43 Replies to “Beyond Meat makes sizzling market debut

  1. sounds great for california feed the homeless.or let me guess,probably not …..youll be taxed so high by your lovely dems.soon there will be clay pattys

  2. I tried beyond meat at Black Bear Diner and it was good. It wasn't as good as meat but better than other fake meat. I tried it at Carl's Jr and it was not good at all. It tasted like fake processed fake meat. I just wanted to taste it and give it a try. I did and I will not be buying anymore. I will stay with meat for my burgers. It will fad out.

  3. yuck, i had the beyond burger at Carls jr and it tastes nothing like meat, just cheap spices…and it doesnt looke like meat when you bite into it

  4. This product comes from California, the sanctuary state with streets full of human excrement and TB stats to die for, er FROM

  5. How exactly is this the world’s first 100% plant based burger?? Meat alternatives have been available for YEARS!!!

  6. Oh? You mean the company located ACROSS the STREET from PLANNED PARENTHOOD?? The ones who swear they don't use human cells to make their mysterious and miraculous "blood"?! Like someone else said, watch Amazing Polly for the scary info behind this. And stay away from it!

  7. I'll never eat this fake crap
    Shouldn't even eat the actual meat in the store either.
    Do yourself a favor and go hunting and fishing. It's great fun and tastes about 1000% better

  8. Sounds great…you can either make a pair of underwear out of it…or…something that you can eat ! That's attractive!

  9. I’ve been eating this for a long time. Very good. Also try Impossible burgers. Those are just in restaurants at this time. Sooo goooood

  10. So many close minded people in the comments. You want to eat meat fine, I do. Having another healthy alternative should be welcomed, not shunned.

  11. I tried the beyond burgers and I thought they tasted good, however for the price I'll stick with my sirloin ground beef burgers.

  12. As a rule of thumb, I think it's unwise to invest in companies that burn through piles of cash every year a won't be able to turn a profit in the foreseeable future. The IPO's this year are reminiscent of the dot com bubble, and it's likely we will soon experience a market melt up.

  13. So is this replacing the pink slime in fast food chains? Hahahaha… No thank you, I’ll stick with cow. Mooooooooooo!

  14. Thanks but no thanks, I want real meat, not some garbage made-up probably genetically modified crap and chemicals. Yumm, ground up vegetable waste and glue.

  15. Just eat small sea fish (sprat, sardines, herring, etc).
    Small sea fish feed/reproduce themselves. There is little or no environmental damage caused by eating sea fish.

  16. I just bought some beyond meat burgers but they smelled so bad I couldn't get myself to take a bite — their rancid stench is even worse and dog food. As a vegan I tried to avoid highly processed foods that aren't made from fresh wholesome ingredients. The bright red burgers look like a high school science experiment gone bad.

  17. yea right ,that's what they say,,,but you better test that meat and make shure its not ground up abortion babys ,,,hey yum yum corp did and so will they..never eat from mcdonalds or taco bell that dollar stuff is ground up abortion baby meat..

  18. It’s a fantastic product! And tastes like real meat. I buy it all the time. Looking forward to the rest of their product line

  19. All these Amazong Polly comments and Amazing polly herself is being funded by Meat industry.

    Beyond Meat has broken stock share initial profit Records.
    Veganism is the Future🙏💚

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