Chicken Biryani Indian Food – By VahChef @

Chicken Biryani Indian Food – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaala welcome back to another session with your VahChef at today let’s learn how to make extremely
popular Chicken biryani the name Biryani is derived from the
Persian word biryan which means yummy or roasted biryani is made from a mixture of special
spices and basmati rice meat or vegetables and yogurt the three unique ingredients which make
the biryani taste and smell like Hyderabadi khandani
kitchens are the basmati rice which has it own flavor the mint leaves the javitri which is called maze there are several kinds of meat to biryanis almost as many places as there are
manufacturer selling premix spices but Hyderabadi biryani has some how sprung to the top when you talk about biryanis. In Hyderabad in South India Biryani is pretty much a
tourist magnet Indian historians claim that earlier Nawabs wore a matching turban for each variety of biryani. The biryani kitches boasted of 49
kinds of biryanis. The Sind variant of biryani is very popular
in Pakistan and Awadh biryani is is also popular in North India. We will learn Awadh biryani in another session where I will show you the Biryani from dumpukt restaurant in Maurya Sheraton in Delhi but we’ll make a simple Hyderabadi
biryani for Biryani you will need garam masala cloves big black elaichi javitri cinnamon sticks bay leaf and cloves cumin seeds try using kala jeera that is black cumin, pepper corns, little chilli powder ginger garlic paste green chillies mint fried onion salt cut chicken usually for biryanis chicken pieces with bones are used
place the in a bowl and make a marinade using yogurt and mixing it with all the other
spices add green chillies mint ginger garlic paste coriander leaves pepper corn kala jeera, Black cumin if you don’t have black cumin you could also add regular
cumin seeds chili powder little turmeric salt you could use cumin powder, coriander powder and whole spices bay leaf, javitri that is maze cinnamon cloves green cardamom little black cardamom you could use fried onion add oil add yogurt to the mixture; mix all the ingredients nicely; you have seen that I mixed all the spices together isn’t it easy; don’t have to pre-cook anything except you have fried
onions other than that you put all the raw ingredients so
this is the most simplest way to cook but the amount of moisture that goes into your biryani making is
what determines how well your rice will get cooked when you mix them together now let’s
look at the most important thing in making biryani that is your rice what I did is first I soaked the rice for 30 minutes that way your rice will expand very evenly and rice we get cooked properly if you do not soak rice for
your biryani your biryani is no good what do we do
to the boiling water all you do is add some oil make sure you add right amount of salt what is the
right amount of salt you add salt to the water and taste it if
the water is not salty your rice will not be good for
biryani if it is too much then your biryani will be too salty just add the right amount of salt to your water drain the excess water from the rice and add it to your boiling water you can also add whole cardamom
spice is to this water and that allows to infuse the flavor to the rice but if you cook you biryani perfectly you don’t have that anymore spices into this water the spices that you added to the chicken will slowly infuse flavor into your
rice now let the water come to boil and the most important thing is how much amount you’re going to cook this rice to you’re not going to cook rice to fully
done you’re going to cook it half done because this is going to sit at the top layer and the chicken is at the bottom if you
over cook the rice at this point of time once the time the chicken cooks this rice will get mashed so the best way to cook is you half the rice and add it over the raw chicken mixture in a biryani pan that way by the time the bottom chicken gets cooked the half cooked rice on top will get cooked so the trick is you have to cook the bottom chicken to the right consistency and the top halfl boiled rice to a right
consistency when the biryani is done if you’re able to cook the chicken at the
bottom and rice at the top two different
layers to a right consistency that is where you make a perfect Biryani now you can see the rice boiling I call this dancing of rice so you cook to a point when it is 50
percent done so you have to be very careful stand near the stove and check the rice
you can see to take a grain of rice and press it
gets crushed but it’s not fully cooked but when it is half done remove immediately and strain it off take a dish which is deeper and then add your marinated chicken biryani is made in layers and what you need to do is put the marinated chicken at the bottom level it up whatever the
chicken is there make sure take a spatula or spoon and
just knock it on the top so it becomes a nice level to this take your half cooked rice and sprinkle on
the top on the chicken nicely spread the rice you could add some coriander mint or fried onion on the top you can add some saffron; water on top once you add the fried onions and the saffron color on top you can put a tight lid; if don’t have a tight lid like I have what you can do is you can take a nice clean kitchen towel
put it on top and cover it off with a plate this way the moisture will be retained in it and cook but
since I have a tight out on top I’m going to let it cook like
this it is going to take around 30 minutes to cook biryani; dont try to hurry it up put it a very medium heat and cook it if
you cook it at a low temperature for little longer time the rice will get evenly cooked you will just know that the chicken biryani is ready when you smell really nice flavor coming out and after around 30 minutes of cooking five minutes at a high flame and 15 minutes at a medium flame and next 10 minutes
in a low flame the biryani will be ready. Very carefully remove now see how beautiful the rice is each rice is very is separated and look at the chicken its very nice tenderly cooked and really really hot so it’s almost always served with yogurt accompaniment called raita or mirchi ka salan which is an
Hyderabadi favorite dish and also you can be made with
aubergines or brinjal and call bagara bainganI hope you’ll
enjoy learning how to cook chicken biryani with me remember that vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes videos and cooking tips so others may
benefit from your great cooking up

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  1. Chicken biryani is a very popular Indian dish. The longer you marinate the chicken will surely bring out the flavor of the dish.

  2. 9:01 can someone who speaks this language tell me what this is usually served with .. I dont even know how to write it down to google it..

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  4. Everything was fine but after 20 mins i checked the biryani paste had burnt at the bottom (little bit):(
    It was cooked on an electric plate. Probably we should have used a vessel with water and immerse the container with biryani paste and rice into that which could have saved from the burning at the bottom.

  5. please give the exact quantity of the ingredients used in chicken biryani as i am very keen to try this recipe

  6. this is very easier process to make biryani..and it is also become very testy..i tried many times at my home..every body said just greattttt…thanks

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  8. I have this question to ask?? can i make in a pressure cooker, without putting on the weight?? what should people do who don't have that heavy bottomed deep vessel??

  9. great recipe chef you r an insperation to me I have tried your biryani recipe and it turned out deliceous thank you very much sir but would you be kind enough to show me how the mirchica salan is made or if you have a video made for it thanking you in advance.

  10. Thank you Sanjay. You make life easy for those who r working and also want to enjoy home made briyani. I'm cooking it now..on the stove..smells good…yum..yum yummy !

  11. Hi chef thanks for all the lovely recipes you share however one thing is missing and tha is the exact quantity of the ingredients like in this biryani recipe the measurements are missing hence ps share that also. thanks a lot.

  12. Hi Sanjay, I love your videos! There's not a single recipe that doesn't look delicious. Excellent biryani, I have uploaded my own biryani variation; a shahi chicken biryani, Please check it out. Sanjay, your comments/feedback would be most welcome.

  13. This was the first video of Vahchef which I watched and tried out after a friend of mine suggested. And after that, to make any dish I just search only for Vahchef's videos.

  14. I want to share the results of my experiments with rice in microwave. I tried few Basmati brands and settled for the one which I am most comfortable with.
     For simple 'Chawal' I wash and soak 1 measure (150 ml) rice in 1&1/2 times water volume/volume, for 1/2 hour. adding 2 TSF lime juice and little white cooking oil. Cooking time 12 minutes at full (750 W in my system).
     For Kachchi Biryani I follow all the above steps + add salt, little whole spices and cook it for 7 minutes. Then I add this partially cooked rice over the meat and pour the remaining water in it. Rest of the procedure is as Sanjay said. I get great results every time.

  15. hello chef
    I am a hyderabadi living in USA currently
    loved your biryani recipes
    can you also teach us the shorba recipes served with biryani in Hyderabad.
    thank you

  16. Chef thanks a lot for your recipes. I never dared to make biryani until i saw this video. Your cooking tips are really simple and truly encourages everyone to cook. Ive made this Biryani twice now and Thanks to you ive got good reviews as well.

  17. Thank you Chef for sharing this recipe. We are always thankful to you.
    We follow the 're pie exactly the way you explained, and it comes out amazing.
    This is the dish we cook every time for guests and all like it so much.there is nothing can replace this.

  18. +Vahchef I have tried the recipe multiple times and it was absolutely perfect every single time. I had failed trying to perfect biryani with my moms help before. Either the rice would get overcooked or the flavor would not be perfect or the chicken would not get cooked. Now I know how to perfectly cook the basmati rice and get it nice and fluffy for the biryani! Marinating the chicken overnight left the chicken so moist , it was literally falling of the bone!!!

    The Black Cumin and Mace make a huge difference with very very subtle hints through the biryani. Soaking the rice made a huge difference in getting the rice right. Every time we made the biryani, there was not a grain of rice left in the handi!

    Thanks chef, you truly are an inspiration making complex cooking procedures simple for us foodiesi!!!

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  23. I've made so many of recipes and I always love them. But this one didn't sit well with me. It's obviously not your recipe, I just didn't like how the flavors came together in the meal. I was so surprise that I didnt like it, because I usually love all of your meals.

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