Cameron Dallas Will Eat Literally Anything | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

Cameron Dallas Will Eat Literally Anything | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

– If it’s a tarantula or something weird that, I swear! Yo! No! No, yo! (chuckles) (bleep) that! No! (techno music) Hey everybody! I’m Cameron Dallas and today Men’s Health is gonna be having me try disgustingly healthy, sustainable snacks. It gets worse as you go down. If I don’t wanna try one, then I have to answer a question. No one’s ever done all of ’em! My mission is to eat all of ’em, so let’s see how well I do. Lupini shack? I don’t know what that is, but, (scraping) (foreboding music) (chewing) Okay! This bean tastes like, it was soaked in salty, like urine! (screeching) (laughing) (swooshing) Mushroom jerky. (scraping) Here we go! (foreboding music) (chewing) Is this vegan? That’s not bad! (clanking) (scraping) (chuckles) Is pretty good, what is this? (whooshing) The Protein Ball. All right! So, this is a easy one. I feel like I would eat this with ease. It’s good. Got that one outta the way. It’s like, sticky. This one’s starin’ me
down and I don’t like it! (scraping) I don’t like it whatsoever! (whooshing) Kelp jerky. Wow! Should be good. (suspenseful music) Kelp’s actually not that bad. I like kelp. (suspenseful music) I like seaweed. I like Oreos. I really like sandwiches. You know, turkey sandwiches. They’re pretty good. (chomping) Okay, we’re gonna move on to this thing. (action music) Ooh, it’s hot! Mushroom coffee! Yo! This is like some psychedelic thing. Just one gulp. Is that good? (foreboding music) (gulping) No, it doesn’t taste that bad. Tastes like raisins. Oh, we have a cricket. Yeah! Salt n’ vinegar dried crickets. I don’t know if you guys
know those little candies that have like scorpions
and crickets in it? I’ve had one of those before, they taste like sunflower seeds. (suspenseful music) (crunching) Yum! (crunching) Cool! (scraping) We got past that one. I’m goin’ all for it! Wait, if that was crickets, what is it? Roasted original worm bites. Ooh, meal worms? (clanking) I think I’ve had these before. (upbeat music) I don’t know if you guys
have ever tried these, but they taste like, (upbeat music) hay. Taste like dried hay. (crunching) They’re actually not bad. You wanna try one? No? ‘K. This is the last one. If it’s a tarantula or something weird that, I swear! Yo! No! No, yo! (laughing) A giant water bug? (thundering) (bleep) that! No! (scraping) (melancholy music) If I ate this, I would be a legend! Poor guy! (sad music) (laughing) This is healthy for you? (laughing) (pounding) But like, what about like, like, like, how, like dirty it is, or like? (sighing) (foreboding music) (chewing) (crunching) (suspenseful music) (chewing) I’m gonna be the first one do all of ’em. (suspenseful music) (gagging) That’s really good. (chiming) Yo, I don’t know! I don’t know what that taste like! (laughing) (slurping) (clanking) (laughing) (upbeat music) Yo, I did it! First one! I did that! I told ya I was gonna do it! So, there we have it! I’m trying sustainable snacks. I just ate a water bug. I’m feeling great! Ya know? ‘M gonna take on the day! (upbeat music) If you want more videos like this, subscribe to Men’s Health YouTube channel and I’ll see you guys later. (upbeat music)

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  1. No one:
    Still no one:
    I promise you no one:

    YouTube: wAtCh ThIs IrReLaVeNt PeRsOn EaT a BeAtLe

  2. Cameron, then don't be surprised if no girl would like to kiss you ahahahah

    of course, besides your mum
    mother's love is greater than that ugly  GIANT WATERBUG!
    OMG, how could you? It was huge!

  3. anyone else that came here from the drama ☕️.. ugh camron is fucking amazing throwing water has nothing to do with homopobia. Okay he made a mistake so what it has nothing to do with being homophonic.

  4. Guys cameron dallas is homophobic he threw a drink at a gay person during a party. What a homophobic peice of shot i hope he goes to hell

  5. He made his return back to YouTube. Wish he could just be normal again and be the YouTuber he is instead of trying to be professional music 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. All y'all be like he's so hot and shit, but he's just a dick, he's a fuckboy. That's what he is

  7. Through the years he starts to look like Shawn Mendes more and more… or is that just me.🤷‍♀️😂

  8. I want to punch his face so hard after that arrest, oh I was doing it to protect myself my ass

  9. Ok so you know those giant waterbug things? Heres a story. Im on my school dance team, and before the year started, we had to try on dance clothes to get fitted. I was trying on the hoodies, and when i lifted the hoodie up to put ot on, a HUGE ASS waterbug was underneath it. I screamed and threw the hoodie… Embarassing lmao

  10. Cameron out of nowhere : “ I like kelp ,l like seaweed ,I like Oreos, I really like sandwiches ,you know turkey sandwiches they’re really good.”

  11. Cameron doesn't seem to be a picky person. In most of the eating interviews he eats the stuff even if it is insects. Lmao😂😂

  12. How does mushroom coffee taste like raisins! It must have raisins in it! How does he know what dried hay taste like! He probably has ate it before! When he said "I'm going to be the first one to finish all of these!" and he almost threw up but he ate it! He is cute! 🙂

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