Bachelorette Picks Her Date Based On Their Mac And Cheese Dishes | Delish

Bachelorette Picks Her Date Based On Their Mac And Cheese Dishes | Delish

(dramatic music) – That looks like Hamburger Helper. (guys laughing) – [Narrator] Two hopeful
singles will compete for the heart and stomach
of one lucky bachelorette as they battle it out in the kitchen, and the bachelorette won’t
know who made which dish. This is “Date my Plate.” – The perfect guy, I don’t
feel like I really have a type. It’s more about personality. Any guy who, just basics, is nice. We’d start there, ’cause there’s a lot of weirdos out there now. One of the top priorities for me is someone who likes to eat. The saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart “is through his stomach.” I think the way to anybody’s heart might be through their stomach. A good meal just warms
me up inside and out. – What’s up.
– Hello. – What’s up, I’m Logan. – Nice to meet you, man.
– Nice to meet you, man. – All right, so are you
ready to lose today? – No, I think I’m ready to win. – Oh, yeah?
– Yeah. – Okay, man. – Okay, I don’t know who’s cooking for me, but we have their Instagram. I’m gonna do a little stalking. He’s cute. He seems very edgy. Somewhere in between black and white. I trap records. So he’s a musician. Musicians are loose cannons, I just don’t, I can’t do that (laughing). – Okay, Heidi Li. Either making noodles or making you laugh. Okay.
– She lives in L.A. All right.
– L.A., okay, all right. I like the style though, okay. – Yeah. – Very serious vibes. – Yeah. – His Instagram is very work
streamlined, which is good. But we’re here for food (laughing). He’s like a skateboarder, or seems to be. (man talking off camera)
Yeah. And he also seems very young, like I might be older than him. There’s that saying where guys, they mature like three years
slower than girls, I feel like. So I feel like if I date
someone that’s younger than me, we probably won’t be
on the same wavelength. – Look bro, if she’s not your type, you can just totally hand her to me. It’s not even a big deal. I won’t judge you for it or anything. – No, I might have to
compete for this one. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – You like her?
– Yeah. – What kind of girls
do you usually go for? – Beautiful, taller–
– Beautiful (laughing). – Yeah, yeah, you know.
– I like beautiful girls too. (Vivaswan laughing) – So the next guy is Logan. I think he literally just
graduated from college. He’s like a baby face. I feel like I’ve been in the real world since he was in elementary school. (Heidi laughing) He was just at prom! So maybe this was a high
school graduation and such? I mean, maybe if I was in high school we would be friends. You know what, honestly, I feel like he might be the underdog and he’s underestimated, and he would be the one
that’s a really bomb chef that throws down in the kitchen. You never know. – Yeah, it definitely brings
out a little more competition now that we know who we’re cooking for. We’ve gotta step up our game a little bit. – A little bit. Yeah, I’m excited to meet her. – Hi, I’m Heidi.
– Hey. Heidi, Vivaswan. – Vivaswan, nice to meet you. Heidi.
– I’m Logan. – Logan, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Thank you for being here. – Yeah.
– Thanks for having us. – I’m super-excited to meet you guys. So you guys are gonna be
cooking today, which is awesome, because I’m starving. So do you guys know what
we’re cooking today? – No.
– No clue. – We’re really nervous to find out.
– Okay. So it’s going to be mac and cheese. – Oh.
– Which is my favorite thing in the world, and
I was from the south, so no pressure. – [Logan] Okay. – All right.
– The only catch is you guys only have 30 minutes
to make the mac and cheese. And I’m also not gonna know who made what. It’ll be a blind taste test, so may the best mac win. – All right.
– Alrighty. – Your aprons.
– Let’s do this. – I’ll see you guys in 30 minutes. – Alrighty.
– All right. Yeah, at that moment, when
she said mac and cheese, I thought to myself, “I’ve never
made mac and cheese before, “but I just gotta pull it
out my ass and make it.” – That’s like the worst thing
that she could have picked. I’ve literally never made mac and cheese outside of a box. (timer beeping) Woo! – All right.
– All right. – So you get this side, I’ll– – Yeah, yeah, you get that
side, I get this side. – All right. So I’ma be doing noodles first, because they’re probably
gonna take the longest. I stole the macaroni noodles. – I’m just looking at
all our seasonings here. We’ve got some Spam, mm. (Logan laughs) – I’m looking for cheese, but
I have no clue where it is. I can’t find cheese, man. I grabbed some butter
to make it more creamy. – [Vivaswan] What’s your
kitchen skills like, bro? – I cook sometimes, you know, not much. – Okay.
– You cook a lot? – I do cook a lot, but my cooking style’s completely opposite of this, like a lot of prep and
marination and stuff. – Okay. Bro, we’ve got 22 minutes left. – Oh, no! Eight minutes already? – Yeah.
– What? That’s rigged, it’s rigged. All right, I’ma steal your bacon. – All right. – I can’t use bacon? Oh, damn.
– You can’t use my bacon. – (laughs) Okay. – Sorry, bro, I’m trying to win. – There goes my bacon bits idea. Well, I’ve gotta go for
the only other option here that might work, a spicy
Italian pork sausage. – I think the key is simple, simplicity. I don’t think this bacon was a good idea. – Oh, see? – It might be a little too fatty. I don’t know if she’s gonna like that. – Did this turn off? Is this still hot? Okay. – Is that all the cheese in there? – Yeah, bro, they’re in a– – Oh, I see it.
– Yeah, there you go. This is minced ginger. If there’s one thing that’s
the secret to any cuisine, it’s garlic and ginger
makes everything taste good. – I’ve never had ginger in mac and cheese. – It’s just for the,
well, I can’t give you– – It’s your little spice on it. – It’s just a little spice
thing on it, you know. Ooh, man, this 30-minute
time limit is killing me. – Yeah, we’ve got 15 minutes left. – Oh, no, don’t tell me that, bro.
– Yeah (chuckling). – How’s it going over there, bro? You confident? – I thought I was. (Vivaswan laughing) – Hey, bro… – I’m stressing, but– – This might go from a
competition to comradery, going down together. – [Logan] Yeah. – The noodles are still hard. Taking a while to cook here,
taking a while to cook. – I think they’re still hard. – Just do some Colby cheese
and whatever this pepper is. I don’t know what kind of pepper it is, so I’m just using a little bit here. Hey, mine’s just gonna have
more flavor than you, bro. You can think this back
to Minnesota right here, this recipe.
(Logan laughing) – [Logan] What you about to do? – I don’t know, man, but
it can’t be much worse that what I’ve already got going on. I’m throwing some pesto in there. I mean, I was already gonna do
it on the cheese part, but… I don’t know, I’m just such a flavor guy. – I just grabbed a couple of herbs, because there needs to be a little bit of green on the plate. It’s about presentation, too. The green brings it
out, accents the yellow. I couldn’t tell you what herb this is. – It’s the top of a carrot.
– Yeah. Is it? – (laughing) I don’t know. It looked like that, though.
(both laughing) I thought the carrot in there was a herb until I saw it was attached to a carrot. I guess that’s an herb, right? The top of a carrot, or…
– Yeah. – I’ve seen that in Whole Foods sometimes. So these noodles are just not cooking. I think it’s ’cause he got the little lid. You done with your lid? – Yeah, go ahead and use my lid. – All right, for sure. See, that don’t even fit, bro. There is none, there’s only a big one. – [Woman Off Camera]
Look over on this side. – Oh, I’m definitely
gonna have some of mine, because I made a little extra,
and she might not eat it all. The cheese isn’t melting
yet, but it’s getting here. It looks good, though. Sorry bro, you’re going down. – (laughing) Oh man. So I’m gonna go for a
little bit of saute here (macaroni sizzling) and kind of maybe get a
little bit of a fried texture out of my mac and cheese. – Hey, just don’t burn it, man. – Oh, man. (laughing) – [Logan] I think that’s
five-star quality right there. I’m about to crunch up all these toasts and put ’em in the vat
to cook ’em a little bit. – Man, I’m just trying to
play catch up here, you know? Make the cheese sauce happen. – You’ve got seven minutes. – Aw, bro. She’s Asian, she’s gotta like
a little bit of spice, right? Are you gonna add seasoning
to those breadcrumbs? – I think the bacon fat’s
just gonna soak up into it. – Oh, okay. Okay, yeah, I like what you’re going for with the garnishes here. – Yeah, a little presentation over here, yeah.
– A little presentation? Okay. – I’m almost done, man. You’ve got four minutes left. – I’m taking home–
– Four and a half. – the girl, bro, I don’t
know what to tell you. – I think you’re right. She might like a little spice. – Oh damn, I shouldn’t
have given him any ideas. I’m doing some sriracha sauce if I can figure out this top vibe. (macaroni sizzling)
(dramatic music) – I’m just waiting on these breadcrumbs. I don’t know what to do with this cheese, so I think I’m just gonna put
it in with the breadcrumbs. It should melt together, and then the green stuff
is the finishing touch. – I’m just gonna add a
little bit more pesto here since I already deviated
from the classic vibes. I’m just gonna go full mad scientist here. – That looks good, though. That does look good.
– Thank you, bro. At least the looks got me somewhere. You know what I’m saying?
– Yeah. – Thank you. Woo, all right. Breadcrumbs. (beep) – So you just wanna add breadcrumbs now?
– Your is mini-toast, my dude, and this is breadcrumbs. I gotta take it off the stove, now. I gotta take it off the stove. It’s getting a little too crunchy here. Oh, man.
– We’ve got a minute? – Oh man. Bro. (Vivaswan laughing) I’m just going AWOL here. – Honey?
– Yeah. – A little sweet? – Just a little sweet, ’cause
I put a little kick in there. – Okay. So are you gonna put it in the pan, or are you gonna get a plate. – Oh damn, I’ve gotta do that, too? – Yeah.
– I thought just the cooking part was–
– No. You’ve got like 30 seconds. – What?! – Yep. – [Woman Off Camera] Five seconds. – (laughing) Put it in there, put it in. (timer beeping) – Yeah, baby! Woo! – All right, man.
– Hands up. – All right, well, I hope she likes it. I’ma just, if you’ll excuse me, I’ma go cry now in the corner. – I’ma go feel good. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. (upbeat hip hop music) All right, bro, we’re gonna find out what she really thinks. – All right, let’s see.
– I’m excited. – So I don’t know if I
should be nervous or not, because I heard a slight shriek while I was in the other room, but I think it’s pretty hard
to mess up mac and cheese, so let’s see. (Heidi laughing) It looks not like mac and cheese. It looks like Hamburger Helper. (both laughing) – Bro. – I like my mac and
cheese to be, not soupy, but not, like, dense. I’m just gonna taste it,
I’m just gonna go for it. (dramatic music) I’m not tasting a lot. – She said what? – She said she’s trying not to throw up. – Oh. (Vivaswan laughing) – I mean, it smells so good,
so I’m kind of confused about what happened here. (dramatic music) You know what, if I was really
drunk, I would eat this, and I’d be like, “Damn, this is so good.” – Hey, there we go.
– Yeah. – There we go. (dramatic music) – Oh, wow! Okay, so I feel like the last
one was a wannabe this one. (both laughing) The presentation, I’m like
a big presentation person, and they really actually
garnished the dish and then put more cheese on
top, which is always good in a mac and cheese. Okay. It smells really good,
I think it’s the bacon. I just like this one. Much better. – Likes it. – Restaurant quality. – To make it like a five-star Yelp review, you would have to add just a little bit of red pepper flakes, or hot sauce, or something to give it a kick. – I had red pepper flakes.
– Hm? – You did add the red pepper?
– Yeah. – Just not enough.
– Yeah. – You just had to pop the top on that. – Well, now that I’ve tried both dishes, I think I know who I’m gonna pick, but I’m just gonna take a
minute to think about it. – I wanna make sure. – Two spoons.
– Is it the edible one, or the non-edible one? – Hi, guys. – Hey.
– How you doing? – So I tried both mac and cheeses. They were very different from each other, enjoyable in certain places.
(Vivaswan laughing) But I appreciate the effort, for sure. The one with the sausage, I, yeah, I was a little bit confused
about where the cheese went. It was a little bit stiff, like maybe you didn’t use
any butter, or any cream. Honestly, if I was looking
for drunk munchies, I would have totally
inhaled that in one sitting. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. The one with the bacon,
I think we all heard what I said about the one with the bacon. It was definitely amazing. I was very shocked, pleasantly. I really liked the garnish. That brought an extra
brightness to the dish. I really enjoyed the
bacon wasn’t too crispy, it was still soft, so obviously, I’m gonna be choosing
the one with the bacon. – All right.
– Hey. (Heidi and Vivaswan laughing) – Wait, what? – You picked mine. – What?
(Vivaswan laughing) What?
– Yep. – (laughing) Okay. – So yeah, my mom, she kind
of taught me everything. I’m, yeah, I’m a chef. (dramatic music) (woman laughing off-camera) – You can’t make that kind
of (beep) up right there, this whole reaction.
(Heidi laughing) Oh, girl, that is not how I can cook. That was probably the worst
first impression ever, but if you ever wanna come kick it and have a little ethnic pow wow, I’m down to whip up something nice. – Oh, I’m feeling great. I just won my first cooking
competition, a new date. She might think I’m a little too young, but I think I’m mature
enough to sooth an old lady. So? – I mean, that was a bomb
mac and cheese, though. I’m not gonna lie, like, good job. – Yeah. – But still, I’m way older than you. – That’s all right. I mean, we can still go
out for ice cream after. – Sure. – All right. – All right.
– You have to buy, though, ’cause I’m too young,
and I don’t have a job. – All right, let’s go. – Let’s go. (everybody laughing) (gentle upbeat music)

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  1. Is logan related to harry styles bless him….but on a serious note wtf…mac and cheese?? That lady probably ate far more beautiful palatable dishes than either of them two…mac and cheeseee.ARGGHGG NO just no another edit …that logans head is literally banging into the fan…..

  2. Girls these days act like stuck up mean girls. I feel so sorry for guys and men these days.
    If I were one of these guys, I would have said no thanks. You’re too much work.
    In my day we women took care of our men!

  3. The second dish but Im probably old enough to be his mom. When choosing compatible dates come on look at the age ranges to. Or instead choose comparable men and let them cook their moat amazing dish in 30 mins.

  4. Many of these videos are hit and miss for me on the entertainment level, half the time I think it's just a grab for the next spot in the dumb and dumber contest! But I really liked this one. Still just kids, but a pair that at least have some experience and knew basically what they wanted to do. Or so it was portrayed and I like it like that!

  5. How shocking seeing an Asian girl pitted for non asian males in an american internet, tv show or movie yet again!! How progressive we've become no doubt!! Lmfaoo

  6. I'm kinda glad the second guy won. He strikes me as kind of a likable doofus – plus, when a pure amateur wins, it gives hope to all us amateurs out there.

  7. Good homemade mac and cheese takes longer than 30 minutes to make. I use 4 different cheeses to make it cheesy and not just creamy saucy, mac and cheese sauce, two different types of macaroni noodles, mixed breadcrumbs and put it all in a deep ceramic dish to bake. Sometimes bits of salmon or/and lobster if I’m feeling fancy. 30 minutes is not long enough to make delicious mac and cheese.

  8. “I guess that’s an herb right, top of a carrot? Seen that at Whole Foods or somethin”
    Where did you find these “cooks” lmaooo

  9. idk their exact ages, but why didn’t they chose someone that wasn’t as young as logan, or have them tell the producers what ages they’d be comfortable with

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