Best Gujarati Thali in Surat, Gujarat | Indian Food Ranger Nikunj Vasoya

Best Gujarati Thali in Surat, Gujarat | Indian Food Ranger Nikunj Vasoya

[Music] So Friends Right now I am at Kansar Restaurant This Places is located Near Old RTO on Ring Road at Surat City This places serves an Unique Gujarati Thali Its not fully traditional its fusion Little bit of Rajasthani, Punjabi But they have two traditional curries here in Thali Kadhi is also a Gujarati One alongside with it they serve Sweet called Matha They served Rotla (Bread Made from Millet Flour) Fulka Roti and Puri Mix Chaat (Street Food) Green Khaman Dhokla and lastly Chinese Samosa So Now let me try and tell more about each food What so special here First of all I am gonna start with Curry and Roti Mix Kathol (Gujarati Name) which is Mixed Pulses Boiled and Stired Fried with Indian Spices It has a very good tangy taste in Gujarat You will Find Millet Bread every where This is served with Clarified Butter and Jaggery Whis is traditionally consumed in Villages of Gujarat State So now let me try and tell you more about its taste Actually Rotla is big in size, but But in thali they have to make is smaller one Because of lots of dishes in a Thali Amazing Taste (Sweet and Buttery) Its always an amazing experience to Eat Ghee, Gudd and Rotla Personally I like it very much and This is a speciality and identity of Gujarati Villages Now I am going to try American Dry Fruit Matho (Sweet Dish) Its looks interesting so let me try it Its taste so good and creamy with tones of Flavours in it. Its very much like Shrikhand but has very little different in taste Now let me try Green Khaman Dhokla Its feels little spongy They served it with two Chutneys Little bit of Sour in taste Now I am gonna try it with chutneys This is not tasted as I expected Now I am gonna try Chaat its called Mix Chaat Its has a very good sweet and sour taste As we people like it Now I am gonna try Coconut Burfi This is so delicious in taste Its has a very much authentic taste in it. Its tasted like which you will find almost in entire Gujarat I like it very much I like matho too This Mix Kathol Curry is so delicious Now let me try Aloo Methi (Potato and Fenugreek Curry) Its has a little big of Rajasthani tough in it its very simple and basic curry Not too oily or spicy so I like that thing very much about it Chinese Samosa in a Thali???? Normally most of the Restaurant Serves Traditional Gujarati Snacks only let me try it too It is little bit difference in taste But its very crispy If you want to eat some very much typical Gujarati Then must try this Ghee, Gudd and Rotla Coconut Burfi, Matho these all things are typical Gujarati except few things so you will definitely going to enjoy a lot Here they have little bit fusion touch in taste But overall I am very happy with this Food Taste, Ingredients and Food is Good, not much Oily or Spicy so thats the best thing about this place

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  1. thanks dude for such videos I am also a foodie and like to explore new places for food and will explore this food too some day

  2. Bc India ki itni yaad aa rahi hai. Mann kar raha hai ki ab to shadi kar hi loon. Taki khana to thik se khakoon. 😔😔.

  3. Rajkot thakar ma roj puranpuri sathe biji ek sweet ne 2 farsan 4 sabji ek panjabi chhsh papad raytu salad aachar badhu unlimited onli220

  4. Great video, could you please cover some restaurants serving Gujarati thali in Vadodara? I would be visiting it soon and would like to know your opinion

  5. This gig has no knowledge about Gujarati food. Can’t even talk Hindi. All he knows is khatta mittha taste. What a waste. Get out of this business and learn how to talk about food. Complete MORAN.

  6. ईतना मीठा खाना कैसे कोई खा सकता है? हाँ, काठियावाडि व्यंजक सही हैं। मीठ नहीं होते।

  7. कैमरे की पोजीशन अच्छी नहीं है क्लियर ली कुछ दिखाई नहीं देता

  8. It is too spicy and oils It is not known quality of oil used and vegetables also .any time proper care is not taken Here also not taken Why in every hotel you get spicy or hot material Hot or chilly is not suitable to each person but in tour we must to take food but every where it is too hot or excess chilly .It should be avoided Chilli can be mixed if required but it is not easy to remove Those people can prepare three type few hot medium and extra hot but they don't understand

  9. Khana to dikhata nahi bas saand k jaise khate rehta he …Aur coconut barfi khane k bad kuto k jaise sungh raha he …shame

  10. Are bhai Gujarati ma j bolto hoy to saru lage…hindi avadti che nai tane…ane tu ek foodie che… atleast khata sikhvu joyie tare phela…clothes…ur attire…tongue bahar kem aayi jay che..?

  11. This food looks so good! I’m going to Jamnagar in a few weeks. Where can I get a similar thali as this? Any place you would recommend?

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