Better than Wendy’s Fast Food and Only {.50 cents A serving )

Better than Wendy’s Fast Food and Only {.50 cents A serving )

everybody and welcome it’s Monday I hope
you had a great weekend my weekend was real quiet and a real peaceful which was
great I didn’t have a whole lot to do so today I’m working on my meal plans and
I’m gonna work on what I’m making this week
I love making meal plans it takes a lot of stress off of wondering what you’re
gonna eat for the week today for lunch we are going to have something that is
only 50 cents of serving and for me it’s only 25 cents but I wanted to make sure
I was safe and saying 50 cents of serving now if you’re a person who has a
pantry like I do it’s a lot cheaper than that but I’m working on my meals and I
have my books here and I’ll just show you a little bit of some of the books
that we’re gonna be using this week Irish chef cookbook it’s a neat one
we’re gonna have some tea breads this week I know a lot of you have been
asking you for more baking and this cookbook I got at the thrift store last
week so we’re gonna be using that I have to make some more raisin bread we’re out
of raisin bread and that’s my favorite as you know we’re gonna use out of the
apocalypse this is gonna be for next week so I’m
gonna work on that I have my list of things to do and then I got as a product
review and this was something that was really something I was excited about I
have been turning down product reviews left and right simply because I’m really
not interested and all of those different fancy products but this one
here is called a meal planner life and apples and it’s really cute and I really
like it so hopefully they got back to me in time because I will give you a
description in the description box I’ll let you know about it but it’s really me
and it tells you on the side you can write what you need to buy and then you
can you can write what you want to get and your meals I just thought it’s
adorable I don’t have anything like this now if you have my homemade notebooks
but I thought it’s really cute and I said yeah I’d love to do a product
review on this and I think it’s really great it’s small you can take it in your
purse and go to the grocery store so I really like it I don’t get anything out
of it so you don’t buy it to help me out in any way I just got the product for
free and I thought I’d share it with you guys so let’s get started in our meal
and then I will have a little talk at the end so I have the rice in the rice
cooker while that is cooking we’re gonna make these these things I got these at
the thrift store but somebody said the Dollar Tree actually had these back last
year so what we do is we put the flour tortilla and one of these and we’re
gonna bake it so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna bake them and they’re
gonna be a hard shell made the chili so we’re gonna go ahead and heat that up
now we’re gonna go get some lettuce and some tomatoes and cut that up add some
of the first ingredients so we have some lettuce we have some tomato and then we
have an onion that sprouted so we’re gonna use that onion so the lettuce
isn’t that nice anymore but it’s still okay to eat we just want to make sure we
take off the parts that aren’t so good and then the rest will get to the
chickens so we’re gonna just put our salad we’re
just gonna put our that is part into this bowl now we go ahead and cut up
some Tomatoes adding fresh ingredients to any dish helps to make you dish
tastes so much better and I try to add as many fresh ingredients as I possibly
can this recipe I made based on a meal that was at Wendy’s fast-food restaurant
at one time they had this same meal and it was a salad but it had some chili on
top of it so I decided one day to make something similar all right so we’re going to just put up
two minutes off to the side because we’re gonna add all these on top now I
usually cut my Tomatoes only for what’s needed at the moment these tomatoes were
washed and they also came from this month’s food pantry leftovers alright
there we go now we have this onion so all we got to do is make sure we peel
away all the bad spots see the center the center of it is not too good anymore also the sprout that’s great we’re gonna
cut that up and we’re gonna use that in our meal it’s actually very tasty so
we’re gonna put that in with our lettuce we’re just going to cut around to the
core of the onion so that part of the onion is fine we’re gonna chop this up
we’ll find me now if it was springtime or summer I
would plant this onion but I can’t because it won’t grow anymore in the
season but onion sprouts are amazing so I’m gonna just put that off to the side
as well and then the rest of this stuff goes to the chickens so there you go now
we have all of our fresh toppings that go on top of our chili that we’re making
so I’ll show you in a minute when the flowers your tears are already baked
right so now all we have to do is assemble everything so we have our rice
so we’re gonna put a rice at the bottom now we want to fill these up fairly full and then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re
gonna add a little bit of our chili now this chili I made was chili mac
that’s okay it has a couple noodles in it we’re gonna add some tomatoes and
some onions and some lettuce and we’re gonna add a little bit cheese the only
cheese I have is Parmesan cheese which I knew doesn’t go with it
but that’s what I got and that’s what I’m gonna use and we’ll just put a
little bit of sour cream and there you go it’s a chili and a flower too Tina
that’s baked and I think that is a winner it’s a really good meal even the
children enjoy this kind of meal so I’m going to demonstrate real quickly why I
like bull covers and had a few people ask me about them and why I use them so
this is one of them this one here is I don’t know quite a few months old you
take your hands and you go like this and the warmth of your hands actually makes
your bowl covers stick just like saran wrap see it’s amazing what do I put my
bowl covers on well this is leftover salad that we had today for a meal here
is the leftover rice same thing I put all my leftovers in Bowl covers like
this just use your hands a little bit and it adheres to the side of your bowl
when you’re finished put it in warm sudsy water lay them flat and they will
go right back to their original shape they were in I store them on top of each
other they don’t stick to each other and it’s just like saran wrap so this is why
I love will cover so much now hope you understood this little
demonstration and I hope you give it a try sometime like I said I have a lot of
videos I have one right up above me right now see it right there’s a video
sharing how you can make your own different people ask me if I can use
paraffin wax I don’t know or soybean wax I really don’t know I wouldn’t give that
a try but you could try it beeswax is something that is not toxic
to your food beeswax is actually edible if you want to eat it bad enough it’s
not gonna hurt you so that’s why I go with the beeswax hope you enjoyed the
video I just want to share with you thank you everyone on yesterday’s video
yesterday’s video there was about one minute of no sound and that was not on
my end that was YouTube it’s because of your generosity and making sure that
you’re subscribed to me and making sure your thumbs ups are sticking and making
sure that you’re sharing my channel it’s because of all of your generosity that
is what’s keeping me going and such times like this you know conservative
channels aren’t very popular on this kind of platform but I really want to
thank you guys for everything you’ve done because you guys were the voice and
you guys made your stuff known and heard and I really want to thank you guys for
that because you are the ones that are making a difference in my life and in my
channel take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow
and get ready because what happens if you have some laundry soup that’s over
twenty thirty years old does it still work
oh I wonder I can’t wait to share that video with you bye everybody wait a minute everybody don’t leave yet
it’s time for Fanny’s diary we’re on November the 4th 1943 and Fanny
writes this afternoon mrs. Bernhardt and I were at Hadley long and ecers to make
covers for the church benches

100 Replies to “Better than Wendy’s Fast Food and Only {.50 cents A serving )

  1. Tessie I just love those salad bowls the chili salad looks amazing I could almost smell and taste the chili:) I will have to look for those bowls 🙂 Love the bowl covers too I really want to try making them:) Love the cook books too especially the bread book too:) Love everything you do:) I like that vintage soap display behind you:) Look forward to the next video on the vintage laundry soap:) Also would love to see you make candles soon too:) Love you my sweet sister:) God Bless you and Ken and family:) Keep smiling my sister:)

  2. That looks good Tessie! I love the bowl covers. They clean up well and are water resistant. Great idea🌹❤️👍

  3. Hi Tessie! Love ya! Quick tips: if anyone doesn't have those tortilla pans, they can just flip a cupcake pan over and wedge your tortillas in between the cupcake spaces. Also, we do leftover chili on baked potatoes. Never knew you could use the sprouted green part to eat.

  4. Yum yum yum..😋😋 I hope it is okay if I save this recipe to try for my son and me. My brother would also like this. I really like the bowl cover idea also. This would be a great recipe I think that the entire family would love. I love your tips… Love the video. This was just awesome test. I just wish you were my darn neighbor LOL…How can I get you to move? LOL just kidding…😻😻

  5. Wonderful Day everyone! Down sick again. ha, at least I am getting my colds over before the Holidays. I hope everyone has a wonderful Day. Love you -:)

  6. Tessie,
    We love your channel and all of it’s content.
    I’m sure I’m speaking for many when I say, we all enjoy supporting your Chanel.❣️✝️

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  9. That looks delish…will have to make it too. Where do you get those bowl covers? oops…nevermind…I just saw your link to the bowl covers…

  10. TIP THIS IS HOW I REFRESH MY LETTUCE. Get a bowl with ice & cold water after you cut the lettuce place it in that ice water. Then let it set in there for as little as 20 minutes or up to an hour while you get your meal together. THEN REMOVE FROM BOWL DRAIN ON PAPER TOWL. It crisp it right up.. GOD BLESS

    Oh those bowl covers look like they work really well!!!
    Those chili bowls look so yummy and warm!!! I really like the meal planner book…you'll have to let me (us) know how you like it😀 Thanks for sharing!!
    Have a blessed evening and look forward to tomorrow's video!!!

  12. Tessie, just about every night while I am busy crocheting and watching movies I run your playlist on another tab. Is there anything special that I have to click on to ensure that you are getting credit for me playing your playlist? With all the ups with you tube, I wanted to be sure that I am doing things right.

  13. Now I am hungry. I have everything but the chili but I do have some taco meat I think that would do. I love the bowl covers you did a lovely job on them. Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  14. Gotta try the baked corn tortilla bowl idea.  I make Ron's chili, in a stock pot which I  freeze in quart containers. It's  used  for pasta sauce by blending in my Vitamix, used for taco filling, chili cheese fries,chili cheese mac, sloppy Joe's, and baked potato topping, 

     It's one of those make ahead food items that one can tweak with added ingredients like mushrooms, steamed broccoli, steamed cubed red potatoes, loads of cheese etc. And yes the beeswax covers work GREAT! And NO paraffin which is a petroleum product does not work well!

  15. That's a nice festive way to serve chili on a cool day. Cooked a chicken today intending to make a friend some chicken soup for her nasty cold but she is better today. I"m coming down with it now so I;ll have to make the soup for me. Also like the planner. I've been keeping track of what I make on my calendar and it's a mess.

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    I don't see what the big to-do is about conservative channels. No one is being forced to watch anything. I really enjoy your content and I am definitely NOT a conservative! 😂Many blessings, dear Tessie!

  19. Thank you Tessie. I got bowl covers at Dollarama in Toronto. Maybe Dollar Tree USA carries something similar.

  20. How did you figure out the serving costs? I remember learning about that in grade school when we had our bake sale we were required to figure out costs and how much to charge to turn a profit and I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I love that tortilla bowl…we have a Dollar Tree here. I’m definitely going to check them out. Thanks for the share. My dad will just love this. He doesn’t care for rice but I might use something else maybe like potatoes?

  21. Yummy Chili Salad. I will be making this soon. Thanks for sharing it with us Tessie. God Bless You and Your Family. Much love.

  22. I’m coming to your house right now, Miss Tess…get those chili bowls ready😁😁really they look delicious…so many good videos coming our way from you…I loved the sweet kiss you threw to us…💋💋💋made me giggle 😁😁I had laser surgery on my varicose vein in my right leg today…pray all goes well for me…I have to have my left leg done in January…thank you, God bless…hope you and yours are well…sending prayers your way😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻🥰🥰🥰🥰

  23. Good Morning Tessie, Brothers, Sisters, and Friends, Have a wonderful blessed Monday filled with joy and happiness:) God Bless you:) Love you all:) You all are very precious to me I cherish your friendships each and every one of you:) Keep smiling:)

  24. Very nice. I think for looks you would want to put the lettuce on first then the onions then the beautiful red tomatoes. Just a tip.

  25. I wonder what kind of covers Grandma Fanny made for the church benches? I used to be a puppeteer. One of the preschools I went to was in a church. A friend took me into the sanctuary to show me the churches pews. The seats were covered in needlepoint handmade by ladies in the church of pictures of Bible stories. What an amazing labor of love that was.

  26. Love Wendy’s chilli. Craved it when I was pregnant with our son ( who’s now grown) I didn’t help that Wendy’s was across the street from where I was working at the time. Always looking for ways to recreate my favorite restaurant meals. We rarely go out to eat anymore in an effort to pay down debt.

  27. Hi Tessie. Your meal looks delicious 😋 I’ve seen those bowls before didn’t know what to use them for so next time I will buy them. Thanks. Your bowl covers are soo nice beats plastic wrap hahahahaha it always gets stuck n doesn’t always stick to everything. Anyways. Great video. Cute meal planner book. God bless you ❤️🤗🙏

  28. I have those taco bowl shells, too ~ they are neat. I bet your chili is 100 times better than Wendys ! Now all you need is a jar of my canned Salsa !

  29. Wow!!!
    😀 Wounderful el a d tips,Dear Tessie 💞
    Happy Tuesday, today is going to be a great day!!!🌼🌻🌷
    Even the chickens 🐓 🐓 🐓 🐓 🐓 Have a celebretion today, question how many chickens are now?
    The other day I count 5 🐓
    The chili looks good over that tortilla you can make burrito with that too. 😊
    The cover bowl are fantastic 🌻🌼🌷
    I will trow you hugs and kisses too💋💋💋💗
    Have a great and 😎😎😎😎😃🌞🌞🌞 blessing day you and Kenny 💟 God bless you both 💞 I Love you my Dear Sister Tessie 💞 🌼 🌹

  30. That looks delicious Tessie! And you say your not a good cook. But I think you are a wonderful cook. Have a wonderful day Tessie

  31. I've been meal planning for all of my 52 years of marriage – my Mom did, so I followed suit. You can grow the onion on your windowsill and use the sprouts like chives.

  32. I bought those same tortilla bowl pans at a thrift store years ago! 😂 But I never used them. Maybe I will now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. If I’ve ever seen the tortilla bakers at the thrift store, I didn’t know what they were! 😜 I’m going to be on the lookout for some now. Will your shell hold up without eating it from the baking pan? I always order taco salad when we eat Mexican and it’s the shell that makes it (even though I know it’s fried 😱). I love the beeswax covers… I def need to find the video on how to make those.

  34. Greetings Tessie..looks great and pennies in the dollar..the leftover rice can be used for a skillet sausage bake😁😁…great video Tess.. blessings to you and your family 😇 😇😇 😇

  35. Just an addition. I do not have chickens. But I do have a compost pile. If you do not have much land you can also just dig a hole and bury it for plant food. I just use my flower bed.

  36. Sorry I stopped following you, my head was wrapped up in wrong thoughts. You were on the right track but I read 2 much into judgmental remarks you made about someone. I was judging you 2 much. Want 2 stay in touch. Your vids are improving, gonna post them on my Twitter & Facebook sites. Love Sue Kearney aka Melancholy Specter-Twitter.💜

  37. Those tortilla bowls are amazing! I will be on the hunt for them at the dollar store. I also make bowl covers and it saves so much money on plastic wrap! And you really should not use other types of wax, as beeswax is naturally antimicrobial and safer to use. The other types of wax are less pliable and tend to fall off in your food.

  38. Morning Tessie. I love the tortilla bowls, will look for them. Have you thought of maybe making bowl covers and selling them? I’d buy them 🌺

  39. Thanks for this video. It reminds me of early Homestead Tessie. I like that you use an old onion, and just what you have in the fridge and cupboard. I would say that most of us living frugally do use an onion with a bad middle, and whatever cheese you've got. Keeping it real Tessie.

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  42. Hello Homestead Tessie . All ways a pleasure to see your video content . .Much love and respect . Missy and Howie

  43. l use the green shoots fr sprouted onions in salads as well. :). l get free salads every single day as l keep the following growing in tubs all yr on my patio ie, l just pick a few leaves of each of baby spinach, spring onions re grown from end cut parts and planted, rocket, young dandelion leaves, mint leaves, chives, parsley, nasturtium leaves, plus any left over autumn raspberries plus any apples chopped up fr my little tree 🙂 healthy and such money saving .

  44. I'm visiting my son & he asked for my contest winning chili. So we had chili last night too. It was delicious on a cold evening. Your way looks yummy too, minus the onion. Lol. Great video. Blessings. 💚💛💜🧡💙

  45. More bacon? Well it happens that I made something traditional today with bacon. It's easy and cheap to make 🙂 A tin can of marrowfat peas (slightly more than 1 pound) or fresh cooked ones. 4 medium onions (chopped) 1/2 a pound of (smoked) cubed bacon. Just put some butter in the pan and after that the onions and the bacon. When the onions are getting translucent add the marrowfat peas to it and stir for a a while. It won't take long to get everything hot enough for being served and ofcourse you can add some salt en pepper to it (what suits your taste). We serve it with sliced pickles, some pickled pearl onions, mustard and piccalilly. But ofcourse that is all optional. This comes from the times that the Dutch traveled overseas in big wooden ships and on board there were dryed marrowfat peas, smoked bacon and all kind of pickled things, but besides the sea men, the farmers and the common people loved it too 🙂

  46. Tessie, I couldn't imagine not having you and your channel to watch. You brighten my life in so many ways, your meal looked so delicious.

  47. Looks yummy! I love your channel! The way you live is the best way to live in my opinion and you give us hope! I do have some catching up to do as I had been sick. Thankfully am feeling better now.💛

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