Burger King Pulled Pork King Sandwich – A Little Saucy? – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

Burger King Pulled Pork King Sandwich – A Little Saucy? – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

hello and good day this is trip welcome
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to read comments too today we’re looking at the Burger King pulled pork king
sandwich Burger King says that it’s a it features
a savory tender pulled pork topped with crispy onions crunchy pickles and hot
and spicy barbecue sauce all then are toasted sesame seed bank we’re going to find out package I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit on the
messy side this is it let’s take a look inside you can see there this has
several pickles in it that’s these onions which you I don’t know
Christopher going to be because you have to cost them a lot for the fact that you
know between the drive the drive home under the restaurant that they will be a
slight mushy factor at all I would also divide it in half and maybe show you a
cross-section pathway have you like my shirt I only buy shirts when the others
get missed I mean you know worn out I don’t never
get to mr. Winsett boo I want there you know you need to be
saving your learning we all do we live in good times but I mean you know really
knows my fingers already kind of missing here’s a cross section there’s the barbecue it’s got way too
much sauce on it just as I figured get the tickles you can’t see it too much of
the onions from there can you no that’s for the barbecue looks a little better
than I thought to do it gets cool let’s give this puppy a try it doesn’t sound
very nice to us let’s give this sandwich a try don’t have to consume this with a knife
in the fork hmm by the way this is a newer item at
Burger King he’s been out for maybe three months or even more but I wanted to review it for certain
reasons okay what can you say about it damn it you mr. Sun sweetie I was
prepared to really hate just this sandwich from what I’d seen commercials
it does have too much sauce to me no doubt about that it’s a better flavor
than I expected though after the honest value but is not as hot as hot and spicy
that’s the I had say I didn’t find it a hot at all
maybe a tad spicy maybe more of a little tart taste yes yes they call it pulled
pork it’s really kind of shredded pork I might have liked for the pieces to know
I’ve been shredded so much you know too much sauce it is a little bit squishy
but they’re not to factor in the fact that it it was about a 15-minute drive
to get that get that bag to my little room here to review it so I try to
factor that in if you’re eating it right through and premises it wouldn’t be
nearly as you know messing the sauce was out was was really kind of sweet real
sweet I would to say the meat was smokier than I thought that
it would be so that’s a good thing right it’s a nice quantity to it I mean it’s
kind of feeling of course is feeling for me someone you have a smaller than I am it’s really a better taste than I
thought that he would be can’t really taste the pickles too much once in a
while you’ll you know when you bite into mine can’t taste the onions at all
really the ban was fresh
the sesame-seed bun’ it was a good tastes a little bit spicier now as I get
into it more about the way I did inquire can you get it without the sauce can you
just get sauce on the side and apply as much as you as you want to individually
they told me no it it comes like this already and prepared that’s not an
option I still have the other half which I will
plan to have later on when I was Brittany further I already tell you I don’t know if it’s the same around the
country but it cost six dollars and 15 cents with tax just like it was about
five dollars in 89 cents without the tax just for the basics there’s a sandwich or just not a warning it’s just notes it
if you have certain there are certain allergens like weed the nutritional information 696 nine
zero calories yes sir I don’t care about calories
I can’t gain weight that way the same isn’t high scope and most people don’t
twenty five grams of fat I’ve seen some recent evidence or studies that that fat
is not as bad as they thought that it was it’s saturated fat and it has a nice
six grams of saturated fat it hasn’t oh great zero zero grams of
trans fat 1190 milligrams of sodium well that’s low there’s a lot of sodium
which actually it’s okay for me because in the last few months I found out that
my sodium is too low so the first time in 20 years I usually enjoy putting salt
on something I would avoid anything with salt before now I can put salt and
french fries mmm delish 82 grams of carbs 34 grams of sugar that’s a pretty
good bit 3 grams of fiber not much on that 35 grams of protein ok
so there we have it that’s the Burger King pulled pork king sandwich so in my very simple rating schedule of
either pass/fail or exceeds expectations kinda like my appraisals at work I’ve
prepared before he had tried this to fail it but I would give it a pass based
on the standards of if the standards of fast food they’ll say it’s barely a pass
so give it a try to me what you think about it maybe already have tried it I’d
like to know and one other thing that the video is I’m not wearing headphones
I’m trying to get a cold turkey on that where did that come from cold turkey
I’m trying to get by without using the the headphones and see if I can go
through this thing to me the headphones I I really love them they’re they’re
kind of like a security blanket I kind of decided that I feel a good maneuver I
wear them it’s more of a self enclosed world so we’ll see how that goes i you
make up a little bit of slack I hope that the sound comes out okay that’s
right ask you to be not to judge middle this time as I as I see how this is
going and this is the third video that I’ve made in the in the spare room my daughter’s bedroom well I mean if she
didn’t want me to make a video she shouldn’t look telling right never
that’s okay she ain’t graduated out of college and all that that’s that’s good
so have you enjoyed this and this is trip
and I wish you the very best hope you have a really good week good I’ll drink
to that

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  1. The shirt looks nice! I love the color white because it’s one of the only ones I can actually see (I’m colorblind). However, I have no idea what the colors of the stripes are!

    I hope you’re doing well Trippe, another great video!

  2. I love sandwiches with lots of sauce honestly, not sure why, I feel there’s more taste haha, but yay another video!!

  3. Another fabulous video. You should do a food battle asmr, Taco Bell taco versus the new Burger King taco. Just an idea. Have a great week.

  4. I live in Belgium and we're one of the last western European countries to get Burger King restaurants. Last year the first one opened but it was located an hour away from where I live,there aren't any close to where I live (yet), the closest one is half an hour away.(sorry if my sentences aren't fully grammerly correct,English isn't my first language.)

  5. I love your honesty and manners in these videos.
    Love the video in general i almost fell asleep but i really wanted to comment😁
    P.S. Love the shirt it looks good on you.👍

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