hi guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video since you guys like the Americans trying British candy video so much of my mom we're going to be doing a second one but today we're gonna be trying Australian candies so we have like I think I counted was like 23 different things to try here which is a lot I'm like here like this doesn't even fit everything that we're supposed to try like there's something there's still some extra stuff on the table so yeah I think we're just gonna get into it yeah alright okay ready so first the first thing we're gonna try cuz we just toasted it is we're gonna try toast with Vegemite which I'm kind of nervous to yeah this regular Marmite yeast extract so when I was looking up how to do it I read that you're only supposed to put like a really thin amount on there not like a whole bunch so I'm just gonna try to spread it like thinly on the toast and see okay so this is what it looks like when we put it on hopefully that is like a thin enough layer do you have yours yeah so it smells kind of like it smells kind of like salty almost yeah I don't know okay let's try tea today's to ulti that's not horrible but it's not like something I would ever like go out of my way to eat what is that that's like the weirdest most distinct taste hmm it just tastes like straight swamp I'm sorry let's try it with some margarine okay I'd say that's better so when I try it with putting some margarine on it to see you Cheers so now we have it with the margarine and the Vegemite on it that's better to me I still would rather have just plain toast yeah with butter but it's not bad I was nervous because whenever I see people trying it that was freaked out it's the worst thing ever but it's not horrible no it's too different yeah cuz we have the bread out we're just gonna try the there's the thing I guess called fairy bread in Australia and they put so someone told me I should cut off the crusts on it so we have the crust cut off and then you put margarine on it with will they use these special sprinkles called hundreds and thousands I think but I looked it up and so we kind of got the same thing it's just like it's just like these sprinkles type things so hopefully this is like a good substitute for us there's something that they use this very bread for Deena I don't know someone told me was like their childhoods don't know Parrish probably I don't know if it's like a childhood thing like that kids eat or like if the adults eat it in the comments can you guys let us know whether or not adults eat this or if it's just something that kids eat because I'm wondering this is something I would something I would eat yeah yeah breakfast or like oh yeah it's a good my good man a birthday treat er what is it crinkles is like to us that's true actually I think about that you would think it'd be like a breakfast thing or maybe a dessert yeah or like you know you can have special like pancakes on your birthday like yeah chips or something but it sounds like something that they eat like frequently oh it's like a special occasion you know I mean I could be wrong but notice no I'm not sure how much we're still spit on there so I'll put like a medium amount my god because I don't know I hope this is enough so we have like this image on there I'll just let us know if that looks right I'm gonna fold mine to see why is it good I want to try out any more sprinkles that's like that's sweet I like any buttery okay my two favorite things hmm want more sprinkles yeah life's better with sprinkles this is good I can see my people eat this what is it Romania it's like sweet butter with bright you can't like go wrong okay Wow yeah nice everybody freedom go for the Vegemite what do you rate that I read it like a three one half one and a half I'll write it like a two and a half cuz it's not like it's probably something that you get you know like you're raised with yeah exactly yeah I know and then for this berry bread what are you I'm surprised I feel like so you know because it looks weird right you online yeah I mean it I would have never thought yeah you know but yeah I would say yeah seven or an eight uh-huh okay the next thing yeah I do oh but it is about this oh hey miss freckles I just think it's cute how cute don't even know what it is they're called chocolate see the hunt it says one hundreds and thousands so like oh my gosh for Springs here and see the cheapest food routes and thousands on this is too they want we put on it there yeah ready it kind of looks the same it's not quite the same okay ready yeah they look like nonpareils hmm it's a non-pro that's your good have white yeah that's good there's nothing bad about this Wow mm-hmm you can't go wrong I mean some chocolate sprinkles but could you like addictive like I could easily eat the whole bag eat the whole guy yeah nice why do you bring names cute name I would give it like a nine and a half I'll give it like a nine okay oh yeah I mean okay I haven't wanted to try these so bad they're golden Mars pods so like you know there's Mars bars yeah which I haven't ever tried a mars bar either but I guess they saw them and like these little pong things make little pods on the bottom I don't know why spark no Adam rice but yeah I think so here's what it looks like looks like that it's like a literal pod it almost feels like a baby cookie yeah they call biscuits oh yeah angry bitch could it be biscuits good I don't know if there's anything better than I loves handy so much Hey oh my gosh I think they love the crunchy bar on mm-hmm the caramel is just a tiny bite that's caramel right yeah nice this is a nice piece I don't want to write it a 10 already I know cuz I we just started but like I would write that a 9.5 possibly attend but I want to go like to attend yet something more mmm no no we pretty close to attended if there's another 10 maybe they can share yeah I just like the bite part yeah perfect size yeah okay my turn in I've been dying Tim Tams yeah whole life to try these so we got this flavor and we also got the regular original like I would call this like a cookie thing but I think the feel it feels like a chocolate covered graham cracker yeah that's kind of what it looks like on the inside it looks like a cookie type thing you know really I'm excited I want to try this missile mommy to my whole life actually this is so good so this is what the inside looks like what is that stuff in the middle I have no a whole bunch of goodness I don't know what is it it says biscuit on there Oh Oh what is that something to know though just amazing this is why I saved my 10 mmm this is a 10 Wow so if I'm loving everything I need I don't even know what to say this is probably it's right next to freckles yeah yeah yeah take hey next why don't you try the caramel oh yeah me neither so that's right on so that we have an oppression our minds so then these are just the chewy caramel Tim Tams I love caramel about a horse in the back you know just like it was like named after a horse or something how is that better no it is the other one it's definitely better the hell just give the other one a ten so what is this then yeah point one oh my gosh you don't like the biscuit print it's just like light yeah I thought something goes by call this plate okay that was so good I'm so excited each other yeah burger rings they're like they're like chips but they're like chips but I think they're like burgers a ribbon also like a ring shape oh they're cute oh they're smaller than I thought they're the onions okay the physical feel that feels like I'm like a Cheeto yeah like a Cheeto huh that's pretty good it's kind of oniony yeah I do like it though it's like the same thing in our Britain or a British candy video we said the same thing well I said the same thing where I feel like there's something my favorite thing but I would just eat like the whole mm-hm bobbies everybody it's cuz we saved it barbecued potato chip fish oh yeah yeah except cheeto texture those are good I mean those are like really good I like I don't know what would you rate them I'd give it an eat I'd give them like a seven I think they're pretty good okay so next thing we're gonna try is called a cherry ripe and it says it's ripe juicy cherries and coconut and old gold rich dark chocolate which I'm not a huge fan cherries like when it's candy I don't know how like this do you so the insight looks like I don't like that much it's not horrible no does sound horrible this house co-commander is raised near I taste the coconut I'm not a huge fan of Coca me either like we we tried like the mounds or whatever in the other video right I don't like those either just because the coconut flaky like texture is kind of weird it's good I just like I wouldn't turn it away but like knitting with all the other stuff yeah I want his cherry either yeah we it's okay it's kind of mountains borage yeah okay I get more of like a coconut flavor let's see drew yeah I would read it like every like a five look it's like butter just like average to me yeah no shame let's try this it's the way it shatters that matters so this one is called a violet crumble and I think it's honeycomb is it doesn't say yeah delicious shattering chocolate coated honeycomb ooh pops Wow oh thank you that's such a weird texture break my such a good way it's like air candy yeah let me melt in your mouth I would've never guessed three Utes when you take a bite of it it's like airy yeah it really does shatter I really like this that's good I really like it yeah I think is it so different he's like wait a minute how do you ever never I'll never get tired of the whole stripper thing putting that's a–fun in it that's like that's like pop rocks but yeah I know what are you a tit mmm you 909 mm-hmm if I were like an eight I like the shattering but I'm more of a fan of like or like traditional Amira chocolate typeset mmm that makes sense but like I feel like if I grew up on this I would probably like love it yeah probably like my favorite thing okay let's switch it up oh yeah so yeah so these are called lamingtons none of you guys can really see what that looks like in with the plastic wrap but it's called a sponge cake covered in chocolate coating and rolled in coconut but it sounds good I wish in having coconut barfi I like coconut and daddy I don't leave it so that is soft oh my gosh we share the same okay you can tell it's like super soft like yeah oh it is yeah but it's a sponge cake yeah it's so soft wow it's pretty good mmm kind like it yeah a kind of sponge cake strawberry shortcake you know this little yeah cause it reminds me of kind of yeah reminds me of like angel food cake oh yeah angel food cake that's what it tastes like it's good like the texture yeah hmm this is nice I wonder what do you guys eat these with something like the tiers yeah it was just food safety yeah what do we do salmon I really got seven – yeah okay my turn so I'm an eye on these two okay so these are called cheezles um they're like cheese favorite snacks they look like the same shape it's like the burger rings oh yeah oh but they look like you don't you look like calamari oh my don't even smell those that smells like Velveeta cheese good so that's what it looks like on the outside but you can smell them like they taste they smell so cheesy ready I love that what is that similar to though it's a mitten getting like a similar applicants cheese it's kind of kind of almost called like fake Cheetos not like the regular cheese but like fake Cheetos they're definitely cheesy mm-hmm I guess mom as soon as the box is opened mm-hmm I'm with Sandy's like out if he's out in the store mm-hmm wasn't it like a movie night with some snacks oh definitely yeah like alternative to top green mm-hmm like a nine Megan eight point five nine yeah I'd say a 25 no they're addictive bill that's what I hate about things like cheez-its and like Cheetos is like you want to keep eating them because they're like doctor juice is so good kind of over there that's my turn right to pick oh yeah okay so next thing they're called dothis they're chocolate orange and a crispy shell just like an orange like it's like a simple ball like tired oh wow you don't like this no sir presenters in my camera stopped recording out enough it caught that my mom didn't like me yeah but she's not know it's orange and chocolates kind of like a weird thing to put together but they're not not funny either I'm just like so easily pleased well like the worst person to do these videos cuz I like love everything else we ever there okay I just mean it's it's orange and chocolate yeah what do you think really what are you going I might be like two or three I'm like a 6.5 was there any good but what's the what's that weird about it to you you just like that orange part orange it doesn't really taste like Gordon's it tastes like fake orange right I said you mean oh I knew you I thought you might like these she loves gummy candy okay to like since we know why every company candy makes the world go around so they're just like regular gummy snake on the different flavors getting the flavors well they just doesn't say oh yeah it's not that I got a gummy that I'm these – mm-hmm but I like the texture is good mm-hmm our boys they are different flavors hmm hmm I would say this with my parents kind of like tangerine color I'll try this one their favorite yeah that's good yeah yeah what do you mean it when you give it a said I probably got for like a 5 just cuz I don't love gummy candy it's not my favorite but like I feel like I'm in can t like she does yes you would like it okay so next thing we want to try is the caramello koala it's like the same thing kind of as the freddo frog that they had he and written but it's caramel in the middle it looks like an actual koala that's so cute that's so good I love caramel and chocolate it was like my favorite Lizzy's cute yeah I'd give it an eight bobblehead I would love that because of the shape a good-looking 9 yeah okay it's a good size too you know yeah I like this man mm-hmm people smoking live again he looks like jelly on this yeah he's like he's so happy that he's like ready to go hmm yeah let's do this yeah they're called the Cadbury clinkers and they look cute and they've got little colors surprising I don't like that I'm actually right after days isn't horrible they're gonna expect the middle to be like that yeah the inside is like chalky you kind of it almost has the same texture as the violet crumble to crumble except but it tastes like bubblegum you kind of doesn't yeah nothing about gum no I swear it tastes like them though yeah thank you mister my grandma Betty having those right in a bowl right right missing always somebody who loved boards who like I guess okay so the next one we missed this one it's called a crunchy we missed this in our British video but I think that Australian hub and Britain have like a carryover I like that because they both have a lot of Cadbury Oh so they share a lot of the same um what do you mean handy well we didn't mess up dice and try it even though apparently I like popular oh yeah I was like I think we ate everything is that honeycomb to go under fingers golden hokey-pokey honeycomb covered in caramel chocolate like Butterfinger butterfingers better really mm-hmm no I like it what's under what's different between the violet crumble he's like honey this is more peanut buttery taste like to meet yeah you like let me try it it tastes pretty similar to me it's just something this one's more like chalky and like shattering hmm this one tastes more peanut a to me do you like it more yeah well I like them the same what would you rate this one I would say the same as a violet crumble probably eight or nine I would read it like a six ish it's not horrible but it's funny the Austrians have a lot of honeycomb because we don't have anything honeycomb in the states really mm-hmm nothing with this list I'm missing something I don't know anything is texture I'll try show the inside oh yeah I'm like nervous to try this though because last time we messed up on the medina I've been wanting to check it's called Milo it's kind of like a Nesquik powder or like chocolate milk powder Oh clearly we have to add it to something yeah cuz if you watch our British candy video it was a family no money no but my favorite part about the whole thing though mom is that when you tried it without it diluting that Lea you liked it like you did not like that like for me I was like yeah it's thick and you're like I like it and on my ludus you know like everyone is pounding yeah if I move it or like I know sorry okay so it's just those three heaped teaspoons 1 2 3 and then add milk and stir you like I don't know if they're supposed to be like stuff left at the top but it's like knots turn down all the way but the whiskey or something I was gonna try it okay doesn't it uh looks like like that let's see I wonder who it was hot if it yeah tastes like chocolate up that's good you don't like it – chalky – talking I'm gonna try this stuff at the top so there's like there's like stuff at the top I don't know if it's supposed to how was that good yeah I've had better truck than luck before it's not horrible header it like a 303 yeah yeah I got like a 4.5 maybe okay around there hopefully we did it right I hope so what it's so you had that wrong yeah I don't know okay so next we could try they're called stapes they are because I got the original barbecue flavor there's like a whole bunch of flavors Conley but the stiff garbage is like the original thank you so they look like that on the outside they're literally just like shaped like this is original mm-hmm that's pretty good I like it it's like light in flavor mm-hmm if I'm gonna do like those Ritz crackers not that um not the actual round Ritz crackers or the other ones but the ones that are in the bag and flavored oh yeah I do I like it please rate it um that's a 707 odd right look at 7.5 ish about so next we're gonna try they're called fun fun tallies in galleys I don't know how to pronounce it I thought it should fan towns man tells me yeah really chewy caramel with a rich chocolate cool bubble gum wrapper type thing they're just like a little chocolate thing like that a rabbit menu reminds me of like British boost that's so hard Wow there's the size of my suit hmm I love it because it tastes really good mm-hmm and I wouldn't be able to eat a lot yeah where's your job it's our home just now finally chewing through it mhmmm the flavor is good though mm-hmm what are you rate it 9 hmm makes it kind of Julie hey anyone doing cartoon of this much mm-hmm I really go seven and eight some point five eight well I just wanted to I want to like put a whole bedroom mouth but I can't try special Jersey caramel I don't know if this is like the super correct brand of them I just saw I was like looking at list I'm like what can you forget and I saw Jersey car moles and so there's like a specific brand but I'm not served like a whole bunch of places selling if you like an offering we had soda like this what was it I don't like that bunch no you would think it'd be like chew here it says deliciously chewy but it's not chewy and it just like tastes like crime Oh much it tastes like whatever the weight is it kind of like breaks apart like it's almost kind of like dry you know like a noget yeah yeah I mean well they're like it's not like Vegas yeah like looking at it yeah what do you read them for yeah I forgot like a five yeah yeah I mean it's not like the worst thing I've ever tried it's not a horrible it's just we keep saying that like it's all the worst thing but like yeah right you know yeah I would go out of my way for that one yeah it's almost like too sweet kind of cuz it's like so dry it tastes like it's just like sugar straight sugar yeah like straight sugar sweet soft very what a cheery tune yeah I don't know what it is it's almost comments like what our liquor should be know what it tastes like it tastes like soap I don't know I almost think it tastes like a pixie stick that got wet yeah again you're eating the paper on the pixie stick – I'm sorry I'm sorry but like I just don't like those that much – you know like a – sorry okay sorry guys is my camera died so we had to switch out to my other camera cuz I'm at my mom's house right now and I forgot to bring a spare battery um so hopefully it looks okay I can tell this is I'm gonna seize my vlogging camera right now so we only have like a couple things up to try so we just tried the musk sticks I mean didn't like this and so we're gonna do the Turkish delay the barb is different soft eating Turkish Delight covered with milk chocolate so with the Turkish delight and interesting ooh what the heck oh that's so weird are we gonna tell me yeah that's like jelly and gum made I was not expecting that what is exciting to try yeah it's what it's almost kind of like mmm I can't quite wrap my brain around this the textures like chocolate-covered gummy bears but it's almost like them real gelatin jelly like like we'll just grape jelly yeah right look harder yeah like real challenge good job would you what would you rate that I can't put my finger on whether I like it or not so the weirdest thing I like it I like it I would give it like a 7 yeah I don't know yeah I can decide whether I want to really get too much now me yeah okay came the next thing is a tiny tiny tiny teddy half coated milk chocolate but it looks like maybe like um like graham things oh wait so this one's angry what is this son this one looks bashful he was like his hand over his mouth I don't know what this one was doing these cute cute mm-hmm yeah right yeah it's a mochi treat I think it's good I like them did you look another ten for me I don't give it a nine more after every doesn't kill me I'm gonna dip them in milk or something thank you okay so this is our last thing I guess um it's the Hornets ice to Bobo which is another wing biscuit me they're pretty this is the back part I like it really it's very like it's nobody bear yeah strawberries it yeah no I finally got regular and coconut a treasure biscuit favorite topped with pink fondant a strip of jammy raspberry topping and then going on coconut this is good these I would eat yes I go they tell me these are good mmm everything we tried I know mine is what I need or the uh but Tim tan yeah where's those ultra hard no I love the freckles and so the freckles the freckles was my favorite and those really hard caramel things oh those who your favorite suit her favorite was that this and the freckles there was the fan tallies and the freckles and mine is the Tim Tams the Mars paws water that's true or the tiny Teddy's sriracha no I enjoyed it so that's I guess that's the end of this video it was really fun trying different Australian Katie's I'm gonna see us try more different foreign candies just let us know like what kind in the comments cuz I don't know what kind we would do next um see I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next video bye


  1. A good thing to do with Tim Tams is to bite a little bit off the ends of it and use it as a straw to suck in hot tea (preferably milky tea such as English breakfast) and then when you put it in your mouth it’s the best thing ever. You put it in your mouth after using it as a straw almost immediately. My family calls it a tim tam explosion (even though it’s more like a tim tam implosion)

  2. Just a heads up sorry about how much I've written:
    The Marmite in this video is the U.K Marmite not the "New Zealand" brand they sell here in Australia. If you didn't like that then you will not enjoy the real Vegemite.
    We use butter not margarine with it also.
    Adults don't eat fairy bread. (Usually for kids parties)
    Also we have "snickers" & "Twix" Pods, which the "snickers" Pods reign supreme. Nibble away the sides and bottom until you get to the chocolate and then suck them, they're amazing!
    TIM TAM HACK(best to use double coat tim tams): bite a little bit of a corner off then flip the tim tam and bite the opposite corner off (as if to make a straw) and sip your hot coffee or hot chocolate through but only for a second or two then eat your tim tam, very enjoyable but not for everyone but something to try 🙂
    They make a dark gnash Cherry Ripe and the ratio is a lot better between the coconut/cherry mix and gnash, its my preferred of the Cherry Ripe bars.
    As for the lamingtons the brand was not a good one 🙁 the best way is home made : Basic sponge cake, (outer chocolate layer): hot chocolate powder with a little water or raspberry jelly(jello) mix with enough water to dissolve the gelatin for a classic jelly lamington, cut the cake into desired shapes and dip all sides, roll in coconut then allow to set in or out of the fridge. You can also cut them in half and add whipped cream and jam.
    Orange chocolate is an acquired taste so your mum(mom) is off the hook 🙂 haha
    Caramello Koala is an Aussie Classic!!
    Clinkers the green and yellow are the worst they should stop making those two colors.
    Crunchie either used to or still do and ice-cream bar which is absolutely amazing, if your mum(mom) enjoyed the crunchie bar she will for sure love the ice-cream.
    Shapes "Original" are the "Original" flavors, they in recent years changed the flavors of a few Shapes and it caused an uproar all throughout Australia so they had to bring back the old flavors now known as "Original"
    FANTALES -pronounced FAN-TAILS.
    The musk sticks were a bad brand but they're gross anyway.
    The Turkish Delight in this case was rose water flavor.

  3. i wish i was allowed fairy bread for breakfast as a kid! nah, its more of a treat or snack and we didnt have it often.

  4. Margarine is like liquid plastic. Yuck. The original Turkish Delights from Turkey are fruit jelly candies coated in confectioners/powdered sugar. Your mom would probably love them.

  5. Seriously talk about being biased they don't want to say the Australian candy is at 10 so they're like giving it a 9 ,8 and 7 and they're having 3 and 4 and 5 bites come on you know it's better than a 10 I've had both American and Australian candy and our candy s** all over yours

  6. Fairy bread is like a party food but I got it once a week for my lunch in primary school as a special treat😂. Can i just add I got so triggered when u called marmite, vegemite😂

  7. Waittttt
    So you've never tried Turkish delight before
    You should try to get a more traditional Turkish delight and taste test in a video

  8. Marmite is the more mellow version. Vegemite is the better one I'm Australian so I grew up on Vegemite

  9. I’m Australian and I hate how they say everything different to us 😠😠 still love your channel tho 😘

  10. I am at the end of this video and still not recovered from ‘Marmite As Vegemite’-Gate. But at least you spread it correctly.

  11. Fairy Bread is usually for kids, you can usually buy it for a lunch order at school in primary school and stuff.. It is also usually at parties for children, although adults do also like to eat it.

  12. You ate Tim Tams wrong you are supposed to bight one corner in the top and one corner on the bottom and then put one of the corners in milk and suck the milk through the other Conor and it tastes delicious 😋🤤

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