[ARA + ENG SUB] طريقة طبخ الدجاج المكسيكي بالأرز || FOOD TIME: Rice & Mexican Style Chicken Recipe

[ARA + ENG SUB] طريقة طبخ الدجاج المكسيكي بالأرز ||   FOOD TIME: Rice & Mexican Style Chicken Recipe

Hey! Welcome to my channel! Today I am going to show you one of my recipes I will be using this sachet (Maggi) The one I will be using in this video is “Sweet & Spicy Mexican” I will be cooking it with chicken & vegetables And I will be cooking rice too and salad to serve it with I will show you how to make it all This sachet comes with a plastic bag that you put all your ingredients in They say you should use two chicken breasts And they have step by step instructions on the back aswell with serving suggestions It gives you the oven temperature and cooking time aswell So I have little onions here, So I will be using 3 of them, if you are using big ones, then 1 or 2 is enough 1 pepper and 2 chicken breasts I’ve washed them and squeezed lemon on them to neutralise and kill off bacteria So they’re ready to be chopped up As I’ve mentioned already, this has a plastic bag that you put your chicken pieces and chopped up vegetable into These vegetables I will be using for the rice I will show you the method after You will need 1 carrot, 1 tomato, 1.5 onion, half a pepper for the rice Anyways, I won’t be cutting up these vegetables now till later I have peeled the onions And I’m going to open this packet now So I can open up the bag that comes inside, and prepare it for when I chop the onions to put it in So it comes folded up, I’m going to open it And inside it, there is a little thing that you close the bag up with at the end There you go, this is what I was talking about I’m just going to open it up and prepare it now Chopping up the onions now Only chopping up 2.5 onions for this, leaving half of one onion for the rice later Just finished cutting it up, leaving this half for the rice As I want to use one and a half for the rice Im gonna put it into the bag now And as you can see, I’m just opening up all the chopped up pieces of the onion So once it cooks with the chicken, there’s no big pieces Now I’m going to cut up the chicken breasts I’ve got them cleaned from unwanted fat and washed And I’m going to cut it up into thin, slightly long pieces You will see how I do this This big piece I will cut in half before I start cutting up into smaller pieces Just because if I cut it straight like that, then the pieces will be too big I am going to put what I cut up so far into the bag with the onion And continue cutting up the next chicken breast the same way and pop it into the bag too Now I’m done with the chicken, I am going to chop up the pepper I am going to cut it up long in length and then cut those in half So the pieces aren’t too big when you come to eat it Then I’ll just pop it into the bag too and time for seasoning this all now I’ve just grabbed an oven tray, get one that is big enough to fit the bag with the contents Make sure it will fit in it, the bag expands in the oven So when we come to put it in the oven, you need to think in advance we will put it on the 2nd shelf so it won’t touch the ceiling when it expands I’m gonna put in the seasoning now which comes in the bottom half of this sachet On the back it says, prepare your oven to 180 degrees and cooking time is 45 minutes So I’m going to prepare the oven now and open the sachet now Whoever wants to cook this food and doesn’t have this sachet or you don’t know where to buy it You can make the seasoning yourself at home Paprika, Oregano, Cumin, Salt, Pepper And you can just put all your chicken and vegetables in a tray with some oil and cook it normally Anyways, I’m going to pour all of the contents of the seasoning into the bag now And you need to mix it really well Just play around with the bag as I’m doing to make sure the seasoning gets to everything in the bag Just continue to mix around, as I’m doing until you feel like its evenly distributed I’m going to add a glass of water to it – they don’t tell you to on the instructions But I like to serve it with sauce And I’m just going to mix it around again a little bit And now I’ll put it in the tray and pat the contents down Now time to close the bag with that little thing they give us Ta daaa.. its ready to go into the oven! While that’s cooking, I’ll prepare and cook the rice with veg I have 1 carrot, 1.5 onions, 1 tomato and half a pepper The spices I’ll be needing for the rice is: 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of salt (or to your taste) I’ve peeled the carrot and onion and im going to chop up the onion first As I need to fry it first while I prepare the rest of the vegetables I cook this rice in a deep pan like this one I’ve already put in some oil in the pan and i’ll put the onions in now I’m going to leave it now to fry a bit I don’t want it to fry till it turns brown. I just want it to soften up So I’m going to cover it to let it cook on low heat in its steam Meanwhile I will chop up the carrot I will chop it up into very small pieces and because it will take long to cook with onions I will boil it on its own and then put it with the onions later The same with the pepper, but I will add it to the carrots to boil after a little while I’ve finished chopping up the pepper and now for the tomato And now I will put the pepper to boil with the carrot Just going to measure out 2.5 cups of rice Popping the pepper in with the carrot, so it can cook a little before I put it with the onion too And I’m going to put the chopped tomato in with the onion Mix it around a little and cover it Now the carrot and pepper are ready I will drain it and pour it in with the onion and tomato Mix it, and add a little spices, just a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper Not all of it, I’ll put the rest when I put in the rice in a bit I’ve washed the rice and I’ll put it in now and mix it all well And pop in the rest of the seasoning and mix again And now I will pour in 4.5 cups of water Now im going to turn on the heat to the max and let it boil As soon as it has boiled, I will mix it, cover the pan, and lower the heat completely and let it cook in its steam While the rice is cooking, I prepared the salad I cut up tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce into small cube-like pieces And for the first time I put in Gouda cheese Its the first time I’m trying it with this cheese I usually put in feta cheese And it turned out good! And I’m going to add olive oil, lemon zest, and salt As you can see, the rice is ready The vegetable usually goes up to the top So make sure you mix it well before serving or serve it in a large bowl first before you individually serve I took out the chicken from the oven I’ve opened up the bag and put the chicken in a large bowl, ready to serve And this is the result, you can tell its got a sweet taste because of the texture of the sauce I have served everything in large bowls first And now I will serve for each person individually And that is all, this is the finished meal I hope you enjoyed this video and enjoyed my recipe Comment down below if you liked it, and if you’ve tried it out yourself And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! So you can see whenever I post a new video! Thank you for watching!

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