Adults Try Baby Food For The First Time

Adults Try Baby Food For The First Time

the baby ain’t got no teeth what am I gonna do don’t slurp it up oh hi there my name’s Emily and my name is Joyce hey my name is Q and I’m Matt as far as we know we’re adults I think we’re definitely adults yeah and we’re giggling today we’re gonna be eating baby food baby and I don’t remember eating it so I don’t I don’t know how I feel about I think I ate it in high school like in home at class when we learned about babies okay yeah I was gonna say why would you eat baby food in high school that’s just that’s what the cool kids do how many shoes get into it just do it more we think about it the more isn’t gonna get that’s true that’s true it’s my favorite one this is banana it’s very smooth so if anyone has a texture problem this might be food for you applesauce is basically baby food already right like I can do that oh my god this one’s so good yeah yeah so see now what they need to do here mm-hmm is any different this bad baby on the shelves right next to like da wall it’s gonna sound really lazy but this is some kind of food I like cuz I don’t have to chew they put this in a blender with a little like a shot of vodka yeah and then just like well it’s really it’s really good I think people are scared mm-hmm they’re scared to say that babies have some slammin meals this isn’t baby food is it a Doku need this any time bro business nap the tree Oh beef and gravy I got chicken ham and gravy my eyes are watering I’m my body’s preparing oh that’s got a smell nope oh god I’m scared get me a napkin I’m gonna barf like dog food whoa mine smells a little bit oh wow Alice however I’m so confident to like let the throw-up in like a medicine I’m really like sweating my hands are sweating over there sweating just come on you know what there’s times in your life we just gotta your food it literally tastes like someone shoot it up frozen yeah yeah did you like yours no it’s really dry oh my god I never want to look at this again I never want to think about this again I will never feed this to my child they can be vegetarian yeah oh there I might be vegetarian this I don’t like chicken at all I don’t care fried chicken grilled chicken chicken teriyaki take it with you the thing is you thought you’re gonna poop after beef we’re really gonna poop out the food honestly I’m time excited to poop at this point get that beef to yourself I’m already like nervous about the color of those kind of like barbecue sauce in the pack not gonna lie we’re the Nuggets hmm I mean if I had a baby and I’m like the sweet treat I think this was a dessert some whipped cream on it so like the baby at first is gonna be like oh my god yeah the prune baby food makes me feel like I’m 45 years old I’m trying to get my groove back like I’m ready for the world you empress thank you these are your prunes well well we did it we did it it’s done we only almost vomited it turns out like the savory baby food is absolutely as disgusting as you think if I was a parent I would never give my kids the meat mm-hmm soon as I ate that beef my digestive tract started moving in ways I haven’t felt it moving you need to know what you’re feeding your kids because most people probably just grab this off the show yeah oh yeah they say it’s good if I put in my baby’s mouth it’s nobody our baby spitting up everywhere we obviously I think like this baby food I’ve just combined two flavors because I’m a genius it kind of looks like like a dessert you can buy a pack of these and feed yourself I mean I’m going to go to the store later obviously kids in the future or whatever but like adults in the one with money exactly fine [Music]

100 Replies to “Adults Try Baby Food For The First Time

  1. "Adults Try Baby Food For The First Time" what a silly title! We were all babies once… we've all had baby food before. This is NOT their first time. Y'all seriously have 2 brain cells

  2. In both the baby food eating videos you guys just skipped over the veggies. Tested 2 fruit ones but where are the veggie mixed ones?

  3. Only tasty baby food are the fruits and naturally sweet veggies. My baby wouldn't even eat the meat ones or the green veggies

  4. "oBvIoUsLy NoT tHe FiRsT tIMe"

    Imma need some of y'all butthurt superheroes of the internet to process that not all adults were fed prepackaged baby food as infants🙄

  5. Back in year 5, I was roughly 10, and after school I would run into the store, buy the banana baby food, run home so my parents didn’t know that I went to the store, and grab a spoon, go upstairs and sit in my bed eating it, because it was genuinely strangely nice

  6. Baby Food dinners are the worst… 😂.. I ate my daughter's peas dinner once.. I almost threw up.. The fruits are the best one 😂

  7. Now, you know why your babies don't want to eat your food. Feed them something good. They have taste buds, too. LOL

  8. “Adults with no children try baby food”

    Also, who still buys and eats arrowroot baby cookies?? 🙋🏼‍♀️😋

  9. I wish I had a dollar for all of the comments saying "It's not REALLLLLY their first time." because then I could quit my job and travel the world.

  10. I had to eat baby food while I was pregnant with my first daughter I was so sick I couldn’t keep anything down so I smacked on some baby snacks

  11. Those strawberry frozen yogurt melt things are flipping delicious and I’ll eat an entire bag in a day even though I have no children

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  13. I'm willing to bet my left bollock that this is not the first time they have eaten baby food… cos what the hell did they eat as babies

  14. my oldest is 14, when he was a baby i tasted every baby food to know what i was feeding him. The meats are so gross; I never fed them to any of my kids.

  15. We had to try baby food as part of nutrition course at university and compare it to it's adult counterpart
    It was…disgusting

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