Americans & Thai People Swap Snacks

Americans & Thai People Swap Snacks

it’s actual squid not squid flavoured what’s up guys my name is Petey plastic and I’m here representing the American snack team I am Luke and Mike Sheehan student from Thailand and I have been here for like five months so I’m representing Thailand and I want to know what oh my god snacks like I’m Maya and I’m Mexican American and I’m cartoon and I’m from Thailand I grew up in New York City where they have the best food they also have the best junk food as well so I live in Thailand for my whole life and I just came to the sadly last year people entirely crazy about snack there’s a snack all the time you know offer it in a classroom I just grown up in America but with a very heavy influence on Mexican culture but I know my snacks okay I don’t really know what you expect with Thai food because like the only type that I’ve ever had is like pad thai here at BuzzFeed a bunch of co-workers of mine we have type Thursday’s where we go eat Thai food everything we don’t eat the snacks though I have no idea what to expect I’m assuming maybe a little spice it’s gonna like punch me and the taste buds or something maybe a little crunch for me I expect it to be baby salty depending on which type maybe like a little sweeter let’s go space on the food here I feel like most food here will be sweet but it’s good and again like 15 empowers everything that came here so yeah I’m excited yeah I was gonna start my diet and you had me come into this video boy [Laughter] so this one is lame income is like Thai traditional food it’s a food I believe in the northern part of Thailand the tales of is unique I don’t even know how to explain it I think it’s all a little bit and sorry okay I think you’ll like it shrimps like a personal flavor idea mine is ladies barbecue chips this is pretty much my go-to snack any time or something like that it’s gonna hit you with that Phoebe Q I have the widest palate that you will ever see I do not like I think that like mild sauce a Taco Bell is spicy so this is going to be an experience whoa the flavor just changed like five times like it started out tasting like lime and then I taste the shrimp now whoa I might like this better than that and I thought I wasn’t gonna like it I kind of taste like the seasoning that you put on like cajun fries it tastes like how I imagined it would look for it because of the barbecue flavor it’s a little sweet I think not too sweet I like it overall it has like barbecue shoot its taste good I was connected all the time these are a second favorite for me which one’s your favorite my favorite is the line one Billy mom I’ve never had it I can eat an entire bag I have had this one this is not my favorite though my favorite it’s like a roasted squid flavoured I believe it’s Thai as well what what is a street food in Thailand we have like these cars that basically rose like squid squid yeah chip yeah they surprisingly they go really well I mean I already know what the news tastes like love me some barbecue I before the American one because I feel like this one is unique and like you should be in the mood that you want to eat something tastes like this if we cutie fingers but I actually prefer this one this one is good but I feel like it has too many flavors it had five different flavors in one and I was like oh so like it was a journey this is a Twinkie it’s like a sponge cake with like cranium on the inside of it I don’t like Twinkies because I ate a bunch of them when I was a kid and I threw them up oh my god so this one is a Lisa it’s like a cake that has some cream filling and this is like a snack that’s to show you keep away to shooting on a spot day I like cool even this is so to me this is so Americans the size of it is just so huge it’s good very dry mm-hmm the textures are different this one is like a sponge this is very bready it’s extremely extremely dry it’s not moist but I’m sure it has real sugar in it but not like real process stuff like that this one is really moist and he says good it tastes sweet but not too sweet I like it I have a Twinkie in a while so let’s see if I throw up after eating this again this tastes like it has more love in it I know I feel like this one has a load for much preeminent a little too rich for me I prefer the Twinkie over it because of moisture but I still don’t like to told you I think that would be fur elise’ because I feel like twin gate it’s a little bit too sweet even though it’s bite size and like small and petite and cute it still it has a lot of personality yeah so did it mental it’s like really famous snack in Thailand maybe but a little bit not me this is great I was talking about but it’s actual squid not squid flavoured that’s good basically it’s just like a Thai thing when we have a lot of food trucks there’s so basically roasted squid but this one has sauce in it is spicy – I’ve never this this is beef jerky it’s really good for you it has a lot of protein when you bite it you have to like rip it looks chewy it is chewy it’s mmm mouth is watering this looks so interesting but I’m open and willing to try it and I would feel like I’m gonna like it whoa that is very pungent I can smell it from here equally I don’t even eat fish very sure yeah I love one spider now this is not happening I like that long I’m Mexican so I can handle the spice this is a different type of spice I like it I feel like we also have something like this in Thailand and he’s calling me like that you know I’m not sure it’s like you put out a beef in the Sun and let it dry I think it’s higher tails like that I like this chewy it might be a little bit too salty for me but I like the flavor of it like except fishy but it’s like hot and spicy khmer beef jerky maybe yeah I love b13 like when I eat snacks I like for it to be like this for you can like I would FIFA beef jerky or bento I don’t realize quit and spicy food but all my face a little bit that one yeah beef jerky no you know this was like my childhood sex so this one is called Shanghai this is like the thing that you would see the most when you were young is the same as they say like teacher just give it away to children this is like a vapor cake I have Keebler fudge sticks it’s quite similar to this I’m just like oh wait her treat with cream this one you can like see all the layers mmm it’s just like a regular like wafer this one was definitely more sweet it’s not very sweet but I’m sure he doesn’t have as much sugar as that does I’m a sugar addict I’m an American so I think this is a little bland for my taste but I would still eat it that’s good it’s sweet chocolaty the thing inside is pretty much the same but this one I think that helped like because chocolate yeah cuz I think it has more sugar than that here’s the way better oh yeah I like this one more this chocolate is more sweet and like it’s light and fluffy this one it just feels the taste so heavy you know I don’t like the way it sounds when I bite it I like the way this sounds when I buy it wow so many flavors the time one that was my favorite was probably the chips I think my favorite was the chocolate wait so for me my favorite is the chocolate flavored beer as well but the American one they feel like you get more chocolate I feel like most Americans like I like sweeter than pie snack but pie snack have lighter tastes like sour like Saudi and spicy but most American snack like Saudi and sweet I mostly eat like Mexican snacks so it was actually a good refresher to like eat some legit like American American sex but then also like try some Thai snacks it’s great I like trying for from different cultures so it is very interesting as nice to know like the og American snacks [Music]

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  1. The guy is hella annoying like uh🙄 but the girls were sweet and I loved Mook she was so nice and sweet😊😊😊😊

  2. Petey the guy in the pink jacket sounds EXACTLY like Tyler Skory from the skorys. @The Skorys

  3. I Like that they have weird name like I’m from Thailand 🇹🇭 and l ment a man named boat and he cant swim 😂😂 😂

  4. i feel mean but i don’t like the guys energy AT ALL and he just found things to complain about. he’s too picky for something like this

  5. I'm a Thai-american and I have been to Thailand so many times that most American snacks are in Thailand

  6. Dunno why all the parrots are cawing about boring and rude when it just sounds like a person reacting to new food on camera. Either these birbs didn't even watch the video, or they just don't like him because he doesn't have boobs, doesn't look like chris hemsworth, and does not talk like OMG [email protected]%^#$.

  7. No, petey wasnt open minded. But he was honest

    But i absolutely adore mook! What a sweetheart and bless her, i have much respect for her open mindedness as well as her ability to describe food better than most when english isnt even her main language.

  8. I love me some Thai snacks 🇹🇭 🇩🇪 the snacks are my childhood and I love them a bit more than American snacks. Thai snacks bring back soooo many memories ❤.

  9. I agree with all the comments about the guy with the pink jacket. I don’t know if buzzfeed will take them into account buuut if they do I ask to please make sure the employees are respectful when doing things involving other countries and cultures because it does come across very rude and off putting when they are. I love this idea though! It’s a great opportunity to learn and understand another culture and in many ways connect. Why use people who will talk poorly?

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