AMERICAN tries Domino’s India πŸ• Review πŸ• BURGER Pizza at Indian Dominos

AMERICAN tries Domino’s India πŸ• Review πŸ• BURGER Pizza at Indian Dominos

American Tries Indian Dominos Are you ready for the greatest Indian Domino’s review of your life time? Watch as I try the famous Pizza Burger. And CURRY on PIZZA? Today we’re going to try Dominos in India. I’m from America and I’m going to be eating Domino’s in
India for the first time ever. The last time I had Domino’s back in the States was probably in New York or New Jersey. I’m not expecting very much because a lot of the pizza I’ve had in India is very, very bad. Although it’s one of the most popular street foods and fast foods in India. Let’s see how Indian Domino’s stacks up against the American version Domino’s India. I remember it from my
childhood in America… Uhhh, Chicken Tikka Pizza milege? (possible) Also Margarita Pizza Also you have pizza burger? Yeah I have this burger Pizza Burger Ok. Veg or non-veg? Veg. Classic or Premium? Premium Also you have taco? Tacko? Taco. Just one Yes, yes, one veg. Non veg chicken tikka pizza Regular size veg margherita One premium Veg Burger Pizza And one Veg Tacko Mexicana Yes that’s right. Do you need any more drinks? No, no. That’s it. Five hundred and forty eight rupees. 548 Rupees later my order was off to the kitchen. The master Domino’s chefs elegantly prepared the pizza dough, rubbing its soft, doughy exterior in cornflour. Watch as the master chefs arrange the
toppings. Mmmmm…. looks tasty. We just ordered our pizzas. Saw them back in the kitchen whipping out pizzas like they’re some sort of pizza factory. I am so hungry right now I can’t wait to bite into that juicy, creamy mozzarella. Let’s see how it compares to American pizza. Look at all these cardboard boxes full of pizza and other goodies. We’ve got… ah! Our Burger Pizza, Taco Mexicana, And our two pizzas. Hmm, this exact smell… Ahh, I remember that smell. That smell from childhoods of eating Dominos Pizza. It must be the seasoning of the crust. Mmmm. Time for the pizza reveal. Oh my god! This is the Chicken Tikka Pizza. It’s got mint chutney on top. That is classic Indian flavor right there. Chicken Tikka, mixed with the mint chutney. Classic Domino’s crust, Crispy onions. My first bite of Indian Domino’s That is actually amazing pizza. That’s one of the best Indian pizzas I’ve ever had. This baby’s got Makhani sauce. That means it has curry as the sauce. An Indian American fusion of my dreams! The Indian Chicken Tikka Pizza at Domino’s. Now this is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s the Pizza Burger. Let’s open this baby up. Augh. Oh my… Pizza… BURGER! Oh my god it has Paneer inside. It’s got Paneer and spicy veg up in there. Oh my. That is so good. It’s actually better than I expected for a Pizza Burger. It’s a delicious gooey fusion of crispy bun
and melty cheese. Next up is the Taco Mexicana Hold up. Tacos at Domino’s Pizza? Let’s open this baby up. Oh! It doesn’t look like a real taco. It’s like a flaky croissant or crepe shell I’m very confused by that. It has a veggie patty inside. Let’s do it This does not taste Mexican even 1%. It
tastes kind of like a croissant though. Maybe Mexican inspired, as it is roughly
the shape of a taco. Now this is the classic margherita cheese pizza. Let’s see what it looks like. Look at that bubbly, flaky crust just with the right level of grease Oh that looks amazing. Now this is the measure of any pizza place in the entire world. Can they make good cheese pizza? I have to say I don’t like this pizza as much. It’s a little bit more bland. The cheese and the sauce are not as flavorful as I would like, but the crust does have a nice crispness. So that was Domino’s India. What a
satisfying, cheesy meal that was. I’m totally full of grease. Time to head home. So that was Indian Domino’s. I’m glad I finally know what it’s like here in India. I found it to be better than most Indian pizzas I’ve had. It had a nice, crispy crust. My favorite pizza was the chicken tikka pizza. It had a nice, green mint chutney on top and it had a curry base instead of regular pizza sauce. As for the negatives it’s not a good idea to eat very often as it’s not very
healthy food. The taco was a bit of a fail. It tasted more like some sort of Indian veg patty and not really like Mexican food at all. The Pizza burger. It was a delicious fusion of cuisines, taking influence from Italian, American, and Indian food all at once. My least favorite thing I tried was the margarita cheese pizza. It was very bland. Overall, I’m super glad I had a chance to try Indian Domino’s. Dominos sponsor me plz!

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  1. That chicken tikka looks absolutely amazing! I like how these different franchises adapt to the tastes of the locals πŸ‘ŒπŸ½the South African Dominos for e.g also has its own variations. What a brilliant review, keep it up πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  2. I'm in Australia. Bring an Indian, I do struggle to get spicy and myy fav. Pizzas here πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ™
    Pizzas found in India are unbeatable!!! πŸŒΈπŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

  3. Him: Im not expecting much from the pizza
    Me: I'm not expecting much from the video
    The feeling is mutual

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