ASMR Eating TOO MUCH CHEESE SAUCE For 1 Hour No Talking 먹방

ASMR Eating TOO MUCH CHEESE SAUCE For 1 Hour No Talking 먹방

you are beautiful cheezus loves you you are kind your feelings matter your thoughts have value i will listen to you cheezus hears your every prayer praise Cheezus almighty give yourself to Cheezus you are unique you are an individual you are powerful your power comes from Cheezus Christ all power comes from the cheese cheese sauce is the mana of heaven be strong in Cheezus have faith in Cheezus you are the master of your own cheesy destiny immerse yourself in the cheese surround yourself with cheese live cheesy do not be afraid to show your cheesy side be your authentic cheese self be vigorously cheesy you my beautiful smart wise friend are chosen you are the chosen one go forth and spread the cheesy word in serving Cheezus you serve yourself for Cheezus is always on your side my child always love always delicious cheese

100 Replies to “ASMR Eating TOO MUCH CHEESE SAUCE For 1 Hour No Talking 먹방

  1. Вас не смущает что он сидит голый? Ненадо из мукбанга или асмр делать 18+

  2. When I look at the comments I thank god im not the only one that likes the way he eats, the sound is pleasing my ears

  3. At the begging it said your beautiful I was like yeah I know In my head but I realised he was talking to the corn dog

  4. The first clip when I first saw that clip I thought he put jello on his cheese and I was thinking what a dumbass but I realize it was green onion

  5. May my cheese guides always put me on the right path to cheesus. I know cheesus is always with me and that he loves me. Cheese be thy glory, in cheesus’ name. Amen. 🙏🏼

  6. Honestly, whenever I’m bored, I can watch your videos, and instantly just become un-bored. You are an amazing man. Everyone in this world is amazing in their own way. Everyone is unique.~ from a friendly fan and subscriber, Brooklyne :3

  7. I think you are having fun when you are eating.Don't care about the people who didn't like you.Just do what you want✋✋✋

  8. Ok I'm subscribing, u seem like a great/amazing person ❤ I love this idk y but when it comes to people eating with their mouth opened I tell them to stop but you in the other hand… I just like it💕

    I also love how positive the comment section is, this channel spreads positivity :0!

  9. I feel like this man put a spell on me because I was watching him ALL night and I usually hate smacking and eating with your mouth open but to me when he did it I found it relaxing guys I'm going crazy😂😂😂

  10. There’s no such thing as too much cheese because here at nomnom food is what counts and anything to make food taste good is worth it! I love his YouTube videos and channel and always try to be early for most videos but I’m mostly late 😅😂

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