BIGGEST BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY EVER! 2019 (iPad, School Supplies Haul, Makeup)

BIGGEST BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY EVER! 2019 (iPad, School Supplies Haul, Makeup)

hey guys I am so excited today because we are back doing another huge back-to-school giveaway and this is actually the largest the biggest giveaway I've ever done I do these giveaways every single year and I always have a ton of fun especially shopping for it I'm giving away a ton of cute back-to-school supplies and high-end makeup Instax Mini camera and an Apple iPad this year I'm giving away over a hundred items over $1400 worth of prizes we're gonna have a total of three winners I'm gonna show you all the stuff that you can win so let's dive in for those of you that are brand new my name is Tina if you haven't already make sure to hit subscribe and tap the little about for notification to let you know when new videos come out or when I do other giveaway videos like this and typically on my channel I do videos on how to save money every single week how to make your dollar stretch so if you like saving money this is a good channel to follow and if you like large giveaways like this let me know in the comments below including other prize ideas that you would like to win so that I can gather ideas for future giveaways in order to win you must use the link in the description box where it says enter here there's no other way to enter please do not DM me on Instagram or snapchat thank you if you're watching this from mobile and you're not sure where to find the link look for the little down triangle in this corner click on it to expand to find the link the link is the only way to enter so use that this giveaway is open internationally so you can win from anywhere in the world you do need to be 13 years or older and the winner will have everything shipped to you completely free so one person will win a free Apple iPad just like in previous years I love the rose gold this is the 32gig Apple iPad and now we're gonna have two winners that's gonna win one of everything that I'm gonna show you first off we have these Starbucks tumblers I call them the unicorn tumblers this is a special edition for 2019 that is literally sold out everywhere I was able to hunt a bunch of them down I just love how I love the texture of it and it makes me feel really fancy I have one of these myself and I just wanted to make sure to include this in the giveaway look how pretty this is look at it Sparkle I love it I love how it feels in my hand and it encourages me to drink water so we're gonna need backpacks for back-to-school so I picked my favorite this is my favorite print I know in the past I always have the pineapple and I almost got the pineapple again but I love this print and I also got a pink one so I'm gonna make three ring glitter binders look how pretty I wish I had these when I was in school and then the inside has these inner pockets which are nice even if you're not in school you can use them and to go with your binder and no need to go out to get paper I got some packs of paper to go with it and I love a good planner that feels really good in your hand this is a 2019 2020 day planner it's got this cover that feels really good in your hands and it opens like nice and flat and I got one for each winner it does feel good I'm a huge fan of these letter boards too that's been really popular lately and you'll see like on Instagram people would put inspirational messages so you can put this over your desk of course I got two of them 24 pack gel pens every backpack needs Gilpin's I need gel pens and then we have some cute pencil organizers that opens up really nicely and we have one for each person has got a pocket on the outside for like coins and loose things and then you can put your pencils in here they all line up and then we got some cute pencils with kind of fun sayings on them written and gold and then some colored pencils and of course you're gonna need pencil sharpeners in your with your pencils and your pencil holder basically I got things that I wanted to have and that I wish I had when I was in school and then these cute little mini highlighters they are so cute they're like they like like chubby little and we got some sticky notes got some it's normal size but I love the color it's like mermaid ish and in these little post-it notes to two different sizes that one for one for each person I wish I'd you had to like juggle that what that would like be fun that I can like juggle and then we have some staplers I love this color and matching scissors it's got like a it's like a tiffany blue of course I got one hold all of these and we got some cute small binder clips I love these they're so pretty and they would be good even if you're not in school and we're gonna need some paper clips these are gold finish classic gold finish paper clips really fancy and then we got some document envelopes these are plastic envelopes with a button closure and it comes in three different colors I do love this powder pink and of course we have two of them and we got some floral print filing folders how many are there in here there's 12 count and there's one there's three different designs there are different florals and I love a beautiful clipboard I am a huge fan of clipboards I have clipboards all over my house because I like having checklists this is a really really pretty print and of course we have one for each person everyone can use a clipboard you know I'm saying and then we have some cute like kind of bubble succulent stickers and I found these sticker books it says super totally awesome sticker book with a thousand stickers and then we got more sticky notes with fun prints so this one has a cactus and an avocado so cute and then we have some notebooks I got a little one that you can keep in your purse I like to keep these little notebooks around I like to put like quotes and reminders and just I like to just have paper around with me at all times and then a one subject notebook spiral-bound and of course we got two and I got some cute pop sockets that's got like a sparkle kind of mermaid print to it and if you're not familiar with pop sockets they will change your life I cannot live without my pop socket hello mine's got the same print as this Starbucks mug that we got with some fun magnetic bookmarks super cute print and then we have some triangle cork tiles they are like mini cork boards that you can kind of works as it works as like decoration but you can also like use it as a cork board and put stuff reminders and stuff in pictures on your walls and then I got these cute koozies they are the new prints that just came out and you've got like cactus you've got like tropical leaves and then you've got this fun pineapple print you see it so cute and we have another water tumbler that is in the shape of a pineapple perfect for summer and you might want some makeup to go with back to school we have the Anastasi of Beverly Hills I shadow the soft glam this is so pretty I'm gonna get one of these for myself and I opened it and I was like have it what I love about this palette is it's they're nice earthy tones that you can wear especially if you have similar complexion to me they will look really nice on our skin and then we have the mac cosmetics prep and prime so if you're not familiar with this you can put it on before you put on makeup kind of like a refresher you can also put it afterwards to set your makeup and this is a special edition that came out that has a little bit of a glimmer in it and you can actually have more of a shimmer on face if you like shake the whole bottle before you spray it on that was the tip that they gave me as a Mac store I thought it was kind of cool so it's like a setting spray and we have one of my favorite mascaras the benefit they're real mascara they really make your eyelashes look like fake lashes at least they make them like you get the point mermaid makeup brushes I love these and speaking of mermaids we have some cute cosmetic bags they come in a pack of two there's like a little one in the front you can even use this as like a coin purse this is that mermaid shine and then there's a bigger one in the back that's kind of like iridescent and then we have a pack of impress press-on manicure I love that they also come with a set of like kind of shiny iridescent sparkly for your ring finger and one of each and I got this color because it's more neutral and so it would fit like most of our preferences and then we got a makeup blender every girl can use this and then we got some wet brush detangler brush this is a mini size so perfect for having it in your backpack so that you have it on the go and then we have some yo B brand mini supply kit I love this I had this in last year's giveaway and they are just so freaking cute like you can keep this in your purse it's small enough there's a little scissor a little stapler a little pencil sharpener and a bunch of other small cheap things in there hole punch hole punch a mini hole punch and we have some adorable succulent magnets this will be good in your locker or if you're not in school you can use this on your fridge they are so freaking cute so cute and if you've been with me for some time you know I always like to include the Instax Mini 9 and camera this is one of my favorite things and it's just one of those things that's nice to win it cuz you know it's like kind of pricey to get it but they're so fun and I love pink so I got two pink and I also got a pack of refill film for each cameras okay and then we have some cute stamp markers so you've got stamp one end and then the other end is at markers and then to go with your markers we have more notebooks I love marble print everything I'm all about marble print and I saw this and I had to get it for the giveaway gold and marble that's all you need in some Sparkle and some pink ready to go and we have some adorable Bluetooth speaker that you can have you can hang it there's like a little buckle you can hang it on your backpack if you wanted to and as soon as you run out of power you can use the power bank to charge it you can also use the power bank to charge your cell phones I always have a power bank with me in my bag like at all times I have a few I don't like it when my phone runs out of juice and then we have this pencil case this might look like a normal pencil case but it is amazing like I'm gonna have to go back to the store and get a couple for my kids so it's got a zipper it feels amazing in your hands cuz you know some pencil case they're like really awkward to open and it just doesn't feel good this is like it feels really good in your hands and you can open it like a tray and you can see everything in it you know how I like I don't like pencil cases that kind of fall flat you know it falls flat and then you have the like it's hard to get stuff out this you can set it on your on your desk and you can see what's inside and really easy grab out what you need and again it feels so good in your hands and it's got like a button here so you do have the option of putting this on your backpack if you want it to but yeah I love this plus I love this material and of course we got two one for each person and I have to include these fanny pack cooler bags I love these they came out this year at Target with these and it's basically a fanny pack but it is a cooler inside so if you're going to the beach or going to the park or something you can put some cold drinks in it and snacks and it will stay nice and cold and I got two and I got another letter board I know we did a letter board already but this is on clearance you can never have too many letter boards we can use these and that's it give this video a like and let me know in the comments what are some of the prices that you are excited to win or any other ideas for future giveaways that you want me to include check the link in the description box all the details on how to enter is there and this giveaway is only open for a few weeks so hopefully you catch it in time there are multiple ways to enter so again check the link in the description box for all the details thank you again for being here I will see you in the comments below bye good luck and I got one for each winner

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  1. ❤️ Again, enter using this entry link. There are many ways to enter. ENTER HERE: ➡ ⬅ Good luck everyone! Let me know in the comments below which prizes I should include in the next giveaway? I'll be doing 2 or 3 Back to School Shopping Haul Giveaways this summer. Subscribe and Stay Tuned! This Giveaway #1 ends on Aug 4th, 2019. Winner will be announced on Aug 7th, 2019 after 12pm PST!

  2. I actually really want this Bc I have three sisters and I feel bad for mom for wasting her money on all three of us and I feel like I would save her some ☺️

  3. If I win the apple tablet or the pink jansport backpack I’ll literally have a amazing year. Im a new subscriber but I really look forward to seeing who wins and what other ideas you come up with.

  4. I don't have instagram or Facebook I am going into secondary school i would be surprised if I won as I never get a chance to win a giveaway. I would love to win a iPad and headphones to do my homework .

  5. Oh and love the notebooks and pineapple cups and the speaker with the charger that will be very helpful, and also love the pencil pouches. Love the color pencils and all of the other prizes ❤️❤️😊

  6. Ahh this is so nice of you to do! I’ve been entering giveaways since middle school and I’m about to start college ! I will be donating the items I might not need to my church or my niece and nephew since they are starting kindergarten this year! So many items to just keep to myself it’s better to share!!

  7. Omg I love u and I'm a newbie to your channel and I think what your doing here is really amazing and hopefully I or any body that deserves it wins!!!😊

  8. If I would win I would love the iPad or the Starbucks cup and the planners and all the other fantastic stuff I would be blessed to even win one thing, anyways good luck to everyone and may god bless everyone 😊😇🥰

  9. Please choose me i love your vid so much please please please please please please please please choose me Ms.tina please choose me iam from “Philipines”

  10. Please me beacause iam so glad that if iam the winner please choose me beceuse iam gonna cry if i wiin please please choose me plese plese plese please po please please please choose me please
    Please choose me please”i am from philipines”please choose me please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  11. Wish me luck! I hope to win this giveaway because I fell in love with all the prizes hahaha, sorry my English is very bad.

  12. Hi, Everyone likes your big give away but only 2 person will be win..I wish I am the one that person will win…I wish I get the school supplies to use in school…and in iPad my family can use it an for our education ….
    God bless….Thank you…💖😊
    From: Philippines 🇵🇭💖

  13. THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY IN MY LIFE LITERALLY! I think I am gonna cry if I don't won anything but I think I am gonna cry if I won something. How good logic 😂❤

  14. If i won the ipad it would help me start my YouTube channel need somethong to edit on thats bigger then my phone ❤
    I already entered cant wait 🙌

  15. I just entered i really hope i win. I've been looking for school supplies before it was summer break and i will finally be going to middle school for the first time for real so I've been trying to get stuff that is way different than what i would really get for a fresh start. It would mean the world to me if i win!🙏

  16. I think it’s so amazing that u do this every year. U give people the chance to get amazing things that they may not be able to afford your are an amazing person for this

  17. I found your channel with. This giveaway video but. Now I have fallen in love with your personality and channel. Love from nz

  18. Awesome ! Many cool stuffs are Thier and I really like it.🤗
    I just want to win this give away but let's see.
    It is based on our luck😉

  19. I entered the giveaway and I will be soo soo surprised if I win I been entering your gives away since middle school 7 and finna be a freshman but I really hope I win !!


  21. Hi I’m new I will love to win but I now I will never win but I want to say to everyone good lucky and to the three winners amazing job and for u young pretty women tysm for what u have done for the winners

  22. Thank you so much😘
    For doing this giveaway it is really usefull and good luck to everyone
    It would be a miracle for the person who is going to win the giveaway
    I won't mind if I don't win this giveaway because I am sure there would be someone who needs it more than me.
    Even if I do win my dream came true and I would be super happy. This giveaway is amazing

  23. Done with all the entries! I am so excited 🤩 Also this bag with the palm-details looks sooo good and every school supply because I looove school supplies 😍

  24. Hey, I have subscribed and ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY. And I won’t DM u in ur insta or snap😂and Also I hope u learn to juggle😆😆.i really love ur style.they are just the coolest.plz consider me one of the winner since the place I live in does not have such awesome stuff. And I lived the past 14 years with boring stuff😭😭. So plz help me win the back to school stuff and makeup.plzzzzzzz😍.THANK U!!!!and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!💔

  25. i would love to win the letter boards & an instax camera because i have wanted both for so long. & it would just be awesome to have for finishing up highschool.
    but good luck everyone ♡

  26. Oh my god!All of the stuff r just amazing! I wish I could enter, only if I was 13+..🥺😭🥴

  27. I really wanna win this I never win any giveaways and I’ve been doing it for like 19 years 😂💓😂😂 I enyered

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