fried now lower the heat of the gas and with the help of stick we will keep chicken in a bowl We have kept the chicken in a separate bowl and in this clarified butter after increasing the flame the onions that we boiled and later made paste of it we will put in the pan now these onions are to fried well and made brown 15 mins have elapsed and onions are now brown and paste is ready Now, in this we add red chilli powder coriander powder lime water with sugar 1 tbsp we used earlier 1 tbsp we are using now next we adding tomato puree Now we will cook the gravy well and later we will add chicken we have two more ingredients Kachri powder which will enhance the taste and tender chicken and Turmeric turmeric is very healthy for the health of an individual remove various stomach related illnesses now for next 10 mins we will cook the dish properly after 15 mins we see the gravy is thick and cooked for 2 times see the thickness gravy is leaving the wooden stick clarified butter is seen on sideways it means the gravy is cooked now now in this cooked gravy we will add chicken mix the chicken well in the gravy gravy is already cooked and the chicken is already fried so this is almost ready now chicken and gravy are mixed up for approx 3-4 mins It is now well cooked now the last step is to add stock made of onion and tomato we will use this water only Now let’s see how much more water is required it depends on your cooking style and number of people to eat accordingly add water I have mixed it well and now leave for 15-20 mins keep on low heat and cover the lid and it will be ready 15 mins have elapsed and you can see that chicken is well tender now and as the name goes chicken tariwala gravy is floating now this preparation is very unique and tasty the gravy is tasty and colorful now we will keep them in a separate bowl I have transferred and gave garnishing also In this way chicken tariwala is ready to eat now taste is very nice I request you to try this recipe And if you like this recipe please like, share and subscribe. Thank You!!

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  1. Sisodiyaji agar aap jodhpur mei rehte i would have come to your home for sure to taste this recipe… i really admire your cooking

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