Beloved Restaurant Chains That May Sadly Be Closing Soon

Beloved Restaurant Chains That May Sadly Be Closing Soon

The restaurant industry is an insanely tough
business, and for some old favorites, it’s gotten even tougher. Younger diners are more interested in fast-casual
places than the sit-down restaurants of their parents’ generation, and more people are just
choosing to flex their own culinary muscles and cook at home. That means there’s a ton of once-popular chains
seeing their numbers sink farther and farther into the red, and many are closing locations
by the dozens. Are your favorite restaurants on the chopping
block? Let’s find out. Ruby Tuesday Casual, sit-down restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday,
once a familiar staple in malls around the country, hasn’t been running in the black
for a long time. In August of 2017, the company reported a
revenue drop of 12.8 percent, which is not surprising given that it closed more than
100 stores the year prior. It wasn’t long after Ruby Tuesday announced
the resignation of longtime CEO James “JJ” Buettgen, that he was replaced by Jim Hyatt,
former CEO of Church’s Chicken. The appointment was short-lived, and he was
quickly ousted in December of that same year, when the chain was sold to a private company,
NRD Capital. Even under new ownership, Ruby Tuesday continued
to close restaurants, with around 400 locations closing in the last decade as the company
tried to figure out what it’s going to take to get customers back in seats. “CHOCOLATE!” Bob Evans No road trip in America would be complete
without a hearty breakfast at Bob Evans, but in the future, travellers might find themselves
needing to go somewhere else. This side-of-the-highway favorite has instituted
some major changes in recent years, all stemming from its struggles to stay open. By the end of 2016, Bob Evans closed a total
of 27 underperforming restaurants in several states, including in its native Ohio. Then in January of 2017, the chain sold the
remainder of its restaurants to a private equity firm called Golden Gate Capital, who
also owns Red Lobster and California Pizza Kitchen. While the new owners said they did not expect
to close more locations, it still remains to be seen whether or not their changes, such
as revamped menus and fresher ingredients, will impress customers. TGI Friday’s Plenty of people look forward to Fridays,
but maybe not in the way that TGI Friday’s would want. “We need to talk. Do you know what this is about?” Sales for the chain dropped in 2014, 2015,
2016… you get the idea. Even this once-popular hotspot isn’t immune
to the threat of fast-casual and the decline of shopping malls. In order to stay afloat and ideally become
more profitable, the company is trying to rebrand the itself as a trendy gastropub,
redesigning locations to make the bar more prominent, focusing on urban markets, and
of course, offering endless appetizers on a permanent basis. IHOP Remember when IHOP ran that campaign asking
people to guess why the chain was temporarily changing its name to IHOB? Many assumed the “B” had something to do with
“breakfast,” until the company revealed it was an effort to get people in the door for
a burger. The unfortunate reason for jumping on the
burger bandwagon is that pancakes just aren’t selling like, well, hotcakes these days. The company announced the closure of up to
40 of its restaurants in 2018, following up on the 23 that closed the previous year. Recently, IHOP has been depending on dinner
menus, delivery, hot deals, and publicity stunts to bring customers in, and while it’s
working, it might not be enough. Same-store sales were up in May 2018, but
traffic has declined for 10 straight quarters. Qdoba There’s no shortage of fast casual burrito
joints in the United States today. Those who can’t continuously impress get tossed
out like yesterday’s queso, and that unfortunately seems to be happening with Qdoba. The fast-casual Mexican chain started back
in 1995, and despite closing numerous locations over the years, it has continued to replace
them with new eateries. The chain axed 67 out of its 647 locations
in 2013, but as of 2017, 729 restaurants were in operation. The company also opted for a tweak in its
name, dropping the “Mexican Grill” and going with “Mexican Eats” because according to VP
of brand marketing David Craven, “It’s a bit more conversational and relatable
to our core customer, and it doesn’t position the brand as being highfalutin.” “Yeeehaw!” “Yeeeee haw!” “Yeehaw.” How much that name change has helped is debatable. Chain owner Jack in the Box sold to Apollo
Global Management in March 2018, and shortly after locations closed in Connecticut, Pennsylvania,
and Virginia. Buffalo Wild Wings There’s no denying that chicken wings are
an American favorite, but that increase in popularity is proving to be a double-edged
sword for Buffalo Wild Wings. Remember taking high school economics, and
learning about the principles of supply and demand? That’s at work here. With B-Dubs’s main product, chicken wings,
also being purchased by everyone from home cooks to every pizza place in the country,
that’s sent the price of wings skyrocketing. That means the company is paying more and
making less, and it hasn’t been good for the bottom line. That’s why half-price wings Tuesday ended,
and that’s why the chain is also pushing its boneless wings instead. Buffalo Wild Wings is hoping the better price
point might help stop the bleeding and save the locations that are left, and after Arby’s
invested a whopping $2.9 billion in the ailing chain, you can count on seeing some big changes
that might help improve the steadily failing numbers.

100 Replies to “Beloved Restaurant Chains That May Sadly Be Closing Soon

  1. When you travel, look for commercial truck stops, Truck Stops of America…Petro or Loves….the food IS better than you think: NOTE: Truck drivers are picky about their food and will bitch at management if it's bad……Also, if you see locals eating there, then you know it's good….trust me on this one.

  2. I've never been to any of the chains mentioned in this video. Why pay premium prices for poor quality frozen food prepared in a dirty kitchen? It's nice to get together with friends, make a good meal and have drinks and save a couple of hundred dollars! I made t-bone steaks, fried fresh green beans with balsamic glaze, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, rum drinks, beer and soda for five. Cost was $80 with plenty of left over alcohol. What would that run in a restaurant?

  3. Chain restaurants have problems that can be summed up this way…. would you rather eat a pizza that came from Pizza Hut or from a little hole in the wall mom and pop pizza joint that uses a wood pizza oven and makes everything by hand? Personally, I'll take the mom & pop pizza any day of the week. Here in Canada, our biggest fast food chain, Tim Horton Donuts was sold (more than once)… The stores now get their donuts frozen and their coffee has changed for the worse and the company (Restaurant Brands International) can't figure out why sales are down and franchisees are pissed.

  4. All these chains serve heartattacks on a platter! There is nothing healthy at these places at all!

  5. "Are millenials killing casual dining?"

    No, casual dining is killing itself. Why go to any of these places, when you could go to a fast food place and get the same quality food for like 90% of the price?

  6. These places are failing because the sports bar era 2001-2010 ruined what it meant to go out and have a drink.
    The average person born after 1975 who went to school is not going to go out, socialize in person with anyone, pay 10 bucks for a pint of beer that cost a buck in the tall boy cans, order a 10 dollar burger and fries, plus a 10 dollar appetizer with the Television on mute with the most god awful top 40 blaring to deafness when they can use that 20 bucks to have plenty of beer and heat and eat hot wings at home.

    That's what killing them.

  7. Damn how tf am I gonna be a restaurant owner if these stank ass Milinneals are beiing cheap dicks buying 14 thousand dollar hand bags and can't afford a 25 dollar meal wtf

  8. It's the price stupid, they charge to much to eat out, if they want to stay in business they need to lower the price and lower their profit margins that is how they will stay in business.

  9. The last time I ate at IHOP it cost me almost $15 for breakfast and the coffee tasted like it was left over from the night before and reheated

  10. Sadly a lot of this is because when the cost of labor becomes 15$ or even higher , something has to give. Poorer food quality or higher prices. Sadly this is one of the downsides of government control.

  11. Im proud to say that I am a Millennial but still love to eat at Longhorns,TGI and all those 🤤🤤🤤

  12. The prices are going up and the portions are shrinking!! I went to Fridays to get the 2 meat deal for the holiday but the big ribs were laughable and the tiny little steak was funny…So I paid $14.99 for pretty much a kiddie meal…Never ever going back!!

  13. Restaurants and department stores are closing because they've hiked up the prices on everything, and the cost of living has been raised, yet the only thing that hasn't significantly soared higher is income salaries. So therefore people can't afford to shop in department stores and dine out at a restaurant because they have a mortgage or rent to pay, amongst other things that they need to pay for such as groceries, car gas, insurance and the list goes on. No wonder why so many people are stressed and depressed we're working hard, still broke, and ain't having social fun because we're too broke and fatigued. To most of this generation having a date night is binge watching on Netflix. 🙄 Oh well… But at least I'm determined to make a better higher income for myself, I do admire and desire to have the finer things in life.

  14. It's not that millennials have no money to spend on restaurants. They simply have different priorities than the older generations. They have plenty of money. They just waste it in different ways than their parents do.

  15. A lot of the loss of business is due to the list of restaurants that put fetal aborted baby tissue in their meat and drinks, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King. Research it yourself.  go to List of Products containing fetal aborted baby tissue.  Look it up!!!!

  16. Sit down restaurant chains are suffering because consumers are feeling pinched from higher prices for almost every necessity. They no longer will spend their hard earned money for overpriced food.
    So eating out goes from sit down chains to fast food looking up at the menu instead of down.
    1. At fast food, Basically a sandwich, fries, and drink can be had for half the price without having to tip makes it even cheaper. Who has $40-50 for two people to eat lunch or $60+ for dinner? That’s almost a weeks groceries?!!!
    2. If the sit down chain food was fabulous high quality, they would snag more business. But it’s hit or miss disappointing to disgusting
    But it’s mostly dry over cooked wings, brown salad greens, bad service that takes forever and noisy place where if you want to socialize and chat, you have to shout over loud bad music.
    The menus are a rearrangement of the same ingredients that are presented for choice overload. How about less choice, but higher quality of the choices.
    Why does every place try to sell everything, but none of it is more than mediocre?
    If the ceos of these corps would just travel the country and actually eat there, it would be obvious what they need to do. But they are too busy eating in their country club after a game of golf, I guess.

  17. ihop isn't losing business because they tried to change the 'p' into a 'b'. They're losing business because they've turned into a magnet for brawls "of color".

  18. Losing Bob Evans in Ohio would break my heart. Me and my family have so many good memories there and at A+W. Our entire country is being shut down.

  19. Who ever heard of boneless wings? I mean come on get real! Grilled Mediterranean Breast at Denny's is best! Sirloin Steak & Lemon shrimp at Western Sizzling is best! However, depends with one you go to for service and great meal, well done.

  20. IHOP is a no brainer. Went there for a birthday breakfast with my wife. We were the only ones in there. Bill comes – $32! I thought it was a joke. $32 breakfast. It was due to the way she charged our drinks. Still left the place hungry. Buffalo – no brainer there too when they had their no gun policy. Things have been drying up ever since that really stupid policy. More guns, less crime.

  21. These places and the middle income department stores that proceeded them depended on disposable income. millennials have no income disposable or other wise. America is going broke as the last of my generation's savings is going fast and bankruptcy is only a few years away. The price of gasoline is making traVEL to these places unaffordable and whopise their go's your car industry too. it will all end with no housing and you all living on the streets wondering what happened. When will you idiots realize that Capitalism does not work.

  22. People are realizing that franchised foods are laden with sodium, HFCS, canola and transfat oils, excessive chemicals and preservatives. The younger and older generation had enough of these trash foods that flourished in the 1990's when people believed that saturated fat was the cause of heart disease. People are getting smarter, they are reading more and learning about the industries' lies that they call "marketing strategies."

  23. everyone knows that vegan options are healthier,  and cooking at home is cheaper you can have leftovers for lunch or dinner.

  24. Cause the food sucks at rubys.
    Ditto same as rubys.
    As does I hop,
    Junk in the box
    Most pizza parlors
    …it's called crap in a box
    What used to be run by honest hard working people are now run by punkass morons that have no idea What they are doing and yet keep raising the prices to a point it cannot mske it …as in NO BLOODY IDEA HOW BUSINESS AND MARKETS OPERATE SO JUST CHARGE MORE FOR THE SAME CRAP AHH SUPER GENIUSES

  25. My Chittlin' joint didn't make it in the Detroit Muslim enclave. I offered pulled pork barbecue, and Pork chops later n but never got the first customer.

  26. 100 fast food restaurants in a town of 1000 people. It doesn't work. Some companies don't do a good job of making it work. Only so many people who are in the restaurant at any time. If jobs go away so do people. Then business close. Or crappy food crappy SERVICE. Crappy customers. They all lost everything.

  27. Restaurants on The Chopping Block funny you should mention IHOP. They're opening an IHOP in my area in Herndon Virginia.

  28. Salt, fat, sugar and other cheap premade food in factories overseas , ahh no thanks. I cook at home!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💥

  29. NOT Buffalo Wild Wings!! They make the best wings on the planet!! Damn!! Just take out some of the damn TV's and save some money that way.

  30. That's because people are becoming more health conscious and cook at home it's simple time to open more vegan and extra healthy restaurants period the fast food chain industry has been helping the fallen Angel's period time to start looking after your customers with choice and keep up with the changing times

  31. This is not about food sucking, though in so many cases, it really does; it's about fickle, pretentious customers who are quickly bored and looking for the next trend. For the last dozen years, I've run a small transportation company; the majority of our business is with companies that design, build, and remake commercial kitchens. The public's taste, like its attention span, borders on non-existence; it constantly demands something 'new' and 'different', which is an illusion: it's the same shit, with different lighting. The turnover in restaurant identity and space is massive, especially here in Kalifornia; even Jack In The Jox updates its decor on a regular basis, just to dazzle the eyes and reactive pea-brains of its customers with some new bright shiny crap.

  32. I have no sympathy for any franchise or corporations. If you guys think the prices are high for these abominations, go to the Las Vegas strip and visit these same places & look at the prices!

  33. In all honesty. I never even heard of half of these places. Yep, guess I been deprived. None of these restaurants would open in any of my old former neighborhoods. That's the really unfortunate thing of growing up in the true ghetto. They don't even have Wal-Mart's in the ghettos like that. Some might have it, but way more "hoods" don't have these type of establishments. It's actually quite shameful cause it's these poor neighborhoods that can use places like a Wal-Mart to help them save money and adds to their general quality of life. When peoples lives improve, when they can either save money or get more bang 4 their buck or both, it gives a person more much needed financial freedoms. Which leads to a happier populace and happy people tend to avoid criminality much more than an angry, miserable, broke and hopeless individual. Just this little relief can help reduce tensions greatly and possibly reduce the crime rate. It may sound crazy to a person that's never lived it themselves but to anybody from one of these deprived areas knows this to be an unfortunate truth. It seems like systematic deprivation and a form of conditioning to keep a foot on the poor and oppressed peoples neck. It's something that people are finally waking up to and that's the last thing these corporations want. Cause when the people get woke, those corporations go broke!!

  34. Some jerk puts the word "buffalo" in front of the CHEAPEST PIECE of chicken, and the price goes up to 8 dollars a puond AT THE STORE, Let alone at a RESTAURANT!
    SOME LIBERAL ASS-HAT decides that chickens deserve better rights & living conditions THAN HUMANS ARE SURE TO GET, and a dozen eggs climbs in price. Free range eggs, $7 a dozen. NON Free ranged eggs, up to $4.50 (cause of "Well, They're getting 7…? WE should charge more!")
    Grills being shot with Aerosol oils that taste like spray paint cant be helping I-HOP any… seems to me, they did better as the "international house of pancakes" than as some dumb acronym. Same with "Sunny D"… that's just ghetto crap, not a name!? There are 26 letters in the english language, " so let's change EVERYTHING to a 1 letter name!"..
    Problem is, LOTS OF SHT STARTS WITH 'D'. Many of which i would rather not have in my mouth, such as "Sunny Dung" or "Sunny Death".
    "GEE! Where did we Retards go wrong..?"

  35. Changing eating of people.Poeple wont fast quick fast food.Cheap price.Its hit buffets in Casinos in Las Vegas N.V too.Rio Casino laid off near 16 servers buspersons.Other Casinos Laid off.Self serve drinks now too.Sad Me too.Price went up .Quality down in some Buffet too.Stores closing too.More people out of work.Sighns of the times.Like Tony Romas ribs.Rynns buffet too.Sucks.

  36. I'm glad. These greedy corporations. They destroyed Small family owners. Course these stupid millennials today don't have any class. And the Boombers were mostly hippies. The old people are the last good bunch.

  37. Have never been to Ruby Tuesday, Have not been in Bob Evans is many years, Have not been in a TGIFs since 2001, Never been in an IHOP, Qdopa-Huh?, Buffalo Wild Wings wings suck,

  38. How can it be a restaurant when all they DO is open a box and heat things up. People avoid CRAP so no great LOSS!!!!!

  39. Eating out has lost its appeal. High prices and low incomes. Who wants to pay for eating out when you have to pay rent? Plus now there are delivery options that allow people to stay home.

  40. Their closing because of minimum wage hikes. Can't raise prices on "just ok" food to pay a place that should be staffed by teenagers but are sadly staffed by thirty something yearold turds.
    They are closing because they cannot be profitable.

  41. As far as Bob Evens goes it used to be good years ago.Ive been to 3 different locations and it wasn't as I remembered quality has gone down .

  42. In my experience
    Ruby Tuesday – Food is okay and I still enjoy their salad bar. But to cover the expense of the salad bar unfortunately the food and alcohol are a little overpriced. The two closest locations to me have closed so it can be a bit inconvenient these days
    Bob Evans – The menu was better before the new ownership changed some things. Still can get a decent meal for the price. But if a Perkins or Cracker Barrel or First Watch or Scramblers are nearby I usually skip Bob's.
    TGI Friday's – In the city I live near Friday's has closed 5 locations and only has 1 location still open. The 1 still open was nearest to me all along but I have not thought to eat there for a long time.
    IHOP – I prefer breakfast at almost any other restaurant, chain or local.
    Qdoba – I really like Qdoba but it seems like their demographic is easily swayed to follow the herd to other chains.
    Buffalo Wild Wings – I was at OSU when the very first BW3 location anywhere opened next to campus. It was a novel concept at the time. They did everything right and were very successful. It is sad how everything is done wrong now. Only reason to step into one these days is if it happens to be the only sports bar within a reasonable drive.

  43. Well the American family is only getting poorer and the average family makes 50k. And. OST of living is getting more expensive do people are barley paying the rent electric or basic needs no money left to spend for going out like I. The 50,60,70, 80, after that things are only getting harder

  44. Over priced one trick pony places that suck to some degree let the buyer beware and let the devil take the hindmost

  45. Bdubs I know for a fact is failing because of talking 40 mins for a small order of Wings and customer service is non existent, I literally went to Bdubs last week and sat at the bar 15 minutes later someone came.out of the back looked at me went back to the back and 10 minutes later someone else came out and started getting me.set up with drinks and food

  46. Been to Buffalo Wild Wings in Olympia, Wa. Just once. Food was good and prices comparable. Didn't know it's a sports bar/pub if that's what you call it. The NOISE got to me. Between the banks of TVs on the walls with different games showing, and the music with bass cranked up and booming, it's not a place I'd revisit. When I walked out I had a splitting headache. If I went back, it would be for take out only. Like I said, the foods good but the noise is atrocious.

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