Chicago’s Best Pasta: Carlo’s Restaurant

Chicago’s Best Pasta: Carlo’s Restaurant

the south suburbs had a rich Italian
tradition so we couldn’t do this episode without doing a slot like Carlos in
Chicago Heights sharing on Facebook said it’s total nom Jews nation nom nom nom
nom nom walk so Carla tell me about Carlos restaurant how long did he get
then in Chicago Heights we’ve been in spiral house for 30 years
so I see your regular at Carlos yes we are we’re all regulars like kids were
little we knew Carlo and his young vision mal Carla she picked up right
where her father left off why is Carla’s restaurant Chicago’s best
my father started the restaurant business many years ago got out of the
war inserted birth and then he added food he always knew he could do it and
he was a great cook lot of these recipes to this day we use are my grandmother’s
what are we going to be cooking because you said these they’re family recipes
and I’m excited for some good Italian we’re going to be making a signature
dish of ours called rigatoni al forno my brother created
this dish many many moons ago so Who am I going to be cooking with in the
kitchen today oh we’ve got Jim now my brother Jim cook for a long time we all
did every family member all right Jim’s gonna teach me the secret family recipe
well most of the secret family recipe hahaha it almost appear it not all of
them but we’ll see what I can get out of it okay we’re going to start with that
rigatoni L for rigatoni alla for you so what is all fornum tell your truth I
don’t know all right I couldn’t tell you it’s just very very
good you’re going to take a chunk of butter Mac it in and we’re going to
start with our ham a little shake a little respect I just met with my top
perfect you’re going to throw in your mushrooms yeah we’re going to add the
peas give it a shape so all the rest it’s kind of a jerk attack there we go a
little bit more everything’s that it was more about us we add in cream I’m not
flipping with the cream Parmesan cheese give me heavy cream and some cheese and
a happy girl this is amazing and finery drop our rigatoni I’m going to let you
finish this off with our pasta and then it’s time to eat
you got it the food is out of this world we love the food that’s always important
for us nothing awful mousetrap I live that your nose Brock you in you can
smell good it was real Oh Karla yes I’m a little upset that I
have to share with you because I mean it’s really a lander for one person all
right yeah I’m ready to begin I hope you’re hungry
absolutely all right that’s good stuff that’s good stuff the cream then was a
Parmesan cheese thing that the extra cheese on top this is really good I made
it I created her that’s what I hear and you did a good job thank you I made you
proud yeah absolutely did how it’s meant to say absolutely perfectly and it’s fun
and listen if you ever get let go from WGN we can always use a joke book hello

58 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Pasta: Carlo’s Restaurant

  1. Everybody eats, so everybody has an opinion.  I go with "If it's something you enjoy–it's good food" I've always enjoyed myself at Carlo's.

  2. What kind of fucking idiot doesn't know what "al forno" means. I'm not even italian and I know it means "in the oven".

  3. Easy to make but it might taste awesome. But they gotta use that fresh parm… They using that craft powder stuff lol

  4. what i see is not encouraging…..i'm from a bratt family(army)…i've been around the world…then my dad retired in italy…tuscany……and we are italian origin…. what i saw and i see in and from states is so far from real italian cuisine

  5. This is nice italian-american cuisine. We in Italy don't use so much tomato sauce.
    We put just the necessary.
    Our aim is the balance of the flavour profile of foods.
    Few spices and in little doses.

  6. I never eat at these types of restaurants, that plate is so incredibly fattening and unhealthy. It was loaded with butter, then cream????…..then cheese…..ugh, I'm bloated just looking at it. Everyone there is overweight.

  7. I m italian from tuscany and i wouldnt be rude but . Porco Dio. this pasta al forno is one of the biggest pile of shit i ve never seen.
    No one of this ingredients remember me italy except only the rigatoni that u coglione overcooked as fuck!!!

  8. These are not Italian traditional recipes, when Italians went to America they didn’t have all the ingredients that they were used to in Italy so they had to be creative. Italo-American cuisine that has little to do with the traditional Italian cuisine. And al forno just means from the oven, baked.

  9. So her brother created the dish but he doesn’t even know what the name means ??? As an Italian, I’m legit triggered. Learn some respect for your own culture. It’s embarrassing.

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