Blueberry Cheerios – New Fav Cereal! – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

Blueberry Cheerios – New Fav Cereal! – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

well hey there ladies and gentlemen boys
and girls welcome back to another exciting ASMR dining episode today we’re
going to be having this blueberry cheerios but by the way please subscribe
to my channel and hope you’ll watch videos share them with others and bring
that little bill there to be notified of future videos I think it’s right there
by the subscribe button and if you’re so inclined give my videos a thumbs up and
also invite your comments I’ve been really wanting to try this for a while
blueberry cheerios in fact I was not even going to get into this box here
until I made this video unfortunately that I did and this is what’s left in
the box window and took out a hand tool just like this so I’ve been eating all these Cheerios
and when you lit up the entire box can you see that real close I just didn’t
know Matt left my right on the camera I understand you’re supposed to switch it
videos somehow I don’t know how to do that it’s probably too late to learn
I’ve learned too much already so I’m gonna have to so let’s go to your lemon
lemon take care so I’m looking at the camera and it’s all backwards I don’t
understand see Mike before it wasn’t like that so I don’t know what causes
that so I ran into problems all the time with
his video stuff you know here I go I didn’t forget anything about a couple
years ago hefty your phone’s the headphones don’t
detract I don’t know I like to hear the rock to hear what’s going on where the
with my blue Yeti that special kind of sound that a lot of people use in ASMR
okay I don’t drink a lot of new I picked up the wrong napkins Cesar actually happy birthday napkins don’t use a lot of milk would you like a little bye
there maybe just gonna be them the picture that I’m going to use for the
thumbnail it’s something you’d have they had they trucked all the seals into the
into the bowl they were the milk splashed out there if that’s possible
I don’t know I’ll forgive them that little bit of pathetic photographic
license whether it’s possible or not very good I turn it down over dip in
here and fish out this little tape guys I don’t like that booty to get so strong
doesn’t like strong teeth I think most the time I use the same bag
well use it maybe one more time by the second time it’s more nello there’s
anything out without you said on the Nullah so I don’t put a lot of milk can
you I don’t want to spill without I wish you could join me with this cereal it doesn’t look it has kind of a darker
color a little slightly blue color like like blueberries treybal very good house
beside it we did he see also it’s only the second video I’ve made in
this room using my iPhone instead of my my regular camera the Secretary has forgotten my G hmm I’ll let the tea back there a little
bit too long it’s a wee bit too strong but it’s it’s okay there’s the last of
my teeth bags I use my fingers to push the cereal onto the spoon I hope you’re
not offended that’s all I’m going to have I would have more but this video
has already run ten minutes and we’ll have low attention to short attention
spans I’m sorry what was I talking about oh yeah sure attention spans I think so
I rather lick in this box over here I’m gonna try to stack the blueberries this
blueberry cereal for the next 24 hours definitely thumbs up on that bleep every
Cheerios I nothing it’s new supposed to be brand new you
didn’t know artificial flavor nope no calories from artificial sources
well have no colors and shit put on like classes get this okay gluten gluten free can help lower cholesterol real possibly
on the back here blueberry prime time can you answer solve the answers for
these clues using words that rhyme with Balu the place to see animals
oh you watching we’re on your feet no socks of course it sounded the cow makes boo a number well this use for yeah I
know you can use your scissors and cut out the cards along the dotted lines mix
them up and lay them facedown flip over two cards to try and make a match
looks like time to do that or not I really like some more cereal better finish those up to find that one
later put this with some you finish these bad
boys off right away I can’t cut along a straight line get your fist to match these things using scissors cut the cards along with
Allah well that’s a bunch of our mix them up
and lay them facedown flip over two cards to try and make a match that’s
what they look like I’ll do this kind of quickly you have to
cut in my hands it seems kind of weird to be sitting and
watching somebody eating a meal and play with little kid stuff
little kids games there’s so much bad stuff in the world you know when I have
a place together I just kind of relax from it all okay these are upside down don’t ever
try to make a match mr. these guys alaa you see them first I only have two left so much for the
easy little kids getting the same okay like I say this is a more
complicated than I thought up so I guess I will call it a day and thank you for
tuning in and I will catch you later peace out

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  1. Hey Trippe! first of all I'm loving your videos so keep it up!
    I've noticed that your most popular videos are the ones that feature fast food meals (such as McDonald's) — so it would be awesome to see more, and it might also be a way to reach more viewers if you review/feature more fast food places (Denny's, Burger King, etc), since that's what most people like watching. It's just a thought though, I want to see your channel grow even more! You're nearly at 3k so you should be very proud of yourself! Love from Australia!

  2. Hi Trippe! The camera flips the image when you are looking at the screen because of the reflective glass inside! When you post the video, your left is right and your right is left! This can be changed when you edit the video which can be done on iMovie or any video editing app! I know this is a lot though, so i just want to say that your videos are great as they are now! Love your channel! -Solaris

  3. 7 more subscribers until 3,000 subscribers Trippe, congratulations in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You think you’re going to make a video on the 30th? I have school on the 31st and I want to get a good nights sleep (which I can easily with you and your videos!)

  5. Hi Trippe, I really enjoy your channel, your videos are very relaxing greetings from Argentina!- Saludos desde Argentina!

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