Belizean Rice and Beans

Belizean Rice and Beans

Hi everybody welcome back to my channel this is Shirani today I’ll be showing you how I make Belizean rice and beans I’m starting off with my pot over medium
heat and I’m adding some coconut oil to that I’m using my Belizean coconut oil that’s why I have it in this container
but I like my Belizean coconut oil because it just tastes so different and
smells different from the coconut oil I get here in the States
Belizean people that live out here know what I di talk about
I’m adding some chopped onion to that chopped green bell pepper or as we say
in Belize sweet pepper give that a stir and let that cook 5 minutes just
until the onion is starting to get a little brown how I measure it is equal amounts of
rice to beans so I’m cooking two cups of rice and I’ll measure out two cups of
beans I always like to wash my rice before I cook it I know some people
don’t but it’s up to you just wash it until the water runs clear now it’s time
to add my rice to the pot I like the give that I stir and let
that took several minutes so we could get nice and toasted before I had the
other ingredients the beans I’m using is beans that I cooked
in my crock-pot yesterday I like to cook beans ahead of time and just keep it in
the refrigerator for whenever I need it um I’ll have a link at the end of this
video for this beans recipe so you can check that out rice and beans is something everybody
cook on Sunday in Belize we always have rice and beans with stewed chicken
or pork fried plantain and potato salad I’m using one can of coconut milk for
this recipe plus one cup of water oh yeah and don’t forget to put in your
salt cause I almost did since I’m using beans that is already
seasoned I don’t need to put a lot of salt I’m
giving it a taste just to make sure everything is just how I like it after this comes to a boil cover it add
lower heat and I have mine set on two it’s almost to the lowest setting
cook that for 30 minutes and don’t touch it don’t uncover it don’t stir it don’t do
anything there’s no need to do that this is what it looks like 30 minutes later
and I’m just using a fork just to check the bottom and make sure that all the
water has cooked out so now I’m turning off my stove and then I’m just gonna
cover it back and leave it on the stove for 15 minutes when that 15 minutes is up then you take off the lid and use a fork to fluff the rice that’s it perfect rice
and beans all the time you don’t have to worry about it sticking in the bottom
burning or anything I promise you so for them Belizean people if you like rice
burn well none in a this recipe well I hope you like this recipe and
give it a try please don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel don’t forget to share the video like the video and as always thank you
so much for watching oh and by the way I have a Belizean potato salad recipe
coming up next so keep an eye out for that but thanks again and talk to you in
my next one bye

24 Replies to “Belizean Rice and Beans

  1. Looks good girl. I’ve always enjoyed my rice and beans with a little sweet pepper, that’s how my dad does it. Sadly my rice and beans is sometimes pretty good and sometimes just too wet 😭 and disappointing. I’m going to give ur recipe a try and 🤞🏻 hopefully have perfect rice and beans …. without rice bun, no place in my kitchen for that either. Thanks for this recipe!

  2. Love ur videos. My rice n beans never seems to taste the same lol ill try this Sunday as i have my Mexican family coming over and all they want is 'rais and bin' jaja btw love ur videos. Life saver

  3. The quintessential Sunday meal in Belize. Rice and Beans traditionally cooked in coconut milk. Served with some kind of stew meat, potato salad and fry plantain.

  4. I'm so so glad I found your channel. It has been years since I had belizean food. Cant wait to try this

  5. Ur videous are awesomee. I maried a belizean man and my rice n beans sucked til today ajjaja. Thank u for sharing

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