Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s New Items, July 2018 – New Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s New Items, July 2018 – New Fast Food

Hello and welcome to new fast-food we’ve got a lot of fast food news today including some new items available at Carl’s jr and Hardee’s and we talked a little bit on my last episode about the return of the sliders I’ve got way more details on those. Plus there’s new items that haven’t been discussed yet We’re going to talk about it all plus Taco Bell is throwing parties at some of their restaurants to attract new employees and Chick-fil-a is getting rid of one of their items. Are you gonna care? If you’re new here, be sure to hit that subscribe button. Plus you’ll also want to hit that notification bell So therefore you’ll always be notified when I release new episodes and before we get into the news for today, I do want to mention that yesterday was McDelivery Day. We talked about it in my last episode I was able to take advantage of it It worked a little bit differently than I would have hoped You’re not able to – when you place your order you weren’t able to choose which of the McDelivery items you wanted to receive you basically just selected that you wanted something from the McDelivery collection and then it was sort of a surprise when it showed up. You can see actually the the bag is taped shut so actually the uber driver I didn’t even know what was gonna be inside of each bag but I did get lucky I got I guess what I really wanted, which was the Classic white t-shirt. I actually got really lucky because it actually happens to be in my size And I actually placed two orders through McDonald’s So the the second one that came I got one of the Big Mac pop sockets. So this was actually the Item that I least wanted I got this phone I get the item that I most wanted and the item that at least wanted So what I’m actually planning on doing is giving this away to one of my viewers So stay tuned to the end of the episode We’ll talk a little bit more about how I plan to give away the Big Mac pop socket from the make delivery day Collection also you’ll want to stick around in the episode. I’ll do a little bit of an unboxing or Unbagging as you will of this of this t-shirt. There is some kind of Placard in here or something that is has, you know, I can’t tell what it says. It has got some writing on it though It’s underneath the t-shirt. I’ll Show that off I’ll show off with the full t-shirt Looks like you’ll see what it looks like in person and I will be wearing this to work today So that’s pretty cool with that. Let’s jump right into the news and we’re gonna start by talking about Carl’s jr. And Hardee’s They actually they’re both bringing back the sliders, but they’re bringing them back in a little bit different ways. Let’s talk about Carl’s jr First because the Carl’s jr. It’s not actually both restaurants. It’s not just about the sliders There’s something a little bit different at both of those restaurants at Carl’s jr. They’re celebrating their 77th anniversary And so what they’re doing for that that’s a handful of restaurants literally only five restaurants They’re doing a cupcake mosaic. That is to celebrate the 77th anniversary of Carl’s jr If you just want to check them out, and then the Carl juniors in Salt Lake City Spokane, Idaho Falls and Boise, Idaho Are doing special promotions where you can get seventy seven cent fries 77 cents famous stars and 77 cents drinks. I’m actually not sure about all the details for that promotion So you may want to if you live in one of those cities call ahead find out when they’re doing these $0.77 promotion and then of course like I discussed last week Carl’s jr Along with Hardee’s are bringing back the sliders more the more details that have emerged in fact the sliders should now be available at most restaurants is if they’ve only brought back the single and double sliders a triple slider is no Longer available at least not as they menu item you can probably still add an extra patty to that for some up charge of some of some kind but to get the Single and double and they’ve raised the price on them They used to be $1 for the single and there’s dollar fifty for the double They’re now a dollar twenty-five For the single and dollar 75 for the double and I’m not a fan of the price increase I can tell you I was already not a fan of them charging a dollar for a slider when a lot of Fast-food restaurants will charge you a dollar for a full size burger. I already thought that that was sort of weird And so now that they’ve actually raised the price value wise, I don’t think that this Carl’s jr Sliders are a great deal. Especially when you consider. The double is a dollar seventy five So you’re paying dollar seventy five for a double slider? Which of course is a much smaller than a regular burger whereas at? McDonald’s for a quarter more for two dollars. You can get a bacon double cheeseburger so it is hard to recommend a Double slider for a dollar seventy-five and for a quarter more you can get a full size double burger cheeseburger with bacon and you know and McDonald’s one is even a little bit of a price because you used to be able to get that same Double-a McDouble without the bacon throw me a dollar So the $2 bacon McDouble actually sounds like a great deal Compared to these dollar 75 double sliders in reality. The bacon McDouble is in the great deal of agin wit. So I Really value eyes. I can’t recommend the the sliders at Carl’s jr and we’ll get into Hardee’s next because they have a new type of slider that I’m not sure that I can recommend those either so so let’s jump over Hardee’s now Hardee’s is also bringing back the the cheeseburger sliders There’s their price the same way that they are at Carl’s jr What’s different about Hardee’s is that they are actually offering breakfast sliders as well They sell them two for $2.99. So basically a buck fifty each And at first I kind of thought that that sounded like a good deal But then the more I thought about it the more I thought you know parties is trying to sell to breakfast sliders for $2.99 Basically to breakfast sliders for three dollars, but they also offer two full size breakfast sandwiches for four dollars So I really can’t they say that the breakfast sliders are a good deal either When for a dollar more you can get two full sized breakfast sandwiches and the two four for breakfast sandwiches that they offer are really good sandwiches They have the the Frisco breakfast sandwich, which is on sourdough bread and they have they’re made from scratch biscuit sandwiches So I really can’t recommend The breakfast sliders two for three dollars as a good deal. I really, you know, I see for Carl’s jr and Hardee’s I See where they must love these people like yeah sliders that’s only a good deal for a slider without really considering that the other the you know at a fast-food restaurant that Really isn’t a very good price for a slider that that’s a would be a good price for a full-size Sandwich the breakfast sliders, they come in two varieties the sausage and bacon. They’re two for three dollars You may want to go out and try them, but I can’t recommend them as a good value. I’m sorry that I can’t but Hardee’s may redeem themselves here with they have honey butter bitch sandwiches These are also new at Hardee’s. These are basically their breakfast sandwiches their butt biscuit breakfast sandwiches, which of course Hardee’s biscuits along with Carl’s jr. Are made from scratch every morning So they take their their biscuit sandwiches and they put this honey butter sauce on them so those if you’re going for breakfast that would actually be something that I would rather try is these honey butter biscuits they don’t have eggs and cheese on them But they have meat and this honey butter sauce and you can actually get these in the bacon the sausage or the chicken So yeah, if I was going for breakfast and that would be where I would focus so Carl jr Hardee’s, you know they had this whole thing we’ve been talking about it all year where there have been trying to separate out the Brands, and they have done that a little bit here you can tell if they put a much larger focus in their Hardee’s restaurants on the breakfast side of The promotion oh, and that’s because we’ve talked about this before as well Hardee’s does almost half of their business during breakfast time, which I find absolutely mind-boggling But the executives over there at Carl’s jr Hardee’s have finally realized that and they’re putting more of their attention on the Hardee’s side towards breakfast I think that that is a great move on Their part and it’s also a good business move at least and to bring back these sliders and that they’re selling for what I consider way overpriced Alright next if I want to talk about something that’s going on at Taco Bell at least at a handful of Taco Bell’s and that’s That they’re throwing hiring parties and an effort to hire new employees so what they’re saying is that Unemployment. Is that pretty much all time lows And that’s that’s meant that turnover at a lot of fast food restaurants has been very high, you know a highest point they’ve seen in a decade and so in order to Attract new employees and to keep new employees happy they’re throwing these hiring parties There’s for a taco bell’s in Indiana that have already started doing this and basically what it is this set aside a date and time When they invite anybody in to what they call these hiring parties they have free food available there’s a games people can play and then do on-the-spot interviews to hire new employees and then They say they’re giving them a signing bonus in the form of Taco Bell gift cards So signing bonuses are no longer reserved for just superstar athletes now Taco Bell employees Can hold out for a signing bonus as well? you may want to bring your Agent with you to these Taco Bell hiring parties to make sure you get the biggest signing bonus that you can Just get in. Anyways, this sounds super cool You know that they’re having a hiring parties at Taco Bell, but in reality, it’s not all that much different than just you know walk on interviews and there’s already a lot of fast-food restaurants that do walk-on interviews, but they you know, They have I see a lot of times a sign post in a store where hey come back on Thursday from 5 to 6 and we’ll just interview on the spot anybody who walks in gets an interview So it’s not a whole lot different from that They’re offering free food and games and signing bonuses But besides that it’s pretty much the same as walk-on interviews, which a lot of restaurants already Do these hiring parties are going on in? Indiana at Taco Bell’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more Taco Bell’s across the country Start having these hiring parties as well All right, and last up today chick-fil-a is getting rid of one of their items it is not a menu item It is their annual calendar that they release each year that has the cows on it sir their annual Chick-fil-a cow calendar. They’ve been doing it for 20 years But they say this year the 2019 calendar is gonna be the last one that they’re gonna do and these cow calendars are cool I did enjoy seeing the new artwork that they would come out with for them each year I’ve never actually bought one of them So I must say that I’m probably contributing to the reason why they’re getting rid of these You know, I think the overall reason is just nobody uses calendars anymore. You know, everyone’s got a calendar on their phone So no one uses wall calendars anymore. I think that That’s the main reason why they’re getting rid of these and you know You’ll see articles pop up all over the Internet saying that people are furious that they’re getting rid of these cow calendars I’m not buying it you know, I think that you know There are people obviously they do buy these calendars and they’re not going to be happy about it. But I think the majority of people Don’t buy these calendars just because not because they’re terrible calendars. But because people don’t buy calendars anymore and so I think the majority of people are just gonna either you know, You shouldn’t be indifferent to the fact that they’re getting rid of these cow calendars. Of course. Nobody’s happy about it You’re not going to see any tweets people saying man, they’re finally getting rid of those cow calendars. So happy about that So, of course, there’s no people voicing that opinion online So the only opinions that people are voicing online are you know, very negative and they don’t want to see the calendars go away I’d be curious to find out what you guys the fast-food foodies and drive-thru cuties. Think about this. Did you like calendars? Did you buy them if you like them, did you buy them? I’m curious to find out what your guys’s take on the calendar situation is And then finally I didn’t I didn’t mention this again the episode I would do an Unbagging of my Mick delivery day haul about the this t-shirt that I was able to get and like I said I was very lucky that I got the item that I wanted and it just happened to come in my size So let’s go ahead and get in here I will hold it up here so you can see the bag rip it open here and out come the t-shirt and like I said, there is something else in here some kind of Cardboard plaque or something and I’ll show you what that is. So Unfurl it here there is there’s that there’s the t-shirt just as expected. It is a Gildan shirt so not the highest quality, but you know it was free And actually I was hoping it would say something on here, but it actually maybe I can open it up here Let’s see. So here’s what it looks like on the on the outside and then let me I know I should tear this off right now And See what it says here on the inside. You’ll see it before I do here looks like it’s just some maybe some care instructions No, it says at McDonald’s we’re changing for the better McDonald’s via ubereats is transforming the way the world enjoys McDonald’s by delivering your favorite foods to you no matter where you are Make delivery is all about making life’s everyday moments a little more fun and delicious and what’s more fun than the revival of everything 90s? Because your lorem active delivery customer Here’s a limited edition piece from our second make delivery collection This retro item is the perfect accessory for your mik delivery moment, whether you’re at work staying in or somewhere in-between Share how you’re enjoying your share how you’re enjoying today is make delivery day Moment using hashtag Mik delivery day, and then it also has the same thing It looks like in in German maybe, um You know if you guys know what the language that is, it looks like German But I’m not I’m not sure and then it looks like down here It’s got the same thing in maybe Chinese I think and then down here that looks like Spanish so I Don’t know if they use the same plaque in the same card in different countries Or if they just think that those are the top four Languages spoken in America of their their biggest fans, so not sure about that But here I’ll sure I’ll let me take this little plastic thing out and I’ll hold the shirt up one more time No ass actually stand up with Logo and Cool, so I’m also gonna talk about this pop socket this is the other item that I received in my ammok delivery day haul and This you know this like I said isn’t the item that I was least excited about So I’ve decided to give it away to one of my viewers and I’m going to do that in my 50th video which is coming up a week from now, so This is the 48 episode of new fast food Which means a week from now will be the 50th episode and there’ll be more details in that episode about How to win this McDonald’s pop socket for your cell phone and just because I’m not interested you know doesn’t mean that it’s a bad item, you know, I obviously pop sockets are very popular because they’re still around they have been ravenna been around for three or four years and They’re still around so obviously people do like them if you’re one of those people that likes pop sockets and wants One for your phone or wants a new one for your phone. I’ll be giving away this lumen Edition Big Mac one my 50th episode of new fast food Which is one one week from the day make sure to tune in for full details on how you can receive this I am so looking forward to that 50th episode so That’s enough out of me. Now. It’s up to you to continue the conversation down below I want to know were you able to take advantage of Mick delivery day and get one of these? Items that was available. I know that The mukhda livery day was available at a lot of restaurants, but not all restaurants I did hear some feedback already from some of my viewers that there were no participating restaurants in their area So let me know. Were you able to take advantage of it and if you did Which item did you get it was a surprise that I get there was a there was no Choosing which item that you were gonna get so it was always a surprise when the when the Bag came what was gonna be inside and I must admit I was I was so excited as soon as the bags came You know before I could even say goodbye to the delivery person I would had the bag open and was you know, pulling it pulling everything I was so excited when my bag came To find out what I was going to get and I was so excited that I got the t-shirt that I wanted to so That was awesome. Thank you very much for watching. If this is your first time here consider subscribing We talked about fun stuff like this twice a week. I release new videos every Tuesday and Friday and you can watch more right now

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  1. Congrats on getting the shirt you wanted. I enjoyed the sliders first time around but the price increase is really unappealing. Have a great weekend Bryan! 🙂

  2. I'm pissed about the cow calendars disappearing. Gonna make Christmas shopping so much more difficult this year.

  3. Honey Butter I Need Those Hardee’s Biscuits… I’m wondering if Taco Bell Need a Dj for the Hiring Party… As far as the calendars from Chick-Fil-A I didn’t even know that had them lol. As long as that keep those delicious chicken sandwiches who cares about the date lol..

  4. Thats insane for a slider. It was good last time with happy hour for 1 $ double sliders. I want western bacon sliders. Yum.

  5. I'm from the Netherlands but somehow I still find these entertaining to watch. In other words you are doing a great job. 🙂

  6. Didn't do the McDelivery day. Kind of regret it. I do like the calanders they always had great coupons inside of them and entertaining at the same time. Great show Bryan. JAX ACDC

  7. I hadn’t heard of it unfortunately. But why didn’t you show the shirt then cut to you wearing it the rest of the video?

  8. Eh Hardees I'm not a fan. It's been many years since I've been to one. The Chick-fil-a calendars I hate to see them go. I've gotten a calendar for the past 10 years, I've loved the coupons in them. McDelivery I didn't participate, I was busy working.

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