Bean Boozled Challenge with Real Food

Bean Boozled Challenge with Real Food

What’s it going to be? Peach or barf? This a game where you have
to choose something delicious or something disgusting. But the only way to
find out what you picked is to put it in your mouth. Chocolate pudding
or canned dog food. Oh, boy. Will it be chocolate
pudding or canned dog food? OK. Boom! Pudding. Bring me my pudding. I might have been
too boastful there. I bet you it’s dog food. OK. OK. OK. Here we go. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. I can’t eat it. I can’t eat it. Here we go. Perfect. Licorice or skunk spray? If there are
children in the room, they’re going to need to
cover their eyes and ears most likely. Yeah. That’s licorice. Ah, I can hear it in your voice. You’re the worst, Joey. Oh my god, I can smell it. Ah! Oh that stinks. It’s like ancient medicine. All right. We’re done. I’m not doing it any more. Ooh. Uh-oh. Juicy pear or booger? Yeah. I don’t really care. I ate my boogers before. Peh. I wanted to spit
it out so badly. What is it? Juicy pear, but I
don’t like pears. OK. That’s really acceptable. I don’t really want to
eat grass, but I will. Lime or lawn clippings? Ah. I can already tell it’s grass. So I have to like eat this? It’s like the worst salad ever. It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great. Coconut or baby wipes? Yeah, baby. Coconut. Give me the bag. Oh yeah. Berries or toothpaste? It’s toothpaste. It’s toothpaste. Do I have to eat it? Can we eat it? I don’t know if I can
swallow toothpaste. What do I do with it? I feel like I need a toothbrush. Please, please, please. Dang it. I really hope it’s the popcorn. Buttered popcorn or rotten egg? I can smell the buttered
popcorn already. So excited to eat this popcorn. Here we go. Ah. Ah. Oh. Ugh. Ah. It tastes like gunpowder. It’s so crunchy. You didn’t get the shell out. I can’t swallow it. Ah. Oh. It’s like you took
a fish, squeezed it, and whatever came out
was what you’re eating. It’s just like weird, slimy. It’s seriously like
rotten mushroom. Like someone put like
burnt hair on and seafood. Want to try these
flavors for yourself? This is Bean Boozled,
a game where you spin to choose a Jelly Belly. But the only way to tell if
it’s delicious or disgusting is to put it in your mouth. So if you land on buttered
popcorn or rotten egg, for example, you’ve got a fair
chance of tasting victory. Or you might experience flavors
that can only be described as unfortunately accurate. Oh! Wow that is offensive
to the taste buds. Take a chance and buy Bean
Boozled Jelly Bellies now at If you’ve still got an
appetite for crazy food, check out our edible shot
glasses made of gummy or watch how the miraculous
Mberry tablet makes sour cream taste like ice cream. For real. The Vat19 gift shop
has way more than just edibles, so subscribe
and treat yourself to all kinds of awesome videos. OK. What are we doing? Well, we just got this
first item for the video. It’s skunk spray. Bah.

100 Replies to “Bean Boozled Challenge with Real Food

  1. Want to see us eat more gross foods? We played the Real vs Gummy Challenge:

  2. Throw up toilets, 1 like each:

  3. When Joey got coconut or baby wipes he obviously had to get the coconut because they can’t feed him baby wipes.

  4. I have a good tip while playing this. If you want, cut the bean in half and smell it. If it smells TERRIBLE, it probably means it’s the bad flavor. If it smells nice, you probably got the good flavor. 😛

  5. Do they know swallowing toothpaste you have to call poison control?? That stuff is really easy to get poisoned by

  6. My brother is evil… he told me skunk spay tasted like tropical.. I ate it… let's just say.. I spit it out on myself

  7. I like grass but whenever I have bean booseled lawn clippings so disgusting but if it was real lawn clippings I would eat it

  8. And it is moments like that little girl that make me happy I’m not a child anymore. Especially with those teeth. Not hating on her, she is an utterly adorable little snowflake, but I’m just glad I outgrew the supposed age where you hate vegetables, pick your nose and eat what comes out, lose your teeth every other day and act like everything MUST go your way, which I never did. Even as a teen I still love my vegetables, I have never picked my nose and eaten the result, my teeth are now strong as ever, and I don’t throw tantrums when I don’t get what I want.

  9. 0:21 I see it all says “Canned dog food”

    2:03 and all I see is “Juicy Pear”

    Is the paper rigged for the adults but the kid?

  10. You can’t swallow THAT much toothpaste, because of the back of the tube it will say, “If more than brushing amount swallow, call poison control center immediately.

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