Chicago’s Best Lithuanian Food: Grand Dukes Restaurant

Chicago’s Best Lithuanian Food: Grand Dukes Restaurant

we had suggestions for our next stop on
Twitter our app and Facebook including Elizabeth who said inside it looks like
a medieval in and it’s right here in Harlem where grand dukes what is going on inside this place is
traditional what you see in here is from Lithuania
we wanted to bring part of Lithuania to Chicago everyone comes for European
experience you’re a big Lithuanian deal yeah so you could say that yeah that’s
got that kind of medieval field rustic and cool you see a lot of athletic
pieces from Lithuania very historic looks like the medieval times
I think I’m dining with the Duke why you Chicago’s best on Holland Avenue we are
very unique with our insight and very unique with our food we are Lithuanian
but we’re serving best Hungarian Goulash best Lithuanian potato pancakes or like
Ukrainian borscht we have customers from throughout all
different countries coming and trying our food what should we make today today
we should try some stuffed cabbage and served with the livonian potato pancakes
sounds like a place stop my thankful we can start with that so we’re making
stuffed cabbage mixed some ground beef and ground pork together we had some
rice add a lot of sauteed onions we love onions that just had some garlic some
salt this is our special spice blend I’m not
gonna tell you this so that’s fine what happens in Lithuania stays in the way
yes and parsley some paprika and some black pepper we’re gonna mix everything
together this is just chicken stock Germany any traditional Lithuanian songs
you can teach me while I’m here anything we can always think on column water
that’s my that’s my favorite make the wine you can sing that on call no more a
night or day oh yeah oh yeah yeah Tabuchi now we’re coming to the fun part
now we’re gonna stop the cabbage I can take a spoon of meat and all you do it
just you know all the cabbage and also it goes in the pot look at yeah so now
we just put the rest you know we’ll put some carrots onion spend some butter the
rest of spices that’s it we’ll put it on the stove and cook it for 45 minutes and
we have stuffed cabbage ready I’ll see you outside Rose sure sounds good okay
sing me that song again if you think the entertainments good
just wait until you try this Lithuanian specialty meat is amazing they taste
like somebody’s grandmother made them this is stick to your bones good hearty
stock as you can well tell I’m not gonna eat for a week now all I’ve heard from
people around here is that this is stick to your bones good old Lithuanian
comfort food that’s exactly what it is I love that oh my god the blend of the
beef and the pork it’s a really light flavor stuffed cabbage is one of my
favorites and I love this sauce on the outside as well next it’s a little more
special I can feel it coating my bones and making me a lift away nyan superhero
right now that’s our medieval portion so once you
once the plan is that you’ll be good for this I think you have to try potato
pancakes will sing that song together kill the music sing us out
I’m calm amore oh yeah yeah Tuesday yah yah yah yah yah – white

52 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Lithuanian Food: Grand Dukes Restaurant

  1. Not acualy Lithuanin that stuffed cabbage is called " Sarma " originated durring Ottoman conquering of Balcans, Central Europe and Middle East.

  2. Definitely one of the best video on this channel. It's so out of the ordinary that Lithuanian food! Looks utterly delicious with that cabbage and meat.

  3. It's a traditional eastern european dish. Not Lithuanian!!!!
    Как обычно, прибалты все лучшее взяли из СССР и выдали за свое.

  4. Cultures were mixing a lot through ages in Lithuania. Besides, every country has similar dishes that neighbours have. No fights, this restaurant represents eastern Europe more or less anyway :). No matter you are polish or lithuanian, we all have things to be proud of.

  5. f*ck this sh*thole Grand Duke's mf's can't even cook right… burn that place down… so f*cking ghetto

  6. My family was from Czechoslovakia and had the same dish and it is good! Let's all come together and celebrate our stuffed cabbage heritage. Eh, that sounded better in my head

  7. For Chicago Lithuanians past and present, there are shirts for sale with more coming soon! High quality. Please check them out!

  8. Sveikučiai visi.Esu tikras lietuvis ir noriu parašyti čia,kad balandėliai ir bulviniai blynai yra valgomi atskirai…Bulviniai blynai valgomi su atvėsintos varškės padažu,pagardintu svogūnų laiškais .(beje varškės padaže turi būti smulkintas-tarkuotas česnakas).Na o balandėliai valgomi su atskirai virtomis bulvėmis,pagardintomis krapais.Ir jie būna raudonam arba baltam padaže.Kaip ir viskas 🙂

  9. Chicago is so much better than L.A when it comes to food diversity. L.A has mostly fucking Mexican restaurants…..good luck finding decent Polish, Irish, Lithuanian, German, or other restaurants that ARE NOT Mexican.

  10. In Lithuania you should definitely try baked bread with hot cheese. This is their visit card, I don't know why Grand Duke don't do this

  11. Bambrough screws up again. Right at the beginning he identifies the Chicago neighborhood as "Harlem"; no such neighborhood in Chicago.

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