[lauren] ooh there’s a bug [john] is he alive? [lauren] maybe that’s why you’re supposed to wash it [lauren] sick. [lauren] uh oh i just lost the bug. it went inside the floret. [lauren] hey guys it’s lauren [john] and john [lauren] from hot for food and today we are gonna make [lauren] one of our most popular recipes for you. [john] it’s the cauliflower buffalo wings. [john] BUT today we’re gonna do things a little bit different [john] we’re gonna do cauliflower buffalo wings, [john] and barbeque buffalo wings, [lauren] and salt and vinegar wings. [lauren] so you’re gonna start with a whole head of cauliflower [lauren] cauliflower heads can be this big, [lauren] and sometimes they’re like this big cos they’re probably GMO. [lauren] so when we say use one head of cauliflower, [lauren] we’re like, okay, generally one head of cauliflower [lauren] is around the same size. [lauren] and that’s how much batter we’re making [lauren] but as you go along you may need to put a little more batter in the bowl [lauren] but it’s very simple. [lauren] this is one of the easiest recipes you can kind of improvise as you go [lauren] but we’re gonna address some of the issues people have [lauren] i.e. sticking to the baking pan, all of these things that we literally have never experienced, [lauren] so i don’t know what you’re doing wrong in the kitchen. [john] too much talky, not enough baky
[lauren] okay, fine, let’s cut. [john] this is probably one of the first things lauren ever [john] made for me that was like me kind of being [john] like “i’m craving *blank*” [john] which is how a lot of recipes on the blog kinda come to be [john] it was probably that stupid story like when i was in college [john] i went to this all you can eat wing place and i told her that i ate like [john] 50 buffalo wings in one sitting
[lauren] eww [john] and then she was like, let’s.. did you already know cauliflower was a good substitute? [lauren] yea, i mean we didn’t invent cauliflower buffalo wings,
[john] no. [lauren] they became popular, like around when we started the blog [lauren] so we just decided to try them and we ended up [lauren] like figuring out, a good best batter
[john] good, perfect. [lauren] and like whatever. cos some people like hardly put any batter on them and they like [lauren] try to make them super healthy and then they’re not even that good, [lauren] like they look like they’re just [lauren] raw pieces of cauliflower covered in sauce
[john] with hot sauce. [lauren] so we put batter on ours, we use flour, [lauren] and i feel like these, end up getting this texture that is kinda stringy, [lauren] and meaty like chicken. [lauren] so your pieces are around this size [lauren] now, jenna marbles and julien, her boyfriend, made these cauliflower buffalo wings on [lauren] j&j’s kitchen. [lauren] and that is how we ended up getting a lot of visitors to our website. [lauren] so thank you, jenna marbles, youtube extraordinare
[john] these are already youtube famous. [john] okay, let’s start on the batter [john] so you’re gonna start with three quarters a cup of all purpose flour, [john] you can sub rice flour if you wanna go gluten free, [john] those are the two we’ve tried and found worked [john] half of a cup or non-dairy milk, we used almond milk, [john] but you can use soy milk if you want. [john] you’re also gonna add half of a cup of water, [john] now it’s time for the spices, [john] so two teaspoons of garlic powder, [john] two teaspoons of onion powder, [john] teaspoon of my favorite, cumin. [john] and one teaspoon of paprika. [john] quarter teaspoon of pepper, [john] just gonna crack some in there, [john] and a quarter teaspoon of sea salt. [john] you’re just whisking it together to get it all combined and get rid of any lumps [john] and that’s the batter! [john] you’re like, pretty much done, you’re pretty much eating wings right now. [lauren] okay, here’s a very important step that people seem to not understand, [lauren] you’re gonna get baking sheets and you’re gonna line them with parchment paper [lauren] parchment paper is not wax paper, and it is not aluminium foil [lauren] it is parchment paper
[john] it’s parchment paper. [lauren] and it is your saviour in the kitchen. [lauren] if you don’t want shit to stick on these pans, you put parchment paper on. [lauren] you dip it in, you bathe it in this batter so that the batter gets in all those cracks and crevices, [lauren] and you just tap it on the side and place it on the baking sheet. [lauren] tap, tap, tap, place. [john] tap, tap, tap, and place [lauren] well, it’s just, it’s very easy for me but i know how to cook [lauren] but i’m tryna address if you don’t really know what you’re doing cos [lauren] people like to leave a lot of comments about this recipe [lauren] and all the things that happened during the process [lauren] but it’s user error, people. [john] not our fault. [lauren] it’s not our fault! we make these all the time, no problem! [lauren] i don’t get it, i don’t get what you’re doing. [lauren] okay, so tap tap tap, tap tap tappa, and place. [john] so these guys are gonna go into the oven for 25 minutes, [john] and that’s the perfect amount of time for you to work on your sauce [john] whatever sauce you choose.
[lauren] maybe you even have time to go on instagram for a little bit. [lauren] sometimes stuff burns when you do that, cos you get distracted. [lauren] okay so these are ready to go, you pop them in the oven, [lauren] it’s preheated to 450(F), that is a high temperature, [lauren] that’s how the batter gets sshk! nice and stuck and crisp. [lauren] now watch them, okay like this is a guideline, 25 minutes at 450(F) [lauren] flipping halfway through. [lauren] your oven may vary but it needs to be hot, [lauren] if it’s not hot enough, then these are just gonna sit, get soggy, [lauren] and the batter’s gonna stick, you know, that can sometimes happen. [john] we’re not lukewarm for food, we’re not cold for food, [lauren] we’re hot for food! [john] goodbye, have fun, we’ll miss you! [john] for this recipe, we just veganize how they make real buffalo wings, [john] which is, are you ready for this? [john] butter, and hot sauce. [john] so, vegan butter and hot suace. [lauren] i can’t even eat these, they’re too hot for me, i need to mix barbeque sauce with hot sauce. [lauren] so you can do that, and you’re gonna melt the butter, [lauren] and heat it with the hot sauce just till it gets melted and heated through, [lauren] and leave it off the heat until your wings are done baking the first round. [lauren] so for the salt and vinegar, you just melt the butter, [lauren] and you add it to the bowl with three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar [lauren] and a tablespoon of water. [lauren] you can even have like, if you’re gonna do different batches, [lauren] you can have different bowls of all your sauces ready to go [lauren] and as soon as those wings have come out of the oven, [lauren] after 25 minutes, then you toss them in the sauce and then you bake them again for 25 minutes. [lauren] and now for the salt and vinegar, you do the same thing. [lauren] and you’re also gonna add a little bit of salt now that they’re coated. [lauren] and if you want you can do a little pepper too. [lauren] back in the oven for another 25 minutes. [lauren] wooah kay, these are ready! [john] those look phenomenal. [john] oh my gosh, i just wanna eat it. [lauren] well, they’re really hot and we’re gonna make a nice looking platter for everyone to see [lauren] so right before you serve the wings, [lauren] you should still have a little bit of sauce left in your bowl, [lauren] toss them, or just sprinkle them with the rest of the sauce. [lauren] cos it’s gonna add more flavor and make em glisten [lauren] and don’t forget your ranch dip! [lauren] it’s really easy to make, and the recipe is in the link in the description below [lauren] there you have cauliflower wings, three ways. [lauren] barbeque, hot and salt and vinegar. [lauren] click the link in the description below for the full recipe [lauren] for all the wings and for the ranch dip [lauren] aand if you like this video, share it! [john] oh yea, awesome, okay good [lauren] follow us on twitter and instagram @hotforfood, [lauren] we’ll see you guys every wednesday, right here so subscribe! [lauren] bye! [lauren] here comes the plane! [lauren] check out our cool vegan friend, jenny mustard, make our super guacamole recipe in her vegan inspo series. [lauren] and if you like the cauliflower wings, [lauren] you’re gonna be obsessed with our buffalo cauliflower sandwich.

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