Bad Service in a Restaurant – Lesson 36 – English in Vancouver

Bad Service in a Restaurant – Lesson 36 – English in Vancouver

[music] WAITRESS: There you go.
MARIO: Thank you. SONYA: Thanks. So, what are you going to have?
MARIO: Cheese omelette looks good. SONYA: Hmm. Yeah, it does, but I think I’m
going to have the soup and sandwich special.
WAITRESS: Can I take your order? MARIO: Could I have the cheese omelette and
a salad? And do you have any Thousand Island dressing?
WAITRESS: No. I’m sorry, we don’t. Would you like French dressing
instead?’ MARIO: Yes, thank you.
SONYA: Do you have any chicken noodle soup? WAITRESS: Yes, we do.
SONYA: Oh, great. Okay. Well, I will have the chicken noodle soup and an
egg salad sandwich, please. WAITRESS: Anything to drink?
SONYA: I’ll have a coffee. MARIO: I’ll have some, too.
SONYA: Oh, excuse me! WAITRESS: Yes?
SONYA: Could we get some water as well, please? WAITRESS: Water? No problem.
SONYA: [Looks at her watch] So, how long do we have for lunch?
MARIO: I have to be back in about half an hour. SONYA: Well, I hope the service is fast.
MARIO: The place isn’t very full. SONYA: Right.
[Later] MARIO: Service sure is slow.
SONYA: Oh, here she comes. WAITRESS: Here we go, one soup.
SONYA: Thanks. Oh, excuse me. Could I get some crackers for my soup,
please? WAITRESS: Sure, right away.
MARIO: How’s the soup? SONYA: It needs some salt.
MARIO: Oh, here. There isn’t any. SONYA: I’ll ask her.
WAITRESS: And here’s your omelette and the sandwich. [To Sonya] Is
everything okay? SONYA: Could we get some salt, please?
WAITRESS: Sure. SONYA: And also some crackers?
WAITRESS: No problem. MARIO: I don’t believe this.
SONYA: What’s the problem? WAITRESS: Salt and crackers.
MARIO: Excuse me. Could I get a fork? WAITRESS: Oh.
MARIO: And we still didn’t get our water. WAITRESS: I’ll get it right away.
SONYA: Oh, and I need a napkin, please. WAITRESS: Sure thing.
SONYA: [Looks at her watch] I don’t think we’re going to make this in
half an hour. MARIO: Well, we’re not going to if I have
to wait for a fork. SONYA: Well here, use mine. I don’t need it.
MARIO: Thanks. This restaurant is terrible. SONYA: Well, your omelette looks good.
MARIO: There isn’t any cheese in my cheese omelette.
SONYA: No way! There’s got to be some. MARIO: Well, there isn’t any. Look!
SONYA: Okay. Well, all right. Complain to the waitress.
MARIO: Miss! Miss! WAITRESS: Is everything all right?
MARIO: Well, no! We still don’t have our water. I had to borrow my
friend’s fork, and this cheese omelette doesn’t have any cheese in
it at all. WAITRESS: Oh. Sorry. I’ll return it to the
kitchen. MARIO: Never mind. My lunch hour is over.
Could you just bring the bill, please!
WAITRESS: Right away. MARIO: [To himself] Right away, right.
SONYA: Next time, I choose the restaurant. Okay?

26 Replies to “Bad Service in a Restaurant – Lesson 36 – English in Vancouver

  1. Thanks for the video – nice and clear, and realistic for the most part.

    But, as a former waiter, it's annoying when people are trying to get in and out in some unrealistically short amount of time (like a half-hour). Also, they didn't even mention that they were on a tight schedule to the waitress!
    I know this is a video for a lesson haha, but it brings back memories of waiting tables.

  2. The service of the hotel was very slow that the hotel had permanently lost its customer. The waitress was inattentive and showed no hospitality or warmth while entertaining the customer. Even the table was devoid of any essential items, cutlary, napkins, salt n water were not on the table. The food that had been served was hopeless. I would say this is the worst customer's sevice any hotel could deliver

  3. In Melbourne, whenever you order, the waiters/waitresses always "comment" on your order, perfect! wonderful! Sounds nice.

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