Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Fat Tomato, Inc.

Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Fat Tomato, Inc.

(upbeat rock music) (quirky music) – Elliott, just do your job. – Oh-ho, you think you’re
having a bad day? Well, spare a thought for me. Because of you guys, I had to
drive all the way to Huntley to eat tacos from a food truck
parked outside of a brewery. Yeah, that’s right,
I hate my job. – Diva. (zany music) – I do not know
whether to talk to you, or to try and take
a bite out of you. – You can try to take a bite.
– What? – It’s up to you. – Clearly, you’re the
man I need to talk to about the food truck behind me. The Fat Tomato. (cheerful mariachi music) – [Carlo] We do gourmet tacos. – So gourmet tacos. What does gourmet tacos mean? – Gourmet tacos means it’s
traditional, but a little, you know.
– Elevated? – We’ve raised the bar for sure. And one of the things
I love about Chicago is like the fusion foods. And being able to get creative. And I’m able to get
creative everyday. We get to incorporate
different styles of foods, different ethnicities, and
kind of bring it all together, you know create a fusion. You don’t really get as
much out in the suburbs, so that’s what we give
to the people out here. – Plus, how many other
jobs can you dress up like a taco everyday?
– None. – And be the boss?
– None. – What do you like
about this food truck? – The tacos. – It’s fresh, it’s right there, I can see the guys in
the kitchen working. – I think it’s
just so convenient. It brings more people out. It’s fun, everybody
gathers around it. – It’s magical. – And it’s good to
wash down the beer. – Cheers. – [Elliott] Should we get on
the truck and get to moving? – [Carlo] Let’s do it. – This big Fat Tomato?
– Yep, let’s do it. – Okay, all right,
after you, my friend. – All right. – Huntley never looked, smelled. Did he just lock me out? Carlo? Oh god, I. – What’s the password? – Pot of tacos? – All right.
– Okay. We’re gonna be fine,
we’re gonna be fine. Now, I can’t (bleep) shut it. We need to get to work. – All right, we’re
gonna take the beef. We’re gonna put a little
seasoning on the one side, and throw it down. – This is, of course,
secret seasonings. – Yeah. – Oh, you want me to go higher? – Yeah, go higher, and it’ll
get that good spread on it. There you go. – [Elliott] I just didn’t want
to make a mess of your floor. – All right. – Because I’m not gonna
stick around to clean up. – Oh, you’re gonna be cleaning
up, buddy, that’s for sure. – Am I anywhere close? – [sfx] Oh, brother. – I’m going to
play the long game. What’s next? – Secret spice rub
for the chicken. – Please tell me we have
to super high on the pour. – We’re going super high on it. – Oh dude, your turn,
your turn go on. – All right, let’s
do it, let’s do it. Oh, you’re really
down there, huh? Damn, look at that. – Okay, on the grill?
– On the grill. (upbeat music) – Perfection. Fatty, meaty, slightly
red in the middle. Smells like summer. Why don’t you cut it up
in cubes, Carlo? – [Carlo] All
right, let’s do it. – Okay, this is teamwork. We’re making this
happen, my friends. We’ve got chicken,
we’ve got steak. I also understand
we’ve got one other? – [Carlo] We have an
organic black bean. It’s actually a vegan taco. – A vegan taco, you say? I’m continuing through with
my promise as Taco Mayor. Hashtag EvenVegans. – [Narrator] Paid for by the
Taco Committee of Chicago, the Taco Union, and
taco lovers everywhere. – Grilled skirt steak.
– Look at that. – [Carlo] Grilled chicken tossed with a mild sweet chili sauce. – [Elliott] Load that in. – This is organic black bean.
– Corn on top of the vegan. – A mild salsa, they all
get onion, cilantro crema. And here is a sriracha crema we’re gonna put on the chicken. – My mouth is watering. – Cilantro.
– The finishing touch. Make yourself some,
I’ll grab the beers. – Let’s do it.
– I’ll see you outside. – Let’s do it. – All right, I like
my job, really. – One.
– Two. – Three. – [All] Taco gang! – Whew, let’s do this. (cheering)
(optimistic music) Alrighty, what
can I get for you? One of each, perfect choice. Two carne asada,
one chili chicken. – [Carlo] Six carne
asada, two chicken. – [Blonde woman]
Three chili chicken and three black bean,
all with cheese. – [Carlo] Put together three
black beans here for me, John. – [Blonde woman] Whew,
look at this line. – This is the life, outside
in the summer, foods, beer. Cheers, here’s to food trucks. We started with
the steak, right? With the carne asada?
– Yes. – A trifecta ultimate journey. The flank steak being
cooked really quickly. You get all those juices
still, that fatty content. It reaps in the rewards
from that flavor. – It’s not your
typical steak taco where it’s like
really tiny pieces. It’s actually like
meatier pieces. – All right, the chicken. The chili’s a
little bit naughty. A little spicy, a little
kick, but then that crema, it’s a perfect compliment. – Can we take another bite? – We probably should
take another bite for my friends in the
vegan community right here. It does not skimp on flavor. A little black bean, a little
corn, a little mild salsa. That’s punchy. – It’s not steak, but
it’s pretty damn good. – Guys, what a trek. Huntley might be a tiny
distance out of the city, but it was worth the trip
to hang out with you, a true taco superhero
who’s kicking out these delicious tacos. To beer, to tacos,
to the future. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. – Now that we’re full, time
for us to head back to WGN. Thomas had better
look out, though, this RAM 2500 has
hair in its face. – This right here.
– It’s beautiful. – You are so beautiful
to me right now.

25 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Fat Tomato, Inc.

  1. Disgusting tacos! The chef's costume was highly offensive too, no thanks. Never supporting this business

  2. Nearly every restaurant you guys go to has 3 stars on yelp. Did you record all of these in thee late 90’s? Everything about your show is “off”.

  3. At 3:00 minutes, is that the chicken he put on the flat top? If so, it was still pink in the middle. Chef Ramsey would have been upset and called you a doughnut 🍩.

  4. OK we need a road trip with the doggies to Huntley those tacos look delicious. I will pick you up in my bozo clown car

  5. I had them in my car in myrtle beach as uber riders. While we drove to the airport we talked food and they told me about there truck, I could tell they love what they do besides the love they had for each other. With that being said I know without trying there food that it has to be amazing. I hope to see you guys again here and wish you luck and much joy with your futures!!

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