Cheap Eats Under $1 in Thailand ( Affordable Food in Chiang Mai)

Cheap Eats Under $1 in Thailand ( Affordable Food in Chiang Mai)

I’m here in Chiang Mai Thailand and Thailand aside from being just a beautiful country to visit. It’s also really affordable so today I want to show you about all the different foods I can find to eat that are actually under $1 one dollar is about 33 baht. So of course No, one’s really selling things usually for like 33, but it’s gonna be like 30, baht It’s the price threshold that we want to stay under now I did a video like this When I was in India all the different things I could find this under a dollar I’ll post the link to that video as well, so you can check it out But there’s a lot of different things you can eat here in Chiang Mai for under a dollar Thailand is not I’m checking for scooters behind me try not to get hit while I’m walking But Thailand is not as cheap as India But there’s still a lot of cool things you define and by the way make sure you subscribe to my channel I’m going back to India in two weeks So you can come along for that journey and then to Paris France which by the way I don’t think there’ll be anything there for under a dollar so uh Let’s see but for now Let’s see what I can find All right so my quest for food under $1 has brought me to this local market in Chiang Mai It’s called Siri Wantanna also called Tannin and there is so much stuff here Going to places that are more local are gonna Have more affordable options stuff under a dollar versus places that are super touristy So this woman makes Khanom, Krok which is a really delicious dessert. I did a whole video about it I’ll post the link for you, but that is only 60 cent is 20 baht for that dessert, so there’s just so much here. It’s amazing. It’s almost like It’s almost too good So I’m going to show you this already Spring rolls 10 baht that is clearly Under $1 that is 30 cents for spring rolls Also here you can get oh look at those Purple yams 20 baht under a dollar. This is just almost too easy. Oh, there’s like a cake This cake is 30, but I don’t think it’s vegan I’m gonna keep going do they have a lot of stuff mango sticky rice? That’s definitely not gonna be about let’s find out how much Thank you. All right 50 baht. So that’s like you know a dollar 60 something like that out of the price range for today But there are other desserts that I know we could get Let’s have a look over here They have all these deserts are between 30 and 60 cents The way this thing the way it works here with the food is that they give you Like a bag of food like a little side. lots of things come in bags here, and you pay for that bags one place sells bags of vegetarian curries and soups for 60 to 90 cents each But it’s not just the local markets there are actual restaurants that definitely sell food for under a dollar check it out Here’s one Chiang Mai has a lot of different all vegetarian restaurants like this one behind me So you know it’s vegetarian with that symbol and the vegetarian restaurants usually sell meals like where you get rice One or two veggies for 25 to 30 baht, so well within our price range Do I see her making some noodles right now, and they look really good? All of these vegetables are 90 cents including a side of rice See something that I know it’s going to be in the price range Fruit is always a really great and affordable option They have the prices right here all of the different bags of fruit are 20 baht, so that’s like 60 cents so This is 60 cent well-spent This local restaurant serves a famous curry noodle soup dish called Khao SOI and the vegetarian version is 35, baht Which is a few cents over $1, but I think it still counts. It’s a flavorful Curry soup that locals rush in for the meat version costs about 30 cents more though And This is my absolute favourite thing to buy in Thailand for under $1 free smoothies and you can find them on almost every corner I Really love it cause all the smoothies here are really fresh It’s just fresh fruit mixed with a little ice and a little bit of water sometimes the helping to blend and It doesn’t get better than that just natural delicious, and it’s cool on a really hot day All right mango papaya deliciousness, I’m happy 30, baht 30 baht well spent $1 I Hope you enjoyed this look at cheap food in Thailand and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see what’s coming up next And also what’s your favorite meal for under a dollar leave me a comment and let me know

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  1. Holy rabies! I didn't know you were a reporter on the news back then! You should be famous! Anyways nice video you uploaded, Sorry if i'm acting mean to you.

  2. So you you don't have to worry about water and ice in Thailand? When I order juice or smoothies in India I am always careful not the let them put in ice.The fruit looks amazing. Nice video.

  3. Foods and smoothie look delicious…incredibly affordable! Thanks for sharing. ..Paris is beautiful but as you already know much more expensive…Looking forward to seeing the Paris Vlogs 🙂

  4. I think Thai food is even cheaper than Indian food..not sure you'd find a filling meal in India under a dollar?
    Love your channel, hope you're good Roman x

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