Cheese Bois

Cheese Bois

This is a cheese boi. A big ol cheese
boi’s called a plague boi. But not all plague bois are bad boys. In fact they’re
good boys. To understand cheese bois you have to understand rat-natomy.
First, there’s the sniffly wiggler. Also called the snoot. Give it a little boop.
Then there’s a radar dishes, beady peepers, whippy bit, little grabbies,
and the chomper. Nibble, nibble, nibble. Nibble, nibble, nibble. Cheese bois have many relatives, like the tree rat,
the ouch mouse— also called the spiky floof— the furry potato, the guinea pig, and mouse. Cheese bois have to watch out for lots of predators, like birbs, sneks, and
danger cheese. But the most lethal predators are cattos. And the more fatto the catto, the more dangerous. He chomnk, he dangerous.
A h*ckin chonker is h*ckin dangerous, and then if it’s a MEGACHONKER… megadangerous. There are lots of clever names
you can give your cheese bois. Like Julius Cheeser, Roger Chedderar, and Rat. It’s short for Ratthew. He’s a gouda boy. visualize your cheese boys, and anything else, with Lucidchart.

100 Replies to “Cheese Bois

  1. these are really the best commercials for anything i've seen in my life
    i don't even know what this thing does but i want to buy it just to support the minds behing these genious videos


    I'm so done. I always thought that the perfect names for rats are Corvo, Jessamine and Daud, but this one is a strong contender.

  3. Try this on half speed. Or even better, 25%. He sounds stoned and it is hilarious. Plus you catch a little more since the original is so quick.

  4. I'm HOWLING!! I'm making a floor plan on your site then this pops into recs when I go to switch background music….I'm sold. I'm buying the premium membership to ur site. Just never stop making these videos

  5. Two things I want people to know about my cheese bois, Chandler and Shadow
    One: Chandler’s nickname is Bepis
    Two: Shadow is a happ chonk

  6. What sets this ad apart from the overwhelming garbage commercials, is it waits. The guy talking doesn't have that overly friendly, unrealistic personality, (You know the one, "*Smile stretching across there face* Hey Tom! I JUST had THE most AMAZING experience with [product]!") he's talking like a normal human being.

    The second thing, is this Ad waited. It held off on the product placement, and even when he plugged the product, what was the last thing you heard? The nibble song. Not some stupid motto, or tag line that means literally nothing to no one. It's impressive that they say "Lucidchart" one time in the entire video, and then stuff it all behind the content of the video itself.

    The final thing that I loved about this video was the content was actually good. The editing of the 'boop', to the nibble song, to the camera movements. Every other Ad is cringy, bland, boring, and unoriginal with PR pandering. This ad doesn't care, he says what he wants to say and makes what he wants to make on the product to show just exactly how it works. As others have said in the comments: Just because you use a meme doesn't make you hip with "the millennials."

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