Braised Chicken Thighs With Red Rice As Made By Hugh Acheson • Tasty

Braised Chicken Thighs With Red Rice As Made By Hugh Acheson • Tasty

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  3. I was kinda caught up by his thoughts and story on Alzheimer’s more than the food….. Great dish nonetheless! And blessings to the people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease…

  4. I am just wondering why they don't clean all of that yellow skin off of the chicken, I have seen other videos with this yellow skin on there…..??????

  5. Modern medicine is only interested in treating conditions, not cures, there is no money in cures. Alzheimer's is basically Diabetes of the brain, it cant run on Glucose anymore. The brain preferred fuel, is Ketones, not glucose. So if you remove almost all carbs and sugars and move to a fat and protein only diet, it can help tremendously and maybe reverse it. Why are they no studies on this, simple only a drug can treat or cure a decease in America. FACT, there is no ability to make money on this type of treatment and can't be called a cure even if it would works. #medicalindustrialcomplex

  6. Hey tasty plzz try india instant noodles maggi…❤️❤️
    And try to experiment with it🙏🙏
    We would love to watch it

  7. As a fellow Cuban from Havana, whose Abuelo also has Alzheimers, this warmed my heart. Thank you for being vulnerable.

  8. Thank you for sharing about people living with Alzheimer’s. It’s such a wonderful message for anyone feeling isolated in the care of a loved one to take time to nourish yourself and others.

  9. Just a lousy video, guys; he did not say very much at – if anything – about cooking the recipe, he only talked about his father having Alzheimer's. There are other forums for that. From you guys, if you're not going to talk about cooking, don't make a cooking video.

  10. This was deep. Also how heartless do you have to be to dislike this . The recipe itself was amazing in it's simplicity but the story behind it and what it represents is even more meaningful .

  11. Tooop chef,look delicious,please if you can doing the subscriberd to my channel

  12. These days, the only meat I purchase is chicken thighs. I think Costco's offers the most flavorful and the best deal. I needed a new recipe–thanks.

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