Chicago’s Best Haunted Restaurants: Country House

Chicago’s Best Haunted Restaurants: Country House

at country house and claritin Hills they
don’t have to dress up in ghost costumes or visit a haunted house they have their
own resident ghost right here at the restaurant now I kind of just gave
myself chills thinking about it but it’s okay we’re gonna do this one together
let’s go check this is our haunted episode I’m a little
freaked out tell me how you became to be known as being haunted it was originally
built in the early 40s we used to have shutters on all the windows and one
Sunday morning all the shutters opened at the same time they said there’s
definitely a spirit here and something about unrequited love with a bartender
and that’s why she’s still here well besides being haunted it’s also about
the food we’ve got tons of recommendations with suggestions about
this place so what are we gonna be making in the kitchen today we’re gonna
make a fire burger salsa and peppers and pepper jack cheese and it’s served
open-face on garlic toast we’re gonna be running it every Friday for the next
month do we know if our ghost likes burgers yeah
do you like burgers better watch out you might have a light go off Iran we’ll
keep an eye out all right I heard about this fire burger let’s make this thing
first we’re gonna have your six pounds of ground chuck and onion roasted red
pepper green chilies jalapeno chopped our old boy the country house secret
seasoning salt so while we’re mixing Kevin do you have any ghost stories I do
motion the sensor went off so one upstairs the light was on shut it off
one tagged downstairs bartender that was closing with me said today the light’s
still on so I went back upstairs open the door
but the light off lock it and the door starts shaking so I ran down the stairs
set the alarm and ran off I like Kevin finish up let’s see who else has a ghost
story to share there’s this girl that will come in and she’s a tall blonde
it’s like the ghost takes her over just like trips up everyone here and then she
disappears one morning a candle just was left I was
probably one of the first parts and this year I was yelling when it would go
through the back door sometimes you’d have to bring money up the desk would be
fine walk back upstairs everything papers were all over the
floor and it was cold he kept coming back because she was in love with one of
the bartenders you might have asked her out I just got finished here in the ghost
stories got to settle down calm myself down and try this burger that’s diggin it’s all suntop and then you get all
those spices when you bite into it I would say I was a little nervous coming
in here cuz I don’t I don’t deal with ghosts she played a game with me one
night with a calculator upstairs in the office one of the colors just randomly
went on I said hey knock it off and then it didn’t do it again for the rest of
the night friendly goes good drinks the food is
awesome the burgers makes you come and keep the little eye out when you here
you never know when something might pop up

7 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Haunted Restaurants: Country House

  1. Can anyone please tell me what the point of this show is, if every place they go to they say they love it and it's the best??

  2. I literally lived a block away from this place as a kid. I would go in to ask about the ghost fascinated by the stories. That was 20 years ago. Never saw any of the people in the video but wow…. must be true

  3. The fire burger was stolen from a gypsy recipe by the owner it's called a gypsy burger I've been eating them since I was 5

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