Chair Pulling Prank in Montreal!!!

Chair Pulling Prank in Montreal!!!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Li Li Li aka Riceman and today we’re in Montreal, Quebec, Canada We’re gonna do another one of my patented chair prank and please tell me where I should do the chair prank next is it Mexico City, Paris? Sydney or Mumbai? Please vote in the upper right hand corner and whichever city gets the most vote I’m gonna fly there and do a prank Until next time this is Li Li Li as always let’s get into the video Go eat more RIZ Oh what are you doing? Chill chill I’m just filming nah nah nah I really like…. what’s your problem? Chill chill we just filming a video. Look it’s a prank. It’s a prank Hahahaha. Thanks bruh Oh What are you doing? Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry. I slipped I slip on the ground this so the floor is so slippery. You know I’m saying you almost slip Yeah but you take my chair No, no, no I slip on No, no. No I slip on this chair by accident. That’s what happened. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. So sorry Go away! You strange

100 Replies to “Chair Pulling Prank in Montreal!!!

  1. Please vote for which city you want me to do the Chair Prank next in! Is it Mexico City, Paris, Sydney or Mumbai? I will go to whichever city gets the most the vote!

  2. Can't believe stupid annoying prank like this got tons of likes and views. Youre disgusting. You would be dead if that was me. Who the hell cares if its a prank. Childish.

  3. Some thick ladies up in this mothafucker! 👌 I saw you uploaded this vid the other day and meant to "watch it"… but I had to work that night so was like "Meh 😒 I'll watch it later." You oughta do Mexico for the next one, just sayin man. ✌

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