Albuquerque restaurant gives homeless man second chance

Albuquerque restaurant gives homeless man second chance

THANKS TO A LOCAL RESTAURANT. NEWS 13 )S RACHEL KNAPP SHOWS YOU. NATS POP cleaning dishes tight shot WASH, RINSE AND DRY… NATS POP dryer going on IT )S PART OF JESSE HOPKINS ) DUTIES AT THE FARMACY IN NOB HILL. cleaning up dishes 14:02 “Thats the beginning and that )s the end” 14:04 IT )S A DIRTY JOB, BUT IT )S A JOB… NATS POP scraping food off plate JUST A MONTH AGO… HOPKINS WAS LIVING AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LIFE. 03:43 Well… it )s kind of tough to talk about because it )s emotional 03:47 03:53 I became homeless sighs… 03:56 FIGHTING BACK TEARS… HOPKINS RELIVES SOME OF HIS ROUGHEST DAYS. 04:38 trying to find work and trying to do things, 04:41 HE EVENTUALLY MADE HIS WAY HERE, TO THE FARMACY… WHERE HE WAS LOOKING FOR SHELTER. jacob elliot01:17 he just kind of slept on our patio a few nights in a row 01:20 AND INSTEAD… FOUND HELP. jacob elliot 00:42 It started by me just going out and giving him a cup of coffee and some food to eat you know 00:46 hopkins06:24 I wasn )t expecting that at all. I was expecting )hey you can )t sleep here, get out of here ) 06:29 but it wasn )t like that 06:31 AFTER DAYS OF FINDING HOPKINS ASLEEP ON THE GROUND…. FARMACY OWNER, JACOB ELLIOT, WANTED TO PUT HIM BACK ON HIS FEET… AND OFFERED HIM A JOB. 01:39 there was something about Jesse that deserved some opportunity 01:45 NATS POP cleaning sounds AFTER A MONTH WORKING HERE, HOPKINS IS NOW OFF THE STREETS AND INTO AN APARTMENT WHICH THE FARMACY HELPED CHIPPED IN FOR. ellioit 02:22 It )s hard out there. So you just need to be good to people 02:26 NATS POP cleaning sounds RACHEL KNAPP KRQE NEWS 13. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE SUFFERING FROM HOMELESSNESS, YOU CAN VISIT ALWAYS ON K-R-Q-E DOT COM FOR A LIST OF LOCAL RESOURCES. )

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  1. There no fucking reason to be a white man on the streets and this proves it. Bet if he was Mexican or native it would of been hey bro get the fuck outta here. And tell him not to run the water so hard wtf it ain't fucking rocket science

  2. I live in Albuquerque and I will be visiting this restaurant very soon to show my love and support for what they've done for this man they didn't only give him a job they gave him dignity and a brighter future God the owner and his business…..🤗💕💕💕

  3. Humanity is alive and well. Local business helping a local problem. The food is delicious at tht spot by the way

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