Australia Ray Mears Wild Food E1 part 5

Australia Ray Mears Wild Food E1 part 5

next morning brings that jones for us to take
a look that some of the trees growing around and animals who and that this treaty exclude for the full
credit the same contact with these crimes it goes back to the fold anything done missiles grown-ups so it’s the actions of inquiries here we have all fuels use individuals the ldp’s yes all troops as she continues christine beatty
in the foreign policy team of the and protect he had been the key issue and this is for them to the fittest boston
King no the on one of the most interesting trees in the time frame is this the the papal it’s a fantastic years old you’ve seen a the
state’s coal when the farc’s the through here that looks familiar the country’s chief voting again and the Bob protects the tree former far the a little kid the paper about really is a good name for
it this crisis is that the pockets of protection to the trees clark we can wheel to use it for it looks great for some foreign trade it’s a destructions for continued very good it’s kind of a level that could occur that
two of us Paul if something the closest boxcar loads of other incidents it is used McCain to make insurance is for making wrong it’s across the script and
tested war two lots of lawsuits mean even used to ross perot the politician the interest but isn’t it who pooled particular expertise he’s grown since do you have any you this girl she said you just know Justice to craft but I shouldn’t be if you point out was what two hundred ninety
three you get the picture that it’s elected and the the policies that we wouldn’t know off his
stride he chiles do you see more action they live well natalie the this did you tell him that and I’m still trying to the moment and it doesn’t take long for rabin to knock
out the back this sort of dexterity comes with constant time it that on failed that for that supposing you go on in life is is a child’s
for want me to the child’s name come together electoral votes if he can put his foot clara and the others to cook this new approach increased we demand as the state let me ask mister Clinton pieces from the stomach mounds who hold the key to the phones okay but tens of thousands of years australian aboriginal so need without the use of a cooking pot relying instead well many sophisticated ways
of using phone here the ames’ the protected from the flames by using think
the book and vegetation thirteen war two covering the whole thing you know tens the foreign trips huge open with the dams would effectively be stained
for about an hour yeah welcome there is a very direct relationship with animals
as the which is shared by even the youngest of those
present been natural curiosity these a thing of survival itself that world to go on any cleaning and incorporated up would come down it’s like
this just all the eggs burning in being wasted it’s simple effective it last there are two types of yeah I’m here among them which can be eaten straight away and did she keep them which will need two percent once the crew well then if it doesn’t smell of niggers that
wonderful mister darden aboriginal techniques county hall from one
generation to the next five the eldest lower demonstrates how to butcher it could go on
these injustices you know it now live they allege he is the state will leave no marks on the skeleton
to be trained any signs of butchery and we eventually will so way a reminder just house difficult exploring the pontiff I the jury to eat my chance to turn the camera on the crew it did this feature hello but the well the were what went on it it’ll be good for it the I honor she kenyans are action poisonous and the person to make compatible hill okay but a smell show becomes a useful greater the it because like the yeah on the way from together isn’t sure they get
enough calories in Britain today house take a little break pass the potatoes and rights none of which existed in our on to counter opponents what we’re learning here will open their minds to the possibilities all staples he enough room floor local or but that article that the the key isn’t it and with that your vote we’ll have to wait until tomorrow I lost day we need a good said to teach and the talks how did you find great to achieve here well that’s the key it’s a it’s still difficult well there are skewed unit archaeologists
mister uncover something about in a British do you think that it would attribute it with
any importance not of I think some of the most emotional
stuff eighties it wouldn’t have happened I begin to sing be it does telescope and %uh the city’s to win it’s a very effective to excess simple so simple are being to me there’s an and I
couldn’t be used to not that really sums up

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  1. Great vids man, thanks a lot for sharing.
    The subs are pathetic though! Laughed my ass off at them…

  2. the Breed of lizard is call Goanna there slowy loosing the fight with the cane toad that was brought out here to get rid of the cane beattle some time back.. but it was a stuff up like everything else not native to the land.

  3. @ApollonPythios If I am not mistaken it is a kukri. They are great survival knives, with different parts of the blade being good for chopping, scraping, shaving or even hammering.

  4. oh auto subs u so funny, i dont think i seen 1 sentence that was correct on this video, then when the aboriginals were talking it just plain made shit up 😛

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