CHANCLAS | Mexican Survival Guide

CHANCLAS | Mexican Survival Guide

– What’s wrong with you? – Don’t you ever do that again! – Kill a fly? – No, raise the chancla like that! You know Mexicans have PTSD
when it comes to chanclas! Chanclas, Hispanic mothers? Does that ring a bell? – I mean, I’ve seen you get hit before, but I didn’t think you were that scared of them. – Who isn’t scared of them? – Me. – (sighs) You know what, come with me and I’ll show you exactly why I’ll forever have nightmares about that thing. – I thought you hated the chancla, not me! – Look, you see that kid over there acting out of control and behaving like mocoso? That’s not gonna last because of two reasons, she’s a Hispanic mother and she’s wearing a chancla. That’s pretty much why. And that is the power of the Chancla. – Wow, that’s incredible! And she doesn’t even actually have to hit her! – Oh, no, she still actually hits her with the chancla, but what’s even worse is Hispanic moms have incredible aim and can hit you no matter where you are. – Come on, I’m 23! Why can’t I eat what I want? – Okay, now that is pretty scary. So how do I avoid a chancla? – Avoid? Yeah, sure. – What? I’m serious! So, why are we out here again? What was that for? – Look, you can’t avoid getting hit by a chancla, but you can get used to it. Take the pain! Lower! (whistles) Yeah, I think you’re ready. Okay, let’s put your training to the test. Repeat this line so that Hispanic mother will get mad at you. – Hey, Hispanic mother I don’t know! I don’t care if there’s frijoles at the house! I want McDonald’s right now! – Actually, now that I think about it, nothing really prepares you for a chancla. – Ugh.

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  1. when i was a teenager my mom use to throw the chancla at me when i play video games lol she hated when i played video games

  2. Oh, your parents hit you? Maaaaan, I wish I had the sweet and easy life. Bro, you so lucky. My parents use the chancla. No, it's not a slipper in English, it's a sandal. DUCK!!!! NO, NOT THE BIRD!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! *Chancla hits them*

    Rip Jack And Antonio
    Chocked on
    Thê çhânçłä

  3. "Mom can we get Mcdonalds?" "NO!!! We have frijoles at home." "BUT IM TIRED OF BEANS" Yeets chancala behind chair and it goes out of the window through the roof back down through the sun slide thing and hits the kid. "HOWD YOU DO THAT?!

  4. The most scariest words Mexican parents could say
    · chill out or I will
    · just wait till your dad gets home
    · there's frijoles at the house

  5. When your mom shows you the chancla
    Him:Im not scared of the chancla
    Me:I dont think u ned to have PTSD to a chancla to be scared of that

  6. "latina moms have incredible aim"
    and my latina sister. i was going down some stairs and my sister threw my chancla right at my head. i fell right over

  7. Chaneclas are scary if you live with Hispanic parents 😂😂 and also your guys channel is the best and funny’s channel I’ve seen

  8. That's nothing, I wasent hit by my mom, my dad hit me , he was a bodybuilding, and he didint hit me with no chancla, i was hit with the metal on a belt

  9. Can you please sub to my channel and give me a shout out I love you guys so much my favourite video is addicted to fortnight .5

  10. Hey, Can you make video about Rockaleta? or nah. I am born in mexico. but right now i live in Lousisana. I missed store candy all of them stuff candy. ^_^

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