BEST THAI STIR FRY GREEN BEAN RECIPE ผัดถั่วฝักยาวหมูสับ – Pad Tua Fak Yao

BEST THAI STIR FRY GREEN BEAN RECIPE  ผัดถั่วฝักยาวหมูสับ – Pad Tua Fak Yao

Hey guys. Somsub will show you how to cook long green beans It’s a simple Thai style stir fry green bean recipe. called pad tua fak yao Let’s check it out! Garlic. (Krathiam) This is small garlic. But really strong Yeah Thai garlic is about half of the size. I don’t know if you can see Can’t really tell, but The cloves are about half the size of a regular clove They use skin Smell good right Thai cooking they don’t throw away the skin. We’re here at my, we’re here in Thailand This is the house that Somsub grew up in. This is her father’s kitchen This is where all the magic happens So what is the name of this next dish? Pad tua fak yao. Uh, fry long bean with ground pork This is probably one of my son’s favorite dishes too. Yeah my son like. Very good for children It’s not spicy. Very flavorful. She already Cut up the Thai long beans Just added the garlic Ground pork I just love that sizzle, man, when you got a nice hot wok on that burner. Makes a very big difference in the taste Versus if you’re cooking like on a regular electric range Good for baby. Not spicy She got the sauces over here on the left. All the Thai sauces Tamarind cutting board over there Salt and what not and whatever ingredients she got over there Smells so good Garlic, make smell good Yeah Look She’s adding in the long beans Yeah, smell really good What sauce you adding there? Give us a little look at the bottle Fermented soybean paste. Yeah taste good. Oyster sauce. Thai oyster suace Oh, fish sauce Thai people they use fish sauce Oh that smells so good Yummy. Wow Yeah, my son really like Oh that smells so good We never put, we never add MSG in our cooking. No Except when we are here in Thailand because if we’re cooking for the family her family likes MSG inside but when we Our other videos when we’re in Hawaii, when we’re back at home and we’re making our cooking videos. We never add MSG Done Alright. Wow that smells amazing! Yeah Look Give this a quick look Holy cow. Thanks for watching. Give us a thumbs up if you like this video Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, and we’ll see you in the next video Jackfruit. Oh this is jackfruit? Uh, this is jackfruit. They cut small. Young, young jackfruit

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  1. Great video! Nice to see some real authentic cooking. You make me miss Thailand, especially the food. Look forward for your new videos!

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