Apple Cinnamon Cheerios & LemonTea – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios & LemonTea – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

bah this trip and I want to walk in between
my channel another breakfast today this is Cheerios apple cinnamon
whole-grain it’s kind of healthy I want to put these on because I enjoy
listening to it also when I’m filming this as you see I heaven you and your
table here it will be quite as noisy mrs. pepper one little feather little
dinky small table when I was moving it around in here if you added some
decorations these are genuine artificial flowers but you can’t even see the tops
of them can you yes sir this is a first class channel new table new flower arrangement we’ll
see how long how this works you would think that breakfast would be the
simplest meal to and make a video about but I think that maybe you learnt your
dinner is because it seemed like there were so many moving parts to her to your
breakfast ladies toilet that I’m doing it so these kids started
I know some of the noises I heard a couple of complaints about the noise
well you know I’m still figuring this out but most happy about menu table here
so he won’t be quite as noisy of it I like to wear my headset my headphones
until I learn how everything works still trying to find my way and ASM oh yeah Celeste you herbal teas which TV show up
today hey lemon let me just tears it and
easily tested left the sale closed very strong sense
of smell a little bit of tea cup for the tea try not to make a mess with my new table don’t want to splash in my felonies that
I do that’s why I’m wearing these things so I
can see I can see how bad things are Wow so since Pardo just attack this cereal oops now prop
and eat the scissors serial scam it’s pretty healthy
that’s nice apple cinnamon like a kind of picture that’s going to taste whole
grain oats there’s a picture of lips her name on Ellen or something rather she’s
a she’s like a yo comedian or something has to show it’ll really keep that night
to that that could have business oh look at there hmm
okay love how they how you could read the ingredients and everything and by
the way the FDA the Food and Drug Administration they’re going to be
revising the way these these ingredients are shown I got to learn to be more more
careful around this set up like I said this is my first day using this table
that I found now without looking forth in the different places i bunch of
different stores then I found a win here at home I need to not be in a hurry kind of
works lowers my looks from eating noise just like that what if I put it what if
I put some kind of a everyone dies to NAV CANADA enter this in my future how
would that be hey I learned something new like that I smacked as I say in German I think I
want to leave that to tea in here this tea bag I think I’m gonna be kind of
stronger that’s a good idea though I put that instead of on here I put it on some
kind of the napkin and I’ll find a nicer napkin Terry I’m a learning now what if this chewing sounds is loud
to you out there as it does to me when I play it back I’ll have a good idea Elena’s milk and I use very Legend milk
was just cool enough now I do like that 90 this was lemon lemon
herbal tea it was pretty healthy to me is its caffeine free good that that’s
good if you’re someone who my bad sleeper like I am that’s good I like this so CEO some advertisement about
something that looks something good hi Ellen and Cheerios here’s my act of
good when million acts of good cause like you cut this thing out here and you
send it in and don’t have my glasses so I really can’t read it I had LASIK
surgery in 2003 that was the last the last time I played in a band from 2003
to 2005 and I tried to work on tagless even whenever I was I was a teenager I
tried soft lenses what they called semi soft and the hard lenses and it killed
my eyes and then under the strobe lights ended the other purple lights this stage
the stage lights I would like my eyes kind of look like
Alice Cooper the American sort of you know such a rock singer he were sort of
a cob type maker so I was putting in meereen or eyedrops to keep my eyes to
try to relax them and they would drift out like this and I looked kind of scary so in 2003 I got I got LASIK surgery
it’s kind of expensive but it’s the first time I could I didn’t have to
after wear contact lenses and I could see everything so well I could see that
everybody in the dancers in the and the audience in all the way to the back of
whatever place we were playing you know I could I could see all the people I see
the girls looking back and all that and that was on that wasn’t ice everything
wasn’t such a great detail it’s just so good yeah just Plano Cheerios can you see
that I guess good tea I like this day I don’t put a lot of milk as you can see maybe my peculiar eating habit I don’t
like for thee put the spoon to touch my touch my mouth like this I just kind of
use my teeth it’s that strange I prefer to think I’m just uh you know you know I
think outside the box I’m the eccentric I don’t like soggy cereal so I don’t
like to put a lot of milk but the two reasons one I’m not I don’t really like
milk by itself and – I don’t like soggy cereal sorry and I use my fingers to get to get
food on the spoon or the fork or whatever instead of the piece of bread
it’s that kind of improper okay that was good
so he solved one problem kind of instead of using the hard service up it I find a
little nice napkin or something they put the bowl on that and it won’t make so
much noise don’t want it to be too strong too bitter so we’ll take this
this uh little tea bag out this table is so tall or am I just short how could I
improve on this maybe though like a tablecloth my flowers at least these flowers aren’t really too
big just something kind of smaller I think that’s about it for breakfast no time to count a very fun busy day so
this is trip that I I hope you liked the video and hope you will like my channel
please feel free to comment suggestions and helpful ideas yeah I’m open to to a
reasonable helpful criticism I can’t do everything and it’s too late you know
I’m starting this at almost 68 so I can’t do everything all these are there
they assume artists are going to do that they do I’m gonna have to find my niche
and one thing I think I do like I like a dining I like ASMR food ASL or eating so
please share my videos with others and and watch the videos you know please
we’ll watch them as as much as much as you could stand from end to end I’ll try to keep them too long but
anyway I look forward to the next time what shall we have for lunch

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  1. aw happy to see how far you’ve come with this channel after seeing a comment of yours on another ASMR video when you were only at 67 subs! also glad to see you got that microphone 🙂 keep it up!!

  2. Love hearing your stories, Trippe! Your set up with the new table looks so nice, and you put in so much effort into your channel.
    My favorite parts are when you tell stories, the natural cadence of your speech and the tone of your voice is just lovely!

  3. Those are some of the best Cheerios and sounds. I love this video very much. Thank you for the content!

  4. "Es schmeckt" This short German sentence made me smile, because I'm from Germany 😀 And this was another great video 😀

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