Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Whadda Jerk

Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Whadda Jerk

(upbeat rock music) (catchy island music) Food truck lunches are
pretty standard in the Loop. And in this block
of South Wacker, we even see some familiar faces. But today, we’re looking
for a special breed, A jerk.
– Hey! – We were told that
Whadda Jerk had the best chimichangas around. So Whadda Jerk.
– Yes. – Not you, the truck.
– Oh, it’s me too. (cheerful island music) – The name came because
you’re kind of a jerk. – I am, that’s
exactly how it came. – Right. – I was talking to
some random person. I was just being myself and
they were like, “What a jerk.” And I was like, “Thank you.” (cheerful island music) So I’m a nice guy and a jerk. – A nice jerk?
– A nice jerk. – Yeah, I come here a
lot, I love Whadda Jerk. – [Marley] Are you a jerk? – I am kind of a jerk. – I’ve been told I’m a jerk. – Oh, absolutely. – (chuckles) They would
say that sometimes. – I’m a jerk, you’re a jerk. Wouldn’t you want
to be a jerk too? – [sfx] Yeah. – It also works,
because you guys serve a ton of jerk chicken. – Yes, yes, Caribbean
street food. – Can I get a jerk
chicken, please? – Here you go.
– Thanks very much.
Have a good one. – I didn’t know how to cook,
I had to fend for myself. So, I hopped on YouTube. – There’s a video for
everything, right? – What better place? So today, we’re deep
frying burritos. – Yes, ma’am. – Did you learn that on YouTube? – No. – We’re gonna do
some chicken surgery. – [Thomas] Yes. – [Marley] Turn these
guys into jerks. – We’re gonna jerk them. – Hmm, okay. – Three slits in the chicken. We have some jerk marinade here. – [Marley] All right. – Now, what we’re gonna do
is just put a little bit on. We just need a little bit. You gotta massage it, oh yeah. – [Marley] Massage it, things
are getting real weird here at Whadda Jerk. – This goes to the
smoker for three hours. – And then we get
some beautiful chicken that we have to jerk, right? – You have to jerk it.
– Just weird, okay. Let’s get the chicken.
– All right. – Just weird. And then from there, we
gotta build our chimichanga. Is there a rhyme or
reason to them overlapping like a Venn diagram? – No, it was just me messing up. – Oh, all right. I called you out, sorry, sorry. – Just a little cilantro. Now, next we’re going to– – Is this the sauce you’re
not gonna tell me about? – This is jerk ranch.
– Oh, okay. – I’m not gonna tell you
about this, either, but yeah. – I don’t wanna lose my life. – Just one “S”. So this is the
Whadda Jerk sauce. – Another thing you’re
not gonna tell us about. – No, it’s really
good, what a jerk. So now, the chicken. – Whew, that’s a great
portion of chicken. – All right, now let’s walk
over here to the fryer. – So two minutes in here?
– Yes. – You wanna meet me out
front with our chimichangas? – Sure will. – I’m guessing that’s
the chimichanga. – This is a chimichanga. – Have you had it before? – Often.
– Often. As he pats his tummy. – The Caribbean
flavors are amazing. – Everyone has a
burrito, but they don’t have fried burritos,
it’s something new. – You’re thinking
that it’s sweet. And then once you swallow
it, you get a nice, spicy, savory taste in your mouth. – Can we eat it now? – Yes we can. – Okay, cool, we’ll
talk while we eat. (upbeat island music) I could be speechless for
the first time in my life. You get this really sweet tang, when you taste that first bite. But there is a little
leftover kick in your mouth. Kind of like, oh what a jerk. – That’s what jerks do, give
that extra kick in the mouth. – You didn’t expect
it, but they got you. How regularly do you eat these? – Once I start gaining
weight, then I, (chuckles) I calm down a little bit. But at least five times a week. – If people want to find
you, how do they know where you’re going to be. Are you in the same
place everyday, or? – Download the Whadda Jerk app. You can put your orders in. You know exactly
where I am, real-time. – You got an app?
– Yes ma’am. – All right, cool. Why is Whadda Jerk
Chicago’s Best? – Who hasn’t fallen for a jerk? – I did. I’m falling for
a jerk right now. I’m about to take
this jerk down. Now that we’re full, time
for us to head back to WGN. Thomas had better
look out though. This RAM 2500 can tow
more than 35,000 pounds, and I might just steal
his Whadda Jerk truck. More food for us.

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  1. Didn't know about her when she first took over for Britney but she is doing just like she looks great. Get rid of Eliot

  2. I wish this food truck was in NYC! I'd be there all the time. I guess for now I have to plan a vlog trip to chicago

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