BIRTHDAY VLOG // Two Instagrammable Restaurant Reviews for Cielo PRLR and Giggling Squid VLOG

BIRTHDAY VLOG // Two Instagrammable Restaurant Reviews for Cielo PRLR and Giggling Squid VLOG

hi guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and
welcome to my channel so in today’s little vlog very little
miniscule vlog we are reviewing the hyped the recently high with a Cielo
Cielo yes yellow parlor okay so this is what we’re doing and obviously we’re
gonna be super honest we’re gonna tell you all the tea we’re gonna show you
around and yeah that’s how it’s gonna go right now but tubers taking me out for
my birthday because somebody didn’t feel like coming to the actual day because
yes I let her off for now taking me out so sort of like a birthday like proper
cake to my face today yeah good I was gonna fuck you Ted I did
proper glam up I just wanted to test all the new makeup on yes and I did my hair
so differently like so really like the hairy look and like I thought after I
got the surgery I was like you know what I’m not gonna be shy about having my
hair up anymore so I’m like I’m gonna do my thing I’m also wearing a new
foundation the was it cool whether you ordered isn’t it
yeah Laura Marcia Oh how is the lore about you
laura mercier laura mercier laura mercier and it’s the luminous one you
know at first I was a bit apprehensive I really don’t mind it I don’t think it’s
better than the NARS sheer glow I love it so much I do really like it
like it’s really he is good it’s very cher is like really share like with with
not shake like shit but it’s buildable yeah just really good I finally I find
that it’s really good coverage yeah me too
watch on me too but this one I’ve got three layers on and it’s still like a
little shit in three days oh you can see their wings from over
here he rather almighty me I will you do oh I have no idea which entrance lubbers Oh No the mix trail to be is to some what are
your thoughts nice what did you call me so these are cows to be they are trying it’s really cold
wait let’s do the thing wait wait how do you do it let’s go what the you hollow
deny holiday yeah then we we do the arms raging thing
only I lost my straw man as did I beat myself and you can choose you but we
don’t like that straw very different you’re just breathing
strong yes was it very different to yours yeah mine’s really sweet in comparison to
yours I think I like yours better it’s so sweet comparison after tasting
your than it takes your mind again on my world my tea is like a sugar factory I
am like wearing blue bottom liner right now and I’m just like OMG anyways I just
wanted to tell you guys after I came back from CeeLo I was so freaking tired
like so so tired that I just I couldn’t pick up the camera anymore but I did
want to tell you guys that after I finished getting ready for today it is a
different day and we’re heading to giggling squid so let this part of the
vlog hi guys so we are heading to the giggling squid for a Hannah’s birthday
so I think we’re gonna are we were doing a little review go away yeah oh it’s Thai food yeah it’s time yeah
okay so Thai food we are munching it’s not
halal by the way so I’m gonna be on a little seafood vibe and the girl yeah
bye Ian do you guys okay we’re here noodle all right does for these a vegetable say they are duck
spring Grove’s prawns chili prawns chicken wings in this evening thank you hi guys I’m home now so I know this vlog
has been kind of like a stop istari kind of vlog and my vlogs are normally like
this is very like seamless and transitional and stuff but I wanted to
take you guys along with me to those two restaurants which was the ceelo P R & R
I think it stands for parlour and giggling squid I’m like a proper
restaurant kind of gal like especially when I was in uni I’m just always in
restaurants and things like that so I figured why not give you guys a review
and things so yeah I went to restaurants in this blob we just got back from
giggling squid right now and it’s kind of really expensive like my main was so
I ordered the stir fry as I told you guys and that was 1199 without without
the noodles so that’s just like like you know when you get a curry and then you
have to get rice with it for example that it’s called stir fry and I got the
stir fry prawns that was just 11 something 95 or something on its own and
then the noodles that I bought with it which were also stir-fry but they looked
up a list from but they looked so freakin pale like they hadn’t seen a
stir-fry wok ever in their life that was like 595 and then together that was like
a lot for one meal that looked like it wasn’t worth that much so I’m a bit
bummed about the price the food was okay like it was just kind of standard like
it wasn’t like oh my god this is amazing the aesthetic of the restaurant was
really nice actually it was very pretty like if you’re like one of those people
that love an aesthetic place then for sure I think you would definitely like
giggling squid in that sense it’s not halal by the way so I didn’t have any
like chicken or anything I just had two prawns and ordered myself a mocktail
from there so that’s pretty much that and the ceelo was say hello or however
you say it I’ve been seeing that all over Instagram like I’ve been seeing
everywhere and everyone taking the pic that typical picture as you saw in this
um now that picture with the wings and stuff it was good like the service was
okay it was quite decent again the aesthetic she’s was kind of expensive
definitely on the expensive side the food was okay like it wasn’t too hard to
get there the parking is a bit rubbish but the man
said that they’re gonna get like a valet and all of that in the next few weeks I
believe I don’t know if that’s true or not but that’s what the guy said I don’t
know when that’s gonna happen and all of that but that’s what I think he was the
manager but he said that they’re gonna get like parking and valet and all of
that stuff so yeah but when we when parking was a bit rubbish like we parked
in front and you know how normally there is like a thing where it’s like after
6:00 after 6:30 or something like that then parking is free after this time did
it it wasn’t like that it was like a 24-hour thing so every hour that you
were there you have to pay for that hour and I know people get bothered about
parking and stuff at giggling squared parking was fine there was a parking
place there and after 6:30 is free so yeah it does get busy though so we’re
giggling squared if you want to go there I would book in advance because we only
had that table for two hours so I would book in advance if you do want to go to
the googling squared and with cee-lo it was really empty when we went we went on
like a Tuesday it was like a middle of the week kind of thing like very cash it
was kind of empty but my friend went recently she said it was super super
busy where she went so I
she went on a different day though she probably went on a busier day so yeah
that’s pretty much all that I have to say that pretty much completes this
video I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did don’t forget to like this video
subscribe if you haven’t already what are you doing if you have not hit that
subscribe button yeah don’t forget to share this with all your family and
friends and follow me on Instagram and snapchat if you haven’t already as well
and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. You should do a video about restaurant that are actually worthy not just instagramable (as they often are not worth going to i think 🙂 ) I think Restaurants in Luton,MK and St Albans are so worth the money although they might not be as ascetic they can be so good for the price.

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