Cherry Sunset Freeze Taco Bell – Bye summer! – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

Cherry Sunset Freeze Taco Bell – Bye summer! – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

good morning well this morning where I
am welcome to my channel this is trip another ASMR food review it’s a very
nice day here it’s the end of summer it’s kind of hot
I hope that you’re having a good day wherever you are and I appreciate my
viewers and my subscribers I hope you will consider subscribing like the video
and feel free to comment because I love to answer comments today I’m trying out
a new train from Taco Bell for all with you Taco Bell food foodies out there
it’s called hey the cherry sunset fries and it’s kind of a first taste of fall
as we come to the beginning of September we don’t see any fall weather here it’s
very hot let’s take a look at this drink what the bag is supposed to be maybe
somebody out here we are by the way I brought back
mr. planet here but he’s on probation I don’t want this table to get too busy and we’re still recovering from my my
pharyngitis it seemed like I’m always recovering from something lately this is
an end-of-summer drink but you get a close look at a very nice little
container there what’s that there’s a design here
I don’t know this that’s to be a real designer represents something or not but
let’s get to it it isn’t into summer drink like I said
we still haven’t seen much of fall yet that this that’s cherry sunset freeze is
replacing the watermelon freeze which we joined that the Taco Bell back in in
April before the summer it was a summer drink the and the price I think the
recommended price is $2 39 cents for the regular one and this is a regular one
and for the large size it’s two dollars and 59 cents then there’s a happy hour I
think between 2 and 5 o’clock where you can get these for a dollar
Taco Bell’s I don’t know if that’s everywhere and this promotion here or
this new line is only at participating locations it says it’s for a limited
time only I guess just like the watermelon fries
that they need that they that they debuted back in in April before the
summer so I don’t normally get sugary drinks I I’d never get anything in the
morning like this but I want to just try this one the description
Taco Bell says the cherry sense that freeze is a frosty pineapple drink with
swirls of delicious cherry flavor woven throughout you gotta see that here I
guess I don’t know where the did you make it out of here excuse me use a straw or put it in like
I said Maggie’s you a little glass here should
I drink it with a spoon hmm I don’t know maybe I better drink it now I’m just a
wee tad first I probably save some of it until later hmm this is delicious as you might
expect you can taste the pineapple in it and you can see the cherry there let you
get it I really would kinda like to put it into the in in this class here I
think maybe you can see it better hmm let’s yeah this is going to work it really is delicious they mix these it
makes the everything in here just right it’s getting a little bit melted down
there at the bottom maybe you can see it better now it is supposed to look like sunset like
sunset at the end of the summer and you can see that in the colors there too I
really did this just right remember I’ve got a big person about about sugary
drinks I can only think of good things to say about this like I said they I read that the regular
price was 239 for me for the regular drink and the large size to 50 to 59 and
they charged me to 49 to 49 which is almost a little bit above what I think
the recommended price was but they gave me a 25 25 percent senior senior
discount they gave me 10 percent off and talked
with L cos all seniors ten percent off I didn’t ask for it she just looked at me
and assumed that this guy is definitely kind of older I hate being identified as
a senior I guess I just want to always be young but one day all of you will be
my age too I hope you will I hope you will get that far and that you’ll be in
good health so for me it was actually why do you – out that you haven’t
actually 224 plus the tax during the state that charges taxes I’m talking to I used to that by now right you gotta
smell that the cherry and the pineapple how I smell of all my fat the nose knows it’s very very well uniform the way it’s
mixed up teshia was kind of surprised when i
stopped in this in there this morning for it I’m sure they don’t see many
people who get it the drink like this sub early in the morning I just wanted
to help do very many reviews but of drinks that are like this with sugary
but I’m really glad that I got this trip today it makes me feel better at the
teacher dock getting some more drinks like this by golly if I’m not careful
they finish all this drink I’m gonna save some of it for later just a break drink as far as calories I think it has a
doubt it does have to check my notes the 16-ounce which this one is there’s a
hundred and ninety calories the twenty ounce is 240 calories and I think it has
about forty to fifty about 40 or 45 grams of sugar so I still have over this
left maybe somebody can tell me what this is this design on here is or maybe
it’s just uh maybe it’s just a colorful design it doesn’t really represent
anything this is really good taking short there
to you and maybe you’ll pick up one of these one day I have to say that you
recommended I hope you have a good week and I could wake you this is trip sake
so long

9 Replies to “Cherry Sunset Freeze Taco Bell – Bye summer! – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

  1. As always very relaxing video Trippe.
    And nice background with the led lights, i have been wondering if the wall is white or yellow? Ok Pura Vida Saludos desde Costa Rica!

  2. I went to Taco Bell, too! Saw this drink but didn’t get it sadly. It looks so cool though! Awesome video πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Being from Ireland, I dont get any of this stuff πŸ’”πŸ˜‚ all the food and drinks look good though….very jealous.
    Great vid Trippe 😊

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