here we go but what you do boy didn’t I open here one and only now
no you’re thinking like what’s he doing in the bathroom and I was nothing when
his head yeah I look good to shop shut up you
know what let me just start the vlog in the bathroom the lighting is insane I
just want to read through the camera and just kiss you guys I love you so much
seriously I’m reading you’re kicked out birdie
Nando’s these were crazy man like those wings were so hot an today’s prank I’m
the man with the plan yeah I got the breath Oh whiskey that were you doing
I’m trying to do my intro let’s say something new anyway today’s plank guys
we’re gonna be meeting my boy daddy hey it’s gonna be me my boy color and we’re
gonna be do some public there’s more challenges but they’re gonna get crazy
guys got the bottle challenge you’re gonna see the key check that you
never see in a hole okay we’re down what station you know what my life seems to
revolve around here I keep coming back to this place know what to do so guys
just to let you know so you know my usual videographer rap he’s actually not gonna make it today so
I’m gonna be going selfie style how’d you like selfie style don’t worry guys
we’re still gonna be able to see everything all the crazy adventures that
we’re gonna go oh my god they always do there guys it’s 20 degrees out right now
the heating is on I confirmed me coming over with the hello brought that out
London Underground why are you putting heating on but it’s 28 degrees out right
just go out the space units Shoreditch High Street this is my boy Danny Hayes
right off on the cam yeah I met this guy back at was it bollywood bollywood days
man oh my god we were doing like some extra workers on Bollywood shoot
oh it’s been so long hey what we doing we’re doing some pranksters and there’s
public pranks and desolate Danny I know you got a few ideas he wants me to do
some singing in like some random fast commercials I don’t even know if I’m up
for this oh my god give the people what they want you know you’re gonna see the
most exhilarating most fun content we mean who is it collar collar bone like
what is it like a collar bone like what do you say bro would you need bones
obvious reason why did you call him bones right see when you mean collarbone
yeah six hours later hey but where’s columns you know even he know where he’s
column he loves to make people wait introduce yourself to the giddy gang
caller:yes like the collarbone you’re gonna go into prayer and you need
to make yourself Dean bye everyone yeah and then we need you to get up on
the table on the table can I just get up on a chair why don’t the gap on a table
this is the blue yeah facts but what are you gonna do it what am I even singing I
mean opera is probably your best strong but I don’t know any opera I don’t even
know you’re a man oh you know what I’m a beast I’m gonna do this public singing
opera here we go my guy got put oh opera singing everyone
loved it that’s the mantra singing man I think you could have sold some lessons that was powerful if anything I hate you
a little bit we weren’t able to be silent I got some round of applause
which was really nice it was crying friendly back there man yes with good
people in it that’s an X play Burger King on the Left Burger King on the
right but first there and move it where the lady said right before dude left so
I guess straight up right I’ve got no idea yeah I swear she said that please
left we’re going to Burger King to see I don’t know what I was thinking what you
want to hear in Burger King I’m here with my girl can you speak colombian along bia i know
HUD says can you speak Spanish can you do like a really sexy Spanish accent are
you guys going into banking to see yeah we got the girls who are tagging along you didn’t say your name you ran away
and we’ve got that we’ve got an audience and they’re gonna hear us perform yeah
where it goes where is that here we go Burger King I need you to
pick a song for me to sing in Burger King but it’s something that I know I
need to know this we’re gonna see shaggy any medicine microrna gonna be doing
mysterious girl with the crack X Factor audition come on move your body move
your body oh let’s do this saga king I’m sorry it was just a prank it was the
matter we see boo okay sorry this is England
this is vodka – why from the manager and hello you okay hi hi can I see you don’t
be on the hannumas can I sing in okay so you didn’t like it
I like your heart I wish you a nice name nice Arya Wow at the end of the day is just a joke
we’re having the line is for you guys the kiddy gang we just want to make you
laugh and smile what did that guy say wow he’s so it the entire generation
phenomenal happens when someone perfect just cause of us in it this is not the
ghetto this is long gone by now I’m in Shoreditch man I took the train here how
is that how you feeling already what if I carry on without your performance was
good color yes I have to go back to my nugget so more people down the street
we’re being casted now for Eva wait what war might be in caste before now for the
sex clinic could be sexy we’re virgins actually so we go to this is what
happens when you walk down the street people coming up to you to see the
camera they wouldn’t be in the vlog Danny this is for you this channel
efore sex clinic yes your thing right this is I felt like telling me to like
get out my house today because something bigger was cool yeah we get stage by we don’t we don’t
like it on camera this guys will go right here but these
girls they’re persisting they really want Danny on that show right Danny you
gonna do or not yeah we going guys you see money for real shortly boy Danny he
knows how to wine people up girls you’ve been a pleasure
okay bye girls bye yes they were pushing very pushy their booty but they were so
pushy the hold well ever their sex gonna give them a range they really push they
push that to the next level kiddy gang boil at last storms storm Z in that
storm their nap today Kosta in Gideon my man gonna go in there get on a table
again and he’s gonna sing what the most beautiful snore you’ve ever heard
oh goody just am i ready I’m not ready now you’re ready I’m ready here we go okay let’s just move let’s keep moving wait Danny spit some bars yo I’m out
here with the wooden stools we’d be looking like some thriller fools so like
I was Michael Jackson yeah walking man shorties you know it’s all happening
yeah baby but the shades on cuz the higher to
blues yeah this part of hot my guy my guy
hey buddy some bars spit some bars somebody else’s girl so we’re walking
from here at ease right now he’s some bastard these girls Oh
that lyrics these girls they’re cool outside that absurd pop yeah yeah my
girls got a empty glass in that glass and that waited for somebody to come up have a good evening
okay so I told you you’re gonna see the best bottle cap challenge on YouTube so
I’m gonna buy three bottles line them all up in a row also tonight we’re gonna
kick them all off and he’s gonna be the best one you’ve seen hey what’s up man
in the kiddy gang and you have any glass bottles I need to buy some bottles oh
it’s going to G I wanna buy some bottles okay I’ve got some three glass bottles
yeah all right we’re not filming no no no
they allow us hello can i buy these please no you
can’t buy anything while you the shop what’s wrong man no you can’t be mate
why can’t we film I just want to buy these three bottles man I just know one
let me buy the bottles we just got locked out go like and ruggedness
froggen sir hi can I buy the bottles I just want the bottles
oh my god guys people don’t like cameras I will find another corner shop to buy
the bottles and then we’ll get on with the bottle cap challenge you know what
all right then I fancy doing some swing see you daddy oh I’m playing traffic kids guys I urge
you don’t do any of those stunts at home unless you’re a trained professional
like her my attempt number two to get the glass bottles so we can do the
challenge that is distracting the security so we don’t get kicked out
because you know I want to film it all for you guys he wasn’t even Pettibone
but any other glass like that was that the only one hey have some guy man yeah
we can spin off when I do my roundhouse gently Jackie Chan kick that’s gonna
spin off yeah I trained in peace old Jade for six years
all right let’s get three we’ve got the glass bottle we got the spinny cap thing
it’s all going down what’s up again though are you in the kiddy gang was big
in ego bro you just gotta get your phone out
type in Gideon hi open adventures on YouTube
boom click the subscribe button during the kiddy gang don’t be like my last
fire my last videographer so he literally zoomed in on here and he tried
to take my bank details you know this is the first test oh we’re
having been kicked out or for filming so thank you so much bro I really
appreciate that what was scary was it not loud oh yeah
we’re filming bro are you okay with that cuz you’re not allowed to have oh baby
you’re cool with it anyway yeah it’s cool good I let’s just go the guys we
were taking a long photo that’s a long ass photo I got a challenge for you
Gideon I want to see who can pull create a space where you changing you know I
can pull the weirdest faces and come back down this is a challenge but I pull
the weirdest faces I’m known flat and pour over 100 paces
you ready you got me this funny enough goat they’re not funny and
not finally I think I found the place where we’re gonna do the bottle
challenge this is the plan so we finally found the place here’s the railings
we’re gonna put the bottles up on here guys you’ve never seen anything like
this on YouTube before and telling them hey let me have a little swig ‘days
disgusting that’s number one thank you for the assistance Danny open safety
guys always know elephant safety you know we don’t want any glass going at
any one rule number one remember my mum sent me to some sang-soo in China when I
was five years old where did you meet sensei Paul dog
so my roundhouse kicks by my Jackie Chan Jenny’s completed sorry oh we’re just
doing we’re just doing a bottle cap we’re
almost finished we’re doing a bottle cap challenge if the new my foot guys what crazy day I want no
more voice from singing I love the guy in Burger King he was so angry this is
not the hood hope you enjoy everything you saw in the video hit like button for
me if you like what you saw join the kiddy gang subscribe for the most crazy
exhilarating are you by shuttles are you buy some


  1. I am the first one ☝️, 😅😅😅 I will watch this later my man,, because I am here on my work now 👌

  2. Ahh I rewatched and just realised that you put my comment there!!!! Thanks 🤗🤗 Anyway imma fan of Peter Andre since like 20 years ago! I'm loyal 😎 Just saying, so you know i might be your fan forever lol🤣

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    First of all, 0:48 Gideon Mushroom, 1:01 OMG MY MOM AND I SCREAMED SO LOUD WHEN WE SAW THIS!!!! AHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR!!!!!! I´M SO GRATEFUL!!! 4:20 a r t a p p r e c i a t i o n, 4:47 Finally they let ma boi record where he wanted to, 6:51 You have a great future in spanish ma bro, 9:07 Simon Cowell approves, 14:56 IT IS JUST A CAMERA!!!! They must be grateful because someone like you decided to stop and buy in his shop, don´t worry Gideon we love you and support you, some people are just jealous because you are happy, 18:08 WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH MR.
    Thank you for making our days better!!!!! Ican´t wait for the other blog!!!!! ❤❤❤❤👍

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