ANA ECONOMY Class FOOD Review | All Nippon Airways Review

ANA ECONOMY Class FOOD Review | All Nippon Airways Review

today I’m in Tokyo and I’m returning to
Honolulu I’m flying economy class with a and a All Nippon Airways I like They have the largest airlines fleet in Japan and are known for their service . THey offer two bags free. First up, ample leg room with foot rest. My feet are so sore from all the walking i’ve been doing on this trip. My feet just came out of my jogging shoes. Individual entertainment console with free international movies. I can see I’m not gonna get much sleep tonight I’m
watching a movie with my favorite Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and I’ve
pre-ordered a special diet hindu meal. I guess I’m missing India .my meal has a cheesecake
dessert, chickpea salad, salad greens some kind of fruit dressing and carrot
dressing. my main dish is an Indian My main dish is sag paneer or cheese and spinach. The spinach looks a little too green and artificial here. Kinda like the color of green
dye and chicken korma? I made the bold mistake of
assuming a Hindu meal was an all vegetarian meal. I accidentally ordered a
Hindu non-veg meal. I feel bad this bird died in vain for me. okay let’s
dig in I am starving. okay that Hulk color looks like it’s gonna color the
insides of my stomach if I eat too much of it . I’m really surprised how
artificial it looks wouldn’t expect that of ANA. I hope it tastes better than it
looks. the paneer cheese is very soft and creamy .the block or spinach puree also
tastes very creamy buttery and rich. chickpea salad you’ve got some sweet
pickled red cabbage pickled artichoke hearts, tomato and chickpeas . overall
everything’s tasting very sweet and pickled. I’m definitely not going to need
any dressing. broccoli, okay yeah. next ooh my mystery
dessert it looks really creamy and soft I thought it was cheesecake but now it
looks a little like pudding. maybe a cheesecake pudding okay here we
go, gonna dig in. Oooh, I think I like it. like a sweet fluffy, whipped cream with cream cheese… a tinge of lemon and I think it’s jelly for the bread. The
Japanese have a tradition of giving a omiyage or gifts and they tend to do it
with individual plastic bags and packages. let’s see what we have here
snacks, caramel popcorn and a muffin.
the one feature of this ANA plane is that it has …. dun, dun…. a toto
toilet! yes we love those. Japanese toto toilets have remote controls on them
with features like bidet. yep this is pretty stylish. this is the first plane
where I’ve come upon a toto toilet thanks for watching hope you enjoyed
this video if you did give me a thumbs up or like let me know what you think in
the comment section below would you fly Annie what’s your favorite

34 Replies to “ANA ECONOMY Class FOOD Review | All Nippon Airways Review

  1. First to view. ANA I've heard a lot it's a great airline. The saag(spinach) looks artificial, saag is never too too green. Indian meals in most airlines is always classified as veg meal, nonveg meal or Jain meal. Btw Happy Fourth of July, love and wishes from India.

  2. Yeah…that saag is very questionable. Best food I've had on a flight was Virgin Air. Thanks for the quick video and have a happy 4th!

  3. Haha. Watching another new vlog from u at 11.30pm. Why do I keep doing this. Btw. Love the video. 🙂

  4. That spinach looks okay… you should've rubbed that chicken on your sore feet so just to save it from dying in vain … lol … wish I was at Honolulu airport to welcome you wearing a skirt made out of straw, a necklace made out of shark teeth and a spear made out of thigh bone of a cast away Pirate from the 1700's. Looking forward to know all about the authentic side of Hawaii. Cheers.

  5. Wow just in time for me. 3 weeks later I’m travelling from narita to Mumbai on ANA and planning to order Hindu non veg meal. So thanks for this heads up 😆

  6. Travel to airport, 40 mins. Check-in before 3 hrs for a 12hr flight. Flight delay, 3 hrs.

    I don't care what the food looks or taste like.

  7. I think that chicken soul would have gotten some extra post mortem Karma points if it had fed you well. Now I guess it will be reborn as a worm again. Poor soul.

  8. My favourite airlines are Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

    Could the green colouring be pandan by any chance? It's natural food colouring and used in (mostly) snacks and sweets in Indonesia.

  9. I’m sure the spinach was not dyed. Spinach has a really strong green color when you make a purée. I’m sure they didn’t add any dye. I think you have to say you want only veg for your meal. I don’t think “Hindu” means it will be vegetarian……
    I love ANA. I’ve had really good flights with ANA!

  10. Hello the contact form on your site is not working for me. Where can I email you with an interview request please?

  11. An airline review! Pretty soon you'll be up there reviewing with Sam Chui et all airline vloggers.

    I remember my first time on ANA, 15 or so years ago. I wasn't sure what the meal was. (I'm not an adventurous eater). I asked the flight attendant, pointing to something. In her broken English and she said: 'some kind of fish'. They are better now, you can see the meal cards online.

    You must have been on their new A380 service to HNL.

  12. Some poor little chicken got killed because of me ….. lol really? I lived in the country for years and would hang them upside down, bleed them out and butcher them 20 to 30 at a time for the freezer . Silly

  13. Wow, that Toto toilet on the plane! 😂

    I've always wanted to try ANA. I've heard they're good. Looked like a comfortable flight.

  14. There is no HINDU veg or HINDU nonveg……Simply VEG or NONVEG……Waiting for you indian trip videos👍

  15. It's not wise to request the Japanese to cook Hindi meal or the Indian to cook sushi and not expecting the worst outcome. Thanks, what a spoiled trip.

  16. I’ve been enjoying ANA as my preferred airline of choice. Last two years they were rank 3 I believe for top airline. Been using them since 2015 over United when I have the choice. Also I liked the Japanese Drama TV series about ANA back in the days XD

  17. If you eat cheese, you might want to eat that killed chicken as well, either way animals are slaughtered because of your food habits.

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