America’s Craziest Pork Dishes Taste Test

America’s Craziest Pork Dishes Taste Test

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  1. Link, Not even one state on that map that is a choice is part of New England. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not part of New England. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Connecticut and Maine are New England

  2. Rhett: spends ten seconds saying he thinks the sauces are important
    Link: ignores him
    A few moments later…
    Link: “oh you think the sauce helps?”
    Rhett: “😐….. no.”

  3. ummm…since when is the Tri-state area part of New England lol also, scrapple is delicious and this is coming from a vegetarian hahaha you're welcome America!

  4. To people saying they didn't sing the theme its bc they never sing the theme in episodes like this there are many episodes like this where they don't sing the theme

  5. spread the word gemma o Doherty was banned from youtube irish patriot for telling the truth. thank you keep on keeping on.nothing like a bit of bacon and cabbage fluffy irish spuds.

  6. Link mentioned New England many times, but there weren't any New England states on the board. Made me laugh a bit. Love the episode! 👍

  7. I know it's technically a Pennsylvanian thing, but still, how are you two from NC and not know immediately what scrapple is?

  8. The fact they switched to Inches instead of their usual centimeters because they’re playing in the United States … genius

  9. What part of Tennessee has that pork spaghetti? I live in Tennessee and have never seen it in any bbq place here. Looks really good, though!

  10. I am SO jealous that you got scrapple/geotta I grew up with that. My mom is from Ohio. And it’s on the menus in Cincinnati. LOVE ❤️ it!

  11. I'm from PA and scrapple is gross. That said I thought is was just an American thing I had no clue it was just a PA thing.

  12. Let it be known to ALL Southerners and Westerners, that NONE of those states are apart of New England. Its every other stat in that corner

  13. I love that the captions were made by someone who clearly has never been to the southern east coast. "Rally" instead of "Raleigh" LOL

  14. Not a big fan of the Pork Board. Livestock is one of the top consumers of water and has a huge environmental impact. Try to save it for special occasions y'all 🙂

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